Monday, June 6, 2011

Kids and Netbook

Wow! I like the new blogger tool.. Well, it is not so new, but for me whom had just finally got some free time to tinker with it.. Wow.. what an improvement! Really friendly to blog addict like me.. :)

I am currently updating my blog via email.. Yeay! I like.. This is most of the time I'm on the go.. Snap some nice pics and it's all gone in the wind after time passed..

Now, I can blog on the go and hopefully be more frequent updating my travel blog..

Just want to share a recent favourite pic of mine.. My two boys.. One in diaper to boot fighting over a netbook.. Sign.. Time really changed. I remembered my first time having my own laptop @ 18 years old. Here my 17 months son is trying to grab a netbook of his own.. Haha :)

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