Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maggie Tomyam - My Favourite Maggie Mee of All Time

I think all Malaysian loves Maggie Mee (Noodles).. Yes.. It is loaded with MSG.. Supposed to make you bald.. Agent of carcinogen yadda yadda.. But I guess all of us is guilty to use the shortcut of a meal once in awhile.. Just for the ease of it or just the nice delicious steaming bowl of noodles - ready in 2 minutes :)

My favourite all time is the Tom Yam flavour.. As I live alone (family is two hours drive away so I just met them during weekends).. I would sometime eat these at most once a week :)

Maggie Tomyam is simple.. Unlike the plain curry flavour that would be delicious if extra bit of efforts is done - aka fried bit of shallot and meat.. Before the noodle and vegies.. Tomyam is easier..

I would just boil the noodle.. Add the seasoning.. And when its merryily boiling.. Crack an egg into it.. Wait a few second for the egg to quaterly.. Or halfly.. Or fully cooked up to your preference and hey presto.. The meal is ready to serve :)

I love the sourness of the noodles.. The filling of egg.. Yummy yummy.. Thank god I had these last night else I would be cooking it right after I post this entry.. :)

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Monday, June 27, 2011

My New Handbag

Just a short and sweet one.. Viola! My new handbag bought in Bintulu @ Farley's..

Supposedly RM287.. 70% discount so I got it at RM87.. Just an Alain Delon.. No fancy brand name - just need something for work - a bit of understated glam.. As well as no multiple compartment inside as I would prefer to rummage my stuffs at one place only.. Haha :)

Quite cute hmmmm - comfy for my shoulders as well.. Well.. That's my handbag for at least 1 year usage there.. Okla.. Less that RM10 per month ROI ;)

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Malaysia especially Terengganu should have more recycling center!

I am sad to see that Terengganu my home state, is not an envorinmentally friendly state.

We do not have recycling bins for recyclable items. For example, I have old newspaper and magazine that I would love to bring at the recycling centre. Along for Haikal's mil tins as well as plastics such as the detergent bottles we have accumulated for several years.

I hope Kerteh open one soon..

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tripping to Bintulu Sarawak :)

Am currently waiting for check in at Bintulu Airport - flight in yesterday from KL at 705 and now flying out again around 1850.. Just a quick 2D / 1N trip.. Just accompanying hubby to pick up his bag.. He had to work around 2 months there and very keen to come back home :)

So.. What do we do here? Thank god hubby is here nearly for two months so he can be considered an expert on Bintulu as well..

First thing first.. We have a drive all round Bintulu town - the new town.. Old town.. Tamu area then off to the refinaries as he worked there before..

Then as we love shopping, we went to a supermarket.. Forgot the name but I quite enjoy the Super Save store there.. Lots of China good - practicals as well as quirky.. And cheap to boot.. Bought some hats for the kids (around rm4).. Gardening hat for me and my mannauin (rm5 each :).. Some thingy to stretch my itch rm1.99 :)

We had lunch at one of the coffeshop usually swarmed with the peninsular malaysia's OnG guys.. As hubby said - not nice.. The seafood is fresh but I think the cook might be stingy with the seasoning..

A quick snooze on the beach and off we go to Taman Tumbina (Tumbuhan and Binatang).. Entry is cheap at RM2 for adult and 50 cents for child. It is a small zoo - but we enjoyed watching the hornbills.. Snakes.. Turtles.. And crocodiles.. Really love the highlight of feeding the deers ;)

Feeding the deers..

Dinner - at After 3 with my old friend and her son. Quite ok but as I said - lacked seasoning.. Still the view is amazing - the sunset is breathtaking :)

Off to the next day - woke up late :)

Then off to breakfast - tried the mee kolok.. I am amused to see the noodle is sorta like the maggie mee but maybe blanch with bits of garlic, sawi? and beef.. Then served with sweet soy saue and clear broth of meat.. For me not so bad..

The mee kolok..

Then off to Tamu for the Ikan Terubuk Masin and Belacan Bintulu as u can see for the pics :) .. There's also Gambir Serawak there RM7 for a small piece.. Its traditionally used for treating toothache but more modern use if for prolonging of ahem ahem men's virility..

Then up the step for Mee Udang Galah Tomato at stall no 48.. They serve all type of schrimp noodles from RM4 to our's RM18.. Superb..

