Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Riverview KB againnnn...

Well, as usual every month would be incomplete without going to KB for assignment.. This time we will be doing a seminar on 12 Steps to Exporting..

As usual my hotel of choice is Riverview KB, I would say that it is the 2nd best hotel in Kelantan. It is an older hotel and reign as the best before Renaissance comes to town. Well, the rates not so bad, for government servant single would be around RM176 and double RM196.

There are sections of the room being newly furbished while some had the older design. Though a bit "mature", it doesn't smell musty which is a plus point. Located besides the Kelantan river, it used to be the fashionable part of Kelantan town but with the building of new attractions such as KB Mall, Tesco and Wakaf Che Yeh, it had been quieter. As most part of KB old town, some of the empty spaces had been converted towards being swiftlets bird house which had silently given their owners silent money (hahaha meaning silent from being tax-free :))..

Nearby Riverview, there are two places for a nice eating experiance. The first one is the Wau Restaurant... A nicely decorated place (better than secret recipe decor) serving Thai Food, a bit of Kelantanese and Western. To the right side of the hotel is the super famous soup and grilled meat (daging bakar) whom even a Terengganu entreprenuer would come and sample their dishes every month! For a simpler meal, directly opposite the hotel is a KFC outlet! :)

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