Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Dell Laptop is Alive againnnnn :)

Alhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah :)

My Dell laptop had died around 6 months ago.. My fault actually.. I was on assignment in KL .. The laptop was slow in turning off while I was late for work, so I shove it in the room's safe..

After work it turn on ok, but afterwards it just died on me..

Went to the repairshop thinking it was software problem.. But the technition state that it is hardware problem cz it won't turn on at all.. I was devastated when it googled, the common diagnose is motherboard problem which might had caused by me shoving it inside the safe.. It would be a costly repair job cz a new laptop now is only RM1500 while changing the motherboard might reach RM800..

So I just left the laptop in my office cabinet for 6 months.. Today I just felt I want to turn it on.. And guess what?! It's ON!!! I am soo very happy hehe..

So, the pic show the lappy alive again and my Nokia N70.. A little gal.. Old even by today's new range of HP, but very usefull still for me to snap loadss of pics :)
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