Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another One Bite the Dusts :)

Yeay! Another rat gone! The poison bate cat food is irresistible it seems. Need to keep it up, see how many more there is :)

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Theme Park Hotel Genting :)

* This was posted on 24/1/2013 but on my other blog hehe.. transferring it to its rightful place in this blog today :D
Am currently in Genting outdoor park. Baby Hannah snug in her borrowed oversized sweater, the 2 bros and their dad having lotsa fun!

Staying at Theme Park Hotel Genting. Booked online 2 weeks ago at RM128, not so bad. A year ago a portion of the hotel was closed for renovation. So, that's what it look like. I kinda like the old room. Much bigger and spacious. Here as you can see, the room is a bit small. Well, bought some comforter for the boys to crash tonite. We won't really stay in the room so to speak, so that's why just a single room this time round,

Then the indoor outdoor family package ticket (2 adults 2 kids) for RM213.

Today is Maulidur Rasul. Thought Genting would be jammed pack but thankfully it is quite not bad. The boys would have so much fun!

Tomorrow, dunno yet whether straight back to Kerteh or KL for stopover windowshopping at IKEA first. We shall see.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Crazy Rat

Damn this crazy rat. Thought they only help themself at my 2nd room aka the store room, but seems they took a liking to my bedroom too. Hope there's no baby rat yet but I heard squekings. Yikes!

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

SOLD!!!!! Spectra 3 Breast Milk Pump Preloved for Sale - RM450 ONLY

SOLD TO MS. S OF SERDANG... hope the baby and the future siblings benefits :)

Well, I aim to breastfed my baby but alas, seems I can't. So I am trying to sell off my preloved Spectra 3 full set breast pump as follows:-
The full set offered.

 Cooler Tote Bag Polkadot RM 46.90
Autumz Breast Pumo Knapsack RM 99.90

Ice pack, Autumz storage bottles, breast pad, stand and plastic milk pack.

Autumz Breast Milk Storage 10 bottles RM 38.90 - NOT USED
Washable Breast Pad RM 10.00 - NOT USED
Autumz Breast Milk Storage 4 bottles RM 15.00 - NOT USED
Autumz Reusable Ice Pack RM 23.00 - NOT USED
Breast Shield And Tubing & milk storage plastic RM 76.00 (Very lightly used)

Spectra with dual pump. Original came with just one breast shield. RM 388.00

Warranty still valid till 22/3/2013.

FOC baby jaundice bath - NOT USED
VALUE RM5 @ 3 = RM 15.00

FOC Pureen Disposable Nursing Pad - NOT USED
Value RM 23.00
Pumping Machine Specktra 3 Slim Type
Extra Breast Shield
Extra Milk Bottles for Storage - Autumz
Bottle Stand while pumping
Ice pack for temporary storage
Backpack bag for temporary milk storage
Sling bag for temporary milk storage
Breast pad
FOC Chinese Herbal baby bath especially for jaundice
All in all calculated, things are worth around RM 630. I bought it RM 575.00.
Used less than a month before storage as not in use. MOST ITEMS ARE NOT USED. Very light used for the pump.
Bought 22/9/2012, warranty 6 month.. Still valid til 22/3/2013.
Price RM 450.00 + RM 25.00 Peninsular Malaysia postage, so RM 475.00 for the whole set.


* Even the pump is RM388.00
* FOC Jaudice Baby Wash & Pureen Disposable Nursing Pad @ RM 38.00
Sms me if interested (cz I might be engaged, I will sms back once free), 013 951 1981, Kak Ojah.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

DeCluttering & Recycling @ Terengganu

Hannah is a good girl today cz she went to sleep without demanding me to sleep too! Or is it perhaps, the weight of the rabbit stuff toy she accidently pull across her comforted her, lulling her into thinking that's my arm :)

Well, that gave me some time to organised my 2nd room @ my weekday rented abode at Bt Payung. Phew, we have been infested by rats! I supposed they have been making home there for quite some times judging from the poop they left behind. Hurmmm.. Need to get some rat trap after this too cz they seems too smart to eat the poison I left around.

Hurmm.. So that got me into major decluttering mode. The three bags there contains paper. Bet some of you would ask, why not recycle? Well, there's two reasons. 1) KT doesn't really have the friendly place where we can drop our recyclables.

2) This is actually a bit like recycling. I put things in clean plastics for scavengers to pick up.. And then send to the recycle centre they frequented. I saw a few here in Bt.Payung.. As well as the supposed to be richer area in Kerteh. Hope they will get a few ringgit for the papers there..

Kind of heartbreaking right to know that some people need to do this to get a few cents or ringgit, while others like you and me sometimes do not value RM1 as much.

Reminder to myself as well.

P/s .. Will do some more throwing out stuffs after this. Hope my spare room would be spick n span soon!

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