Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oren Bodo.. Stupid Orange??? :)

Yesterday, I had an impromtu factory visit to one of the most famous and succesful kropok (fish crackers) supplier in Bachok, Kelantan - Mak Wan.

I was very excited when spotted around the keropok, these priceless treasures - oren bodo. I remembered that these carbonated drinks were the treats I look forward to when I went back to my cousins' kampung in Kuala Krai.. I think the last time I took a sip was when I was around 11 or twelve.. Which is about 25 years ago.. Yikess!!!

But I am very glad I found these and had several glasses of them to sooth my parched throats. Yes, the bottles are a bit different (previously it was dark) but the taste still remain. Yummmmmmyyyyyyy!!!

Anyway, happy Ramadhan to all muslim friends out there. Hope we all are blessed during this holy month :)

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

TEMAN Kota Bharu - Collection Points for Small Medium Enterprises' Products

Today I had attended the launching of TEMAN - the terminal point for gathering EKS products. It is strategically located at the Pasir Mas Rantau Panjang Hiway, just a few km off the Wakaf Che Yeh junction.

It is also a Pasar Tani or weekly agro market so the morning I went there, it was quite busy.

I see this as a good venue for our EKS to get their products displayed in a supermarket environment. The challenge is getting the public there and therefore marketing and awareness of the public that our EKS products are equally good.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Asam Keping @ Asam Gelugor

I first actively searchin for the english term of asam gelugor when I did a recipe translation for Nasi Dagang recipe in one of my work project involving Malaysia Kitchen.

I was quite amused when chanced upon a forum discussing assam keping. Apparently there's no english term for assam keping and it is only available in Malaysia and Thailand (with lesser sourness quality).

A pleasent surprised awaited me when I arrived at my mom-in-law kampung. I saw these beauties in the back patio. Apparently mom in law once in a while would buy these asam gelugor fruit fresh, slized them, soak them a while before drying them to make assam keping. Half a sack fredh would cost only RM10 but a processed one would cost RM7 a cupak (about medium size coffee pot).

Interested in getting the asam keping posted to you? Please visit my other blog specifically for buying asam keping:

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Promo Breaking Fast (Buka Puasa) Residence Resort Paka

Am currently at Residence Resort Paka for a seminar. I've never been here before for seminar and never saw one held before, but no wonder, the briefing rooms are at Level 1 and 2.. Not ground level..

Also one of the staffs gave me this buffet promotion. The pricings' not bad. Had eaten the Ramadhan buffet here before.. Quite a nice kampung selection with some BBQ thrown in.. Yummy :)
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cherangin Hill Janda Baik

Was busy these past week that I didn't have time to post much. However, it is worthy to mention that I have been to Cherangin Hill.

I had passed Janda Baik numerous time since I work at my current job beginning 2003 but hadn't got the chance to explore it. Thruthfully I thought it was a small town besides the highway. Was pleasently surprised to see that Janda Baik was quite big with many chalets offering village holiday experiance. Some had streams just next to their chalets.

Our stay is on top of the hill. No natural stream there but the pool is quite nice. The hotel is still new and I can see that it is fully occupied. When we came, we have to wait for people to check out. Same when we left, some people had to wait for us to check out. The food is nice with some kampung offerings such as siput sedut.

The teambuilding is great too.. Light syllibus with us getting the experiance of playing with many types of the musical instrument. Apart from the incident of the t-shirt which I am still chuffed, it was a two thumbs up programme :)
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Down Memory Lane - Rubber Machine (Mesin Getah)

Was going tru my old collections of my loyal N70 phone pics that I had snapped during my numerous trip around Malaysia - be it for pleasure or at work when I confronted this nice picture of the rubber machine (mesin getah)that I had snapped during my work visit to a batik company in Terengganu.

Nowadays, rubber would be sold on its congealed foam.. or even in its liquid foam.. no need for processing or anything. During the yesteryears it wasn't like that.

I remembered when I was young around maybe 29 years ago (hehe.. I feel old already), when we went back to my mum's village in Kelantan, we would go first to my late grandma's rubber holding. She was a rubbertapper. During that time, rubber was cheap. Nowadays due to the demand of the latex industry for rubber gloves (surgical or household), condoms and such.. rubber is expansive. Not during my grandma's time. She and us were poor.

I remembered that we usually arrived around noon. Rubbertappers usually went to cut or toreh the rubber trees after dawn, wait a few hours before collecting the liquid rubber. They then need to process the rubber, usually put in a square container, pour a bit of rubber acid, wait for it to gel, then process it using these two machines. First, the processed rubber (looks like a giant milk jelly), would be pressed with the smooth rubber machine first to squeeze out the extra liquid a few time. Afterwards, it would go to the other machine... this machine would also squeeze the excess liquid of as well as pattern or we called it flower to the rubber sheets.

But wait.. it didn't end there. My grandma need to smoke or hang it to dry first. It would take more than a week for the rubber sheet to be ready to be sold. The smell of rubber still lingers on (and it is not really a nice smell)..

So, this picture evoke a warm memory to me. I am very fortunate that I have these pair of machine myself. My hubby bought a rubber plantation from an elderly couple a few years ago. They haven't been to the holding for quite some time so the rubber holding had became a bit of a jungle. We hired a few guys to clean it up, and they had discovered the remains of a hut. When cleared further, they managed to salvage two of the same machines. They are currently in my backyard. Hope I am able to showcase those two as well as part of my legacy as the grand daughter of a rubber tapper.

Al Fatihah to my late Grandma.. Hajah Hatijah.. May her soul rest in peace.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Four Cousins..

I don't really like going back to hubby's kampung but I can't denied the kids and hubby love the treat.. Why???

1) Hubby's house is actually a sundry shop for the villagers.. So the kids had a fun time getting the candies, snack food and icecreams for free :P
2) They had the nicest river stream for kids.. Shallow and the clearest of water.. A must for every trip :)
3) Hubby loves his mom's cooking .. 'nuff said..
4) Bonds between cousins.. I remember Kimi when small was terrified of Isya (the older girl) cz she would persued him.. Tried to lift him or kissed him.. I remembered that he would cried once he saw her.. But today, they are the best of buddies. I saw the same happening to the younger twos.. Currently each terrorising each other but I bet when they grow up, they'll be inseparatable..

Hmmm.. So seen here is the sand pile at the backyard of the shophouse. My mom in law loves plants so I am eyeing some plants to bring back to our courtyard once the fence is ready. Love the misai kucing plant (herbs good for diabetic) and some decorative plants as well.. Pisang hutang.. Etc. Will feature each of this plant when the time comes :)
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Dell Laptop is Alive againnnnn :)

Alhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah :)

My Dell laptop had died around 6 months ago.. My fault actually.. I was on assignment in KL .. The laptop was slow in turning off while I was late for work, so I shove it in the room's safe..

After work it turn on ok, but afterwards it just died on me..

Went to the repairshop thinking it was software problem.. But the technition state that it is hardware problem cz it won't turn on at all.. I was devastated when it googled, the common diagnose is motherboard problem which might had caused by me shoving it inside the safe.. It would be a costly repair job cz a new laptop now is only RM1500 while changing the motherboard might reach RM800..

So I just left the laptop in my office cabinet for 6 months.. Today I just felt I want to turn it on.. And guess what?! It's ON!!! I am soo very happy hehe..

So, the pic show the lappy alive again and my Nokia N70.. A little gal.. Old even by today's new range of HP, but very usefull still for me to snap loadss of pics :)
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