Monday, April 29, 2013

La Hot Spring, Jerteh, Terengganu

* This was written around a month ago, only gotta time to update and upload today. Kinda enjoy La Hot Spring :) ...


Gotta be in KB again today for work, in fact I am currently in Renaissance KB waiting for big boss and invitees to this dialog and dinner session.

Anyway, as I thought this week would be an unbusy week, I had bought my mom and 2nd son, Haikal to stay with me. When the directive come, I thought why not bring them along for holiday.

Since I have been stationed in KT for 5 years, I had been eyeing La Hot Spring signboard countless time on my way to and fro Terengganu and Kelantan. Thank god, today my curiosity is assuaged. I entered from Jabi point (also a place popular with Sate Jabi). And La Hot Spring is 30 km away, about 10 km before that is Lata Tembakah.. Another tourist spot - more like waterfall and small river type of thingy.


Bit blurry pic of the welcome sign there. If you squint, can still read it, I supposed :)

The road to La is surprisingly in good condition. As today is Wednesday, its not surprising that we are the only one there. It was a bit neglected, esp with construction going on. We found out later that there would be new rows of chalet and shoplots replacing the wooden shoplots previously located there.

On the furthest point is the main entrance. On the left would be the new rooms for accomodations. The spring is just right behind me. There are souvenir shops esp. balloon bathing thingy .. there's also around 2 shops selling food, but not much selection aka just Maggie mee for a hot meal, but their iced milo aint bad :)

I must say the small river in front of the hot spring area is very clean, wade height and very clean white sands, its ideal for small children to enjoy themselves while the adults enjoy the heatlh benefit of the hot spring. The stream is around below knee level so it would not be dangerous for small kiddies.

After the bridge, there are several huts each particitioned into 4 sections for people to soak their feet or whole body in. During our visit, only one was filled up. Apparently around working days, there are any visitors, like during that day is was only us, the caretaker did say around weekends and public holidays, you would not have the easy peasy calm time like today.

The individual pools, or during weekend, the foot spa cz too many people would be around haha..

This is actually the main pool. Small ain't it. What's special about La Hot Spring is the hot water is derived from the rock at the left of the picture there. Have to say it is very hot. I have been to Baling and Trolak for their hot spring, and I can dip my legs in. Here I cant. My mom can tho. She had a bit of cramped leg conditions.. and she really enjoyed the dipping telling me that she can feel the soothingness of the hot water. We had quite a long chat with the caretaker there. She was a resident nearby too. Apparently she had a heart condition and upon hearing recommendation started to use La... bathing in in for a few hours and drinking the main water. She said after a few months she was healed. It was apparently also good for those whom are paralysed. She said some Chinese from Terengganu would come weekly with big barrels of containers to get the source water, which will then be used for drinking and cooking.

View from opposite the rock. Yep, during workdays you would have the pool all by yourself, but during weekends, all spots would be filled... also on the rocks itself. The caretaker also said, it would be nicer to take a dip at night. If there are visitors, they would light the spotlight on. People would usually take midnight dips there.

Hmmm.. and now come the mysterios part.. apparently the place is also inhibited by bunians, the invisible communities that usually does exist among us. Bunians are usually friendly unless we do something bad. If you like, you could try the alternative medicines by the bunians... it is usually on Tuesday, and you have to check with the main caretaker first. However, this depend wheather you are deemed worthy for the treatments or else, the session will not take place. Weeweoooo... feel like I am living in XFiles here.

In a nutshell, La Hot Spring is interesting. Am leaving the brochure for you to ogle too. The rate is quite cheap aint it, but do not expect much. It is not that well kept. Perhaps when the new rooms under construction now, when finished would be better. However, it is cheap. But better to book first esp on weekends and PHs, it would be full. Be prepared to take the dip at night / midnight / early morning as during the day on weekend, it would be very full. Perhaps also bring the small portable stove to cook rice and simple fried fish as the stalls here doesn't provide much. Oooo.. the electricity aint that reliable too. So, ensure you hp is fully recharged.

That's it. Well, haven't been writing this comprehensive for a long time (been super busy too) but La does interest me. Need to go there again someday as mom is hankering for a long hot dip. Enjoy!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Blog, My Life

No Hannah this week, gotta go outstation so had to export her to my mom's.... meaning I gotta heaps of free time at night.

Had a chance reading back the entries on my blog. Wow! Time flies. I even dont remember some of the things I had posted and bought back such lovely memories.

Been neglecting this blog a bit, I gotta admit. Think I need to keep it alive again. Would be nice to reread again after several years, or even when the kiddies are bigger and able to see themself documented tru the years.

Think we all got lovely memories... but sometimes, we would be too busy on the supposed "important" things that we forget some things in life are free.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Candy Crush Saga - My Current Addiction

Hurmmm.. that's why I dont like it when my hands start itching to play games... but I am a sucker for tye kind of games that involves lining up pretty coloured things, with cute ditty and explosive when I got things right. That's why I was addicted to Bejeweled Blitz before.

As it seems that Candy Crush started to crop up everywhere (its even in Psy's new video Gentlemen".. i downloaded it and then got stuck with it. Now at level 70 and nowhere near the end heheh ;p

The game is free to download, however you only get max 5 lifes and if you losses, you either wait for it to be replenish (arond 30 mins) perlife, ask you friend for free lifes via fb requests pay up (around $1.99) which for Malaysian around RM6 and therefore quite steep.

So, i prefer to wait out. It kinda god cz i am forced to do other things while waiting tho it gt frustrating sometimes.

The games itself depends, some would be quite easy to do, but some esp those at the end of each level is quite difficult as you woild have limitations.. either no of moves, taks (claering up jelliesnor getting ingredients to the botom), or even marks in specified times. I particularly hate the chocholate which would multiple very quickly and makes things bit more difficult.

Hahaha.. yeahh i am addicted all righttt ;p

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pao, the Modern Digital Tamagotchi

What the heck is Tamogatchi?! Well, if you do not know, perhaps.. You might be heaps younger than me, ayoyoyo.. Well, Tanagotchi is an egglike shape device dangling on a keychain. In it there's a small screen with your digital pet.. You need to feed it, clean it when it poops and play with it.

Anyway, well.. As I am new to the Aps world, I am quite surprised to discover Pao.. It ran along the same idea as Tamagotchi.. You have to feed it, clean it and play with it. Kinda amusing to see the two little me - Kimi and Haikal to enjoy Pao as much as I enjoyed Tamagotchi.

Anyway, my tab went sick and had to be sent to the Samsung clinic for a couple of day. I really worried about Pao and imagining him RIP. Thank god he is just dirty and extremely hungry with very wobbly eyes (that means he is really tired and hunggry and unhappy). Well, loads of snacks, health portion and sleep later had Pao towards his old self again.

P/s. Can't imagine what to tell my kiddies should Pao had died. Haha.. :P

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Train Track Kerteh - Gambang Nowadays..

Can't sleep so browsing my hp pic snapshots.. Came across this pic of the Petronas train track from Kerteh to Gambang.

Previously built to facilitate logistic of OnG products, if I am not mistaken.. It is just run for a year plus before it was used no more.

Pity isn't it. Would be nice if it could be used for short trip Kerteh - Gambang - Kuantan perhaps?

Here is a portion of the track that is near to our newly recultivated small crop of rubber plantation. Quaint view aint it? Nice for a wedding photoshoot. Here also there lies a sign. Beware of wild animals. Kerteh my hometown, is a modern OnG small town, but had to say we had wild life aplenty.