The delicious mee udang tomato..

Then again to Supersafe.. And Farley where I bought a handbag at 70% discount hehehe :)

Then after a quick snooze, off to the Airport.. Now still waiting for Air Asia as the flight is late :)

Hmmm I enjoyed my Bintulu trip.. Snapped lotsa pics but have to say posting them tru blackberry is not so optimal :P.. As I only can post a few only hmmm.. Might invest on an ipad or samsung galaxy tab soon enough :)
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Check in MS Garden Kuantan

Today I am in Kuantan Pahang. Supposedly meeting the OnG team from KL so to justify my earlier sojourn, I visited a bread factory. Must say the bread smells yummy when being cooked :)

So.. For accomodation in Kuantan - I prefer MS Garden. It's in the middle of the town. (Those who like beaches may prefer Swiss Garden instead)..

It has big newly refurbished rooms so very nice.. The big bed.. The flat screen tv.. The sofa sets.. The big bathrooms.. The many channel (compared to some hotels), they also give newpaper (some don't if quoted under govt rate).. As well as wifi.. :)

Oo.. The rate for govt servant is RM203.. Ok la.. I like cz I got to search for the latest Glee dvd in the just across the small streets from the hotel :)

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Damn Air Asia Call Centre Line!

I am currently pissed.. am calling to check up status of online booking. No usual line just premium line for Malaysia @ RM 1.95 per mins.

I won't mind so much if the call is picked up immediately but 40 second I had to listen to online promo.. that would be RM1+ to listen to their promo that I had no interest in..

After checking trying to brief as possible.. with them cross checking a few time (I think 1 or two number should be sufficient right? The call with me trying to end as soon as possible at 2 mins 10 second... I think I would be charged for RM6 right.. SO AIR ASIA IS MAKING MONEY OUT OF THIS.. ESP ON THE 40 SECOND OF PROMO.. So Damn You AIR ASIA!

My Yahoo Mail is sending spams!

Was surprised to see a rude email from a contact (I think I just used his email once to send something).. seems like my Yahoo Mail is sending spams..

I thought it was a one off but it seems that it happened again over the weekend..

So.. did some googling.. spamming can be stopped in two easy steps apparently (we shall see)..

1) Do a virus scan on your computer - I had an old version of antivirus software.. hope it suffice..
2) After the virus scan.. go into the infected email account & change the password..

Hmm.. I hate that - my problem is I am using the same email for most things.. haha I know I know.. it shouldn't been done - but I am lazy :)

We'll see after this if these two simple steps works...

p/s 1: Just heard on Bernama.. Zami Ismail - the famous veteren comedianne died of heart attack.. Al Fatihah - been watching his comedies since I was a child.. Semoga Rohnya dicucuri Rahmat ;(
p/s 2: Going to Bintulu this weekend.. Yahooooooooooooo :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Old Tempayan - Water Container

I remember during my younger days - around 30 years ago (haha.. I feel ancient already), my grandma used to keep her stash of water for cooking in these tempayan.

I had a nasty experiance once cz this tempayan also attracted some creature like a leech that interested to the cooling environment it produce. Indeed, having a bath with the cooling water of the tempayan is delicious indeed especially if the weather is superhot.. Like it is today.

I am most interested to have the one in the middle. Think it would look way cool as an umbrella stand :)
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Old Skool Lollipop Stand

Well, I believe this is actually a lollipop stand when it is new. There are groves on top of its head for the lollipop sticks.

It also has a slit for coin so I think that the manufacturer goes for dual purpose here - after it finished it's sales day.. This cute snowman would be a piggy bank for its owner.
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Antique Oil Lamp & Scale

Sometimes when I'm back for holiday at hubby's kampung (village), I quite like the old things that my mom's in law amassed. She quite like keeping old stuffs.

For example the oil lamp, I still remember when I was younger, electricity is some part of Malaysia is scarce. So, these oil or kerosene lamp is still used. I remember playing with it at my grandma's - adjusting the wick so that it would be longer for higher flame and brighter room vice versa. Also playing with shadows doing the favourite rabbits and goats.

The other thing hanging there is the scale. This is the smaller one for measuring things. Hubby told me that before they had big ones for weighing rubbers. Interesting!

