Saturday, June 14, 2008

Visitor - Australia

Hmmm.. saw from my visitor location counter that some of my visitors are from Australia. Good Day mate!

Have to say that I have a deep affection with Australia.. I went for my B.Commerce (Accountancy and Finance) in University of Tasmania, Hobart from 1995 - 1997. Had a very nice time there... really love to walk around cz Tasmania's weather is very nice. Went to tour a bit on the Tassie countryside. Love the fish and chip shop at Hobart.. yummy yummy.. During my time was also the massacre at Port Louis (need to check again.. such a long time ago - 10 years).. And I still having fondness to Australia's Woman's Day Magazine esp. during the Princess Diana era.

After graduation, I actually worked at McConnell Dowell Kelana Malaysia - a subsidiary of McConnell Dowell Australia around 1998 - 1999 at the GPP 5 & 6, a gas piping project linking Kerteh Petronas Refinery to their Santong part. Also had very good experiance there.. going to the side - rounghing it out with the guys.. Aussie guys are sooo nice. Hiya there to my ex-boss Rick Boreham, Richard Gorkowski and others.. hope you are all well and happy!

The last time I went to Australia was to Brisbane, in August last year for a Malaysian Business Mission. Nice city.. love the coffee and the seafood. Went to Gold Coast as well, just a short trip due to having so much things to do workwise...

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