Sunday, August 10, 2008

Terengganu - Crystal Mosque, Pulau Wan Man

The Crystal Mosque of Masjid Kristal is located at Pulau Wan Man, 4km from the city centre. Nearby, is the Taman Temadun Islam (Islamic Civilisation Park) containing miniatures of famous mosque all over the world.

The Park contains 21 Islamic-inspired architectural structures, replicated there in a miniaturised yet imposing scale, including the Taj Mahal of India, Al-Hambra (Spain), Kaylan Tower (Uzbekistan), Samarra Mosque (Iraq), Suleyman Complex (Turkey) and Xian Mosque (China).

Estimated cost around RM200 million and RM1 billion, the mosque is one of the moot point during the Malaysia general election earlier this year (hmm...)..

Entrance to the Crystal Mosque.

Visitors are required to cover themselves in appropriate manner should they wish to enter inside the mosque. However, head covering and robes are available in the front entrance of the mosque.

The Bohemian crystal turrents simmering in the hot sun.

Closer view.

View of Taman Temadun Islam (Islamic Civilisation Park). Here are replicas of famous mosque all around the world. Adult entrance fee is about RM10 and children RM5. There's also a small railway track for those too lazy to walk round the garden. Think it is about 95% finished, haven't got the chance to go in just yet.

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