Monday, June 18, 2012

Khalifa Inn Wakaf Che Yeh

Well, if you're in Kelantan, Wakaf Che Yeh is the happening place for night market. Located just 10 mins away from the main capital Kota Bharu, its a nice place to get cheap clothing, imitation watches, shirts and jerseys, tudungs, handphone accessories even batiks at very reasonable prices.

Usually I stayed nearer to downtown KB where breakfast are provided but as my mom and 2nd son Haikal are around, I decided to bring them along when I had to attend a meeting tomorrow morning.

So, with 2 adults and 1 kid, Khalifa Inn is the ultimate choice as it had 2 big beds and quite a spacious area for the kiddies to run, or even to lay some toto blankets to accomodate more kiddies or adult. Its located quite near to the blazing sign post entry of Wakaf Che Yeh just besides the Petronas Petrol Station. At RM130 per night currently from the published RM250, you know you got a good bargain.

However, you need to take a short walk (less than 5 mins very very leisurely walk) to reach the night market, but you are ensured on quietness and calmness away from the actual scene of the night market itself.

No breakfast is provided, but there is some cafes along the vaccinates with all the Kelantan delights.. Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Berlauk etc etc :)

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