Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kuala Terengganu - Pasar Payang Shopping

Wow.. just came back from Pasar Payang just now.. yikes.. lotsa people maybe cz Xmas is just around the corner.. so people are applying leave for a long holiday up to the New Year..

Went there to buy batik for a friend.. thank god I got quite a good parking space.. but not much discount cz maybe its busy seasons... well.. enjoy.. maybe some of u might have some idea on what to shop next time in Kuala Terengganu.. :)

Hmm the traffic.. lots more traffic than the pic suggested..

Some of the souvenior.. a bit blurry.. wanted to buy the Upin Ipin pillow for the boys but forgotten hehehe.. well.. I'll go next time when there's no public holiday.. will have more discount then..

The baju requested.. ready made baju and kain.. got RM140 for the current duyung cut.. the pareo style (a bot older design).. can get up to RM120.. huhu.. maybe get better during slower time but as need it urgently.. ah well... bought two - pink and red coloured ones...

For myself.. the batik bed cover.. will try to auction it first via lelong.com.. if not I'll use it myself.. quite nice to sleep on actually.. the cloth is cool for balmy night and bring up childhood memories as well as my mum used them as well decades ago :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Culture - Cukur Jambul / Shearing Off Infant Plume

Hmm.. this entry is a bit late as this occur during the past Raya Haji.. Me and the family went back to our kampung (village) in Kuala Krai.. As my youngest son, Haikal has nearly approach two months old, we decided to also do his cukur jambul at the kampung with the special menu of my dad's young goat to be cooked as curry during the event...

Traditionally, this was done in order to shear off the impurities from the hair being in the mothers' womb as well as ensuring that the hair will grow better after the shearing. As time evolve, only the shearing of the baby's plum is done and afterwards weighted in gold or silver and distributed as alm to the poor (which we didn't practice) haha...

Before that, the child was also given a taste of the sweet (dates.. honey) , salty (salt) and of course the air zam zam.. afterwards .. there's the berzanji session to give thanks to the almighty as well as doa or prayers for the baby's future wellbeing...

Goodies prepared for the guests..

Before the shearing.. not enough hair as it is.. thank god that he slept throughtout the ceremony...

Beginning of the shearing and the tasting...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kuala Lumpur - Citrus Hotel

Had a fun time last weekend.. helped hubby to go shopping and spend his RM1K bonus for 10 years of services in his company hehehe.. as it was SALES season again.. bought loads of things.. new bag and shoes for me.. playthings for Kimi and the baby.., sushi for our dinner... yummy2 :)

Anyway.. had highlighted Citrus Hotel.. which is our preferred hotel if in KL.. as it is not so bad .. strategically located.. easily accessible as well as easy for me to phone in as I am a long time guest :) .. the old room is RM155 per night and the new refurbished room is around RM180 (no diacount for government servant this time as I went there during the public holiday aka the Maulidur Rasul) but as I booked two rooms, the management give a discount of RM 10 hehehe.. well.. better some than none at all.. enjoy :)

View from our rooms..

One of the room.. we had interconnecting rooms for ease.. this one is the pic before Kimi jumped on it apparently..

The toilet.. not perfect but ok lah...

Quite like the new design of the shampoo bottles..

Kimi and daddy indulged on a dip..

Our sushi dinner from Jusco One Utama hahaha.. but there's a nearby mamak restaurant just besides the hotel.. so more convinience for guests...

Breakfast before we're off to Nilai.. not many breakkie selection but still ok for staving off the hunger..