I never had this at home. Hubby's dad was a sundryshop owner so this kinda thing would be something he got to have.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Buy the So Called Chemically Treated Fresh Flower @ Cameron - Part 2

I've made an earlier entry about this subject about a week ago.. This is what the flower today after 3 weeks..

Definitely do not look fresh or even can last 5 years..


Think only 2-3 sellers trying to sell this to innocent unsuspecting tourist.. I don't know how they can keep a straight face when lying.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Souveniour Part 1 - Malaysia, Korea & Australia

Some of the souvenior I've uncovered.. Malaysia's - pewter from KPJ.. I got this while visiting them with the HQ team.. The magnets from Korea & Australian - I bought cheap things only and magnets seems suitable. Will post more when I found more :)
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Decluttering after 3 years..

Hehe.. What a shipwreck my 2nd bedroom is currently.. Can you believe this is actually better than a few months ago??

Now that my bangalow in Kerteh is ready, I have starting to slowly decluttering this.. Don't want to shift one garbage from one place to another..

I am amused to find treasures left forgotton.. A set of skincare from Korea that someone gave me.. A tissue holder from Ikea.. Numerous tid bitd from my travel..

Not to forgotten.. Frames.. Mirrors.. Hehe.. I might to let some of this go via Lelong or Mudah soon.. :P

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do.. A dear.. A female dear..

Just want to share a picture of a stag.. Me and team went for a visit to Oil and Gas Petrochem Complex.. Other pics I've taken are deemed confidential but I don't think they mind these..

These troop eat a lot.. So the field appear manicured.. Actually it's because it been mowed.. Ops.. Grazed by the herds..

I actually observed there's a lot of pine seed on the ground when ops.. The gamekeeper told us its their poops.. Been to the zoo and the compound stink.. But not here.. They said that deers are one of the fastidious animal around and the leafs that they ate.. Actually help from the smelly poop.. Oooo.. Good info to keep there folks! :)
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Walit @ Marang

Saja nak share premis2 walit yg tumbuh bagaikan cendawan la ni.. Yg ni saya snap atas sket dari my house kat Bukit Payung.. Dari luar tak nampak lagi burung keluar masuk but u never know kan..

Ni kira medium kos. Saya ade observe yg kategori rendah pun dah ade burung masuk..

Yg ironic nya a few metres lepas dia ni ade 3 gigantic one.. At least each 4-5 tingkat.. Wuyooo.. Kalu semua tingkat dipenuhi tu.. X mustahil half a mill income each.. Pandang ke depan betui.. Agak dia berkemampuan.. Tgk tempat pun tau ni mesti kontraktor besarrr punya..

Tapi yg syiokk sy ade borak dgn seorang pengusaha keropok .. Dengar dia dah buat sebuah.. Jek2 tanya ade se yek.. Dia kata dah dua.. Satu dh nak harvest dah.. Kalu yg tu pulangan bagus.. Dia nak penuhkan tanah satu ekar dia tu dengan 4 lagi.. Yg tak bestnya dia kata senarai pemilik walit termasuk dia dah sampai LHDN dah.. Hahaha :P
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Malaysian Burgers are Superb

The picture depicts tha Malaysian burger I just had for dinner. It was superb. The best Malaysian burger I ever tasted in in Bukit Payung, Marang, Terengganu - the small town I currently live in.

Believe me, after tasting it, I really no desire for any other burger .. Be it other Malaysian burger, mcD and such..

The Malaysia burger of course consist of the burger pattie and bun. Add to that mixture of dripping chiili sauce, mayonaise, dash of black pepper sauce.. Some back beans, tomato, salad, onion.. Voila! A nice scrumptious Malaysian burger is done - ready for the tummy.

It's organic too if you compared with other big name burgers like mcD, A&W, Burger King etc..

Left overnight, it won't be fresh to be eaten.. If fact you can't eat it at all cz it'll turn bad and soggy.. The branded burgers would be still "edible".. But I think it all the pretend work of preservative..

So.. Go go.. Malaysian Burger.. Yummy for the tummy

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Malaysia Should Be More Plastic Councious

I remembered when I was studying in Tasmania Australia around 15 years ago.. They are already concious about plastic bag damage to the environment.. They used paper bags.. And for 1 - 2 small items, they would frown if I asked for plastic bag when I was newly there..

