Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cementing the Driveway

Guess hubby got bored with the amount of sand on the driveway so with the coming Maulidur Rasul long weekend, we will be cementing our natural driveway.

First, we need to scrape off the existing driveway a few inches so that the new driveway won't be higher from our porch/garage. We hired a crane for that. Got some excess land that we pun besides our house for our garden. Bit of a blessing cz we won't need to buy new land as it prone to small flooding after hard rain.

Then some general workers from hubby's workplace to level up the ground as well as lay some foundation. Tomorrow the cement truck will come and the labor would be leveling it all with the finale of broom finishing the driveway.

I bet after it finishes, our driveway would be very spacious, ideal for the kids to cycle around, play ball or badminton. Wow :)

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