Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celcom... Problem with Auto Data Update Pay per Usa Charge

Got in trouble with Celcom pay per use auto data when the phone automatically updated my non internet sim into internet usage...

Last time I was charged the max RM300... as the phone update automatically. . I managed to convince celcom to waive with the condition to change to internet data. It happen again this time round when I expected celcom to change my plan to min data and they didn't.  Ran up to RM196 this time round.

Really fed up but as that no connect to hubby.. so I jz let it go. Bet I can get it waive this round too as they said they will upgrade but didnt.

So... I went out and bought a basic nokia phone for RM100... last resort to ensure no data get charged by celcom again. Besides.. perhaps better as the hp battery should last forever.

Am transferring all pic from the BB now. So.. last word.. be very carefull when putting non Internet sims into smartphone.  You might be like me.. being charged rm300 plus for jz a night. Heard it used to run to thousands before people start complaining to celcom hence the max cap. A nuisance!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Year Plus with My Exora

Well, a picture paints a thousand words.. haha.. I guess you can say that we are very satisfied with our Exora.
The kiddies definitely with the DVD system, the back seats is the preferred choice. For long distance journey, it would be packed with pillows and travel blankie. Tho we definitely recommend one at the last seat and another for the front passenger seat for luxurious sleep in the Exora.
Me and my Hannah would be in the middle seat, definitely very comfy esp when Hannah had her nap, and the boys sleeping.. I would have majority call on what to watch on the DVD much to designated driver's aka hubby's annoyance, hahaha sorry Yang...
Hannah love the middle divider arm rest and treat it as her special seat. It is a big flimsy tho.. I wouldn't advise heavy load or big boy's to sit on it tho.. perhaps for 3 year old and below should be fine.
Mine now clocks nearly 30K.. need to get it serviced perhaps this Saturday.. hehe.. well, since we had it starting 29/5/2013 i.e. just a year plus of ownership... well, it is well travelled. The kiddies love it and it is the preferred travel choice, surpassing hubby's Sorento.. whom aim to get an entertainment system to be installed in so that the kiddies would love it too.. but it is just the spaciousness of my Exora that wins hands down.
Overall, I am well satisfied with my Exora, well haters would be haters but I just love mine. It is my daily commute to work and weekly commute to kampong (I am a PJJ mom and wifey) so definely 30km*4 (Work - Bukit Payung) plus 115km*2 (for Kerteh-KT) = minimum 350 km weekly clock in my Exora...
Love you Exora ;)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Looman's If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again.. Note to Self..

Hiya.. haven't been posting much to I had been to Hatyai (via Rantau Panjang) and Penang in the past months but no time laaahhh.. lotsa reports to do yadda yadda.. tho I really like to jot down my journey to Hatyai as reference.. who knows I might be able to drive there again someday..

Just wanna share a poem (is it a poem?) that I like.. with Kimi pic as a year old toddler then...

I had been selfish.. nearly 10 years as PJJ (Pengajian Jarak Jauh haha tongue in check there - for long distance relationship).. my base in Kerteh but I worked in KL for 5 years before here in KT for nearly 6 years now.. my kiddies are with my mom n dad and I am a singleton on weekdays..

Now with 3 kiddies, I felt I had been selfish.. previously I had rationalised the situations with statement of wanting to find a government job (I am a civil servant by the way) nearby but seems that job been elusive..

So.. I might retire by end this year by hook or crook.. might be pursuing my PHD.. might start my own online bizz.. might be a CPO-Poyo wannabe as well.. hehe wish me luck!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Boys Room

With Hannah walking independently and loving to put things in her mouth.. I was forced to fo through cleaning of the boy's room which is definitely her favorite.

Out the dangerous bit size toys.. broken ones and accumulated dusts and sands. So here is the result of part if the morning work.. phewww...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Full Cleaning Morning Result..

Thought just want to capture my full morning cleaning result before havoc moved in again heheh....

I quite like the airy feel of our living cum dining cum kitchen area.... the kitchen cabinet once completed does give ample storage space. The full high area is just there because hubby does not want dusts to accumulate. Its a bit hard to reach so I am just gonna store very rarely used items.

Display areas just to store our tid bits ... example like myself with simple souveniors I got when giving talks or do visits but it does look mundane so we been thinking to just collect ship models when we go on holidays next. It kinda make the display more exclusive looking.

Ok.. gotta start house clean again..  byeee. ..

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More to come...

Now that she got 8 lovely pearly whites.... I spy some more to come :)

Oooo add trying to hold her own bottles and trying to stand on her own.. bravo Hannah!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Display Cabinet

Jz a pic a few mins before installation of the brand new display cabinets for our knick knacks.... hope all will be finished by today.