Monday, March 19, 2012

My Long Neglected Guilty Pleasures..

Short n sweet.. Now don't get naughty.. I love reading so my guilty pleasures are only mild ones...

In this case, a tabloid.. Usually I bought Australia's Women Day (I usually bought these when studying in Aussies those days long ago.. Princess Diana was a hot topic) but today only bought a cheap one In Touch? Just cz the cover page is Demi Moore who was famous during my younger day.. The other mags are showcasing new starlets and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, whom is not my cup of tea...

Well, another guilty pleasures is Mills and Boons.. Its been eons since I read or even bought one! It was a pleasent surprised to see one at my local bookstore. The print quality is a bit cheaper (though the cover is much classier).. Thinner paper and cover suitable of its status as a paperback. And cheap to boot at RM13.90 as compared to my mag at RM12.90. I supposed cz the content is crap as well.. Hahaha.. If I am not mistaken a M&B books would cost around RM19 during my school days.. A bit steep...

Haha.. So that's my guilty pleasures.. I am supposed to do housekeeping today, my week house is a pigstay but I think I just indulged tonite.. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Snap this beautiful pic of a lily (I think it is a type of lily species) early morning at Genting on the step to the dinosaur land.

Really nice ain't it, healthy deep green leafs and snowy white flowers dotted with cool fresh dews still untouched by the sun. Nice!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Dinner in KB Tonite

These past weeks I have been travelling and living out of the suitcase. Been to four hotels up to today - Grand Riverview in KB, Vistana in Kuantan, peeking into boss's room in Zenith Kuantan, holidaying with ma boys at the Thema Park Hotel in Genting over the weekends, and now chilling before my dinner at Renaissance KB.

Renaissance is easily the best hotel in KB.. Five stars so that's why nowadays I can't stay in here by myself.. My kelayakkan or entittlement doesn't reach the RM230 single room occupancy rate. Well, as I got an event to attend tomorrow here, I am sharing the room with my clerk.

What I like about Renaissance is that it is just a door away from Billion a local supermart. As I am preggies and now obsessed with fruits it is a plus. The fruits is ok and Siam mangoes are also available here at RM3.99.. Well, if you go to the pasar or local market, you would get as low as RM3 per kg but currently in the midst of school break, I don't think the seller want to sell cheap :P

So Billion for me is ok, you can browse its selection of houseware, ladies and guys or like me just buy a fruit knife (Level 3) at RM8.99..

Then to the highest part of Billion, there's a foodcourt where you can buy your dinner. Like mine, a nasi goreng kampung (village style fries rice) extra hot (though like all Kelantanese, it tend to have a bit of sweetness) and a telor mata (fried egg).. Quite a full portion at RM4.. Hurmm yummyyyy :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Malaysian Coins

Well, it is the time of the year that I'm superhectic and have to work weekends and public hols to boot! Anyway, in time like this I had to clear away unwanted contents in my bag (gotta admit I accumulated lotsa garbage in there haha)..

Anyway, when clearing the numerous coins, I discover a few pieces of new Malaysian coins, I remember receiving one a few weeks ago during my shopping at Mydin KT so it must have a few more transaction after that I had the 10 and 20 cents coins too.

Well, they are definitely cuter with their golden colour for the 20 and 50 cents, but I think it would definitely fade in time. But the design is actually nicer. It is definitely smaller as seen in the pic and a tad lighter. Perhaps it would be a good thing so I won't have soo much heaviness in my bag for my next cleanup hehe... :)