Fast forward to Malaysia, 15 years later.. We had just implemented no plastic day on Saturday.. Ho yeah.. Go Malaysia.. I do now when I go to Petronas Mesra Shop for small item, declined when offered plastic bags. I hope others do the same.

However, I am quite dissapointed with some attitude of not caring. For example, I just bought an item from a local supermart.. The security girl asked the caashier why she didn't bag my purchase. I had to explain to her a bit. Hope this attitude to change in the future. Go Malaysia! Conserve & Preserve!
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peteh Tganu Peteh..

Was driving early morning from Kerteh to Terengganu yesteday when I was overtaken by this car.. Dunno if you can see it from here but actually the guys in the car held two flags there.. The Terengganu flag and a PAS flag..

Made me smile.. U see, Terengganu had won just barely the FA Cup aka the national football premier cup.. I wasn't a football fan myself but am quite amused to see my dad and hubby being quite fanatic about that.. I imagine my two boys will follow their dad steps when they grow up.. Hehe..

As I drove the near 2 hours journey, I saw several more.. A van full of footbal fans.. The Terengganu castle bus - bet it is full with the staffs then a charted bus I supposed with the flags but broken down about 30km from KT.. Hehe..
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Happy 6th Birthday Kimi..

11.06.05 was Kimi's birthday. And now he's 6. Happy birthday my good son. Sorry mommy sometimes snapped at you, I know you will also be the good and sensitive guy.

Hope the future bring happiness to you and joy. Mommy will try to be fair ok.. :)

Love you..
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't Buy the So-Called Chemically Treated Fresh Flower @ Cameron

During my trip to Cameron, and searching for fresh roses to buy as souveniors .. I was accosted by two flower seller saying that buy these specially chemically treated flowers at RM10 a bunch.. They will last for 5 years..

I was initially feeling very sceptical but as usual, I am usually fall for these type of sweet mount salespersons hahaha my bad :P

Anyway.. Just want to share.. DO NOT BUY THESE.. The salesgirls are liars..

Just look at the picture.. After a day from Cameron, they already looked wilted.. And today after a week, they are worst!

My advise.. Perhaps it is better to buy potted rose bush.. I got one red medium size one for my sister.. After a week, they are blooming so nicely (tips; buy them while their buds aren't open.. The bloom will last longer to enjoy).. Cheers :)
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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Leaf or A Butterfly?

What I do enjoy when balik kampung or visiting hubby's village is the abundance of flora and fauna over there. Here is one example.

I have never seen a butterfly or better term a moth that's nearly 99% looks like a leaf.

This is taken at night just before we switched off the lights. Afterwards, we had another surprise!

Just after light off, a tiny light appears. A yellowish light darting here and there. Yes! We had a lone kelip-kelip or kunang-kunang or firefly in our room. Love the tiny firefly. Remembered once before, we had 4-5 of them. The kids love it soo much :)
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Desa Ukir Besut

I had the opportunity to visit Desa Ukir Besut during one of my work programme. Just want to share the feeling of spaciousness of these traditional houses..

Spacious.. Cooling and comfy.. I can just imagine myself laying there on the bamboo mat.. With a cooling glass of leman tea.. And a good novel.. :)

It is a good place to visit to boot.. It also host classes for tradional carvers but new and experiance.. An overall good place to experiance the old charm..
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Nice Pink Bunga Raya

Snapped this nice pic of Pink Bunga Raya at my hubby's kampung yesterday.. Very nice colour and serene to boot...

Really love the colour as the usual Malaysia's official hibiscus, our national flower is red.. Nice :)
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Kids and Netbook

Wow! I like the new blogger tool.. Well, it is not so new, but for me whom had just finally got some free time to tinker with it.. Wow.. what an improvement! Really friendly to blog addict like me.. :)

I am currently updating my blog via email.. Yeay! I like.. This is most of the time I'm on the go.. Snap some nice pics and it's all gone in the wind after time passed..

Now, I can blog on the go and hopefully be more frequent updating my travel blog..

Just want to share a recent favourite pic of mine.. My two boys.. One in diaper to boot fighting over a netbook.. Sign.. Time really changed. I remembered my first time having my own laptop @ 18 years old. Here my 17 months son is trying to grab a netbook of his own.. Haha :)

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