Sunday, February 1, 2009

Terengganu - Pantai Kelulut

Hmm.. as usual, trip of HQ people wont be complete without visit to Kelulut Beach for seafood!!! Yummy!

The bosses. All satisfied faces ;D

The guys

A satisfied co-worker ;P

The food.

The girls.

The hungry guys and the food.

The balances. Not much left ;P

MATRADE Eastern Region Launch, 15 Jan 09

Hahaha.. have to put the piece de resistence.. that make us soo busy we still hasn't recover.. but good experiance non the less. Thanks to our colleagues, staffs, izan & nadiah our practical students as well as Terengganu companies - all very sporting!

Terengganu - Ri Yaz Heritage & Resort Pulau Duyung

Due to the election time, we had problems searching for accomodation for the HQ staffs to assists in the launching events.. so had to bear with Ri Yaz - bit too expansive for the govt servant so the 41s / 27s / Drivers have to share as the room rate event for govt staff starts at RM345.00

Anyway, just want to share a bit what the bosses get at RM460.00.. Wowee.. I am jealous! Those who want to learn more on Ri Yaz - - or contact Sophie at 09 - 627 7888 (T) & 09 - 622 9903 (Fax). Enjoy!
Serenity.. serendipity...

View from the living room

Great for lazy afternoon char - night might have mosquitos though..

Living room with mics ready for rocking karaoke session :P


Jacuzzi - feel like going in!

Dining Room

Kichen with full facilities, fridge, cooker, microwave, oven..

Some might say.. what?! No bedroom - alas these are the bosses .. seems insensitive to put the bedroom in deshabille :P

EMBA - Economic Analysis ECO 740

Haven't been posting much.. too much work.. so little time and I had sooo many pics to upload! Been busy with my office launching, then have to go to KL for meetings (3 in a day? haven't got time to meet and catch up with friends! oh well..

Anyway, just want to update on my EMBA course, here is Economic Analysis - torture! HAd the first class last weekend and my brain hasn't recovered since, Thrith be told that I hadn't done any Additional Maths calculation since I was 18 and that is more than 15 years ago.. hahaha...

Our unfazed lecturer - Puan Kemala who forged on despite the blank looks in our faces :P

My fellow classmates.. some who were repeating the subject. Was surprised when entering there were 4 new faces apart from us 10. Hmm.. suject for real concern!

My notes.. looks like intelligent scrawl but alas.. just the opposite!