Monday, September 3, 2012

My Simple Megi Ketam (Crab Noodle Curry) Recipe...

Well, being 36+ weeks along my pregnancy enabled me to eat whatever I want it seems..

Been hankering for Megi Ketam for quite sometimes, but hadn't got the opp to had 'em..

So, I had enough.. For buka puasa just now, I decided to just buy 2 sea crabs (the usual ketam bunga) at Giant KT.. I love veggies so some sawi.. Then the two Mee Sedap curry I had already at home.. I kinda like mee sedap cz it has fuller condiments such as the soup.. Curries.. Some oil and spices as well as fried onion.. So you don't have the need to add any more condiments if you're lazy at I am..

So.. How to cook? Bring plain water to boil. Don't put too much as if possible the curry would be more piquant and nicer when it's more concentrated. Then put in the crabs, the condiments.. Let it cooked for a while. Then the noodles.. I love mine soft so I let them soak awhile then the veggies. Put the fire high for a few second, then viola.. Marvelous megi ketam to staisfy your tastebuds.. Yummy :)

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