Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Master Done!!!!!!

Yesssss.... finally after 2 years of intense (??? hhehehhe) study ... my EMBA programme is finally done.. fraught with drama this one as the exepcted date of 29/5 to present being forwarded 4 days earlier to 25/5.. with me and group members dispersed all over the country.. like myself, I had to go to Kota Bharu for my work presentation.. even on Saturday, had to stay up late til 4am just to ensure my scope of work is done huhuhuhuhuhuhu...

Hehehe.. this is the final group presenting.. mine was the first group so no pics for us.. but thankfully, we are able to do the corrections needed by that night.. YES!!!!!!

So, I was free on the 26 and 27 (applied for leave earlier as I thought the VIVA was supposed to be on 29th).. but quite a blessing in disguise cz I have the luvliest 2 days holiday with my boys ;)

Hmmm.. what's next eh?? Think after I came back from Indon.. I'll start doing my E-Bay bizz... it is timely cz I am supposed to do an Ebay course in KB on 14/15.. so, I'll follow up with my own bizz after that hehehhehe..


silentbob14 said...

Hey nice to hear that ;] Good blog

ojah said...

thank very much silentbob14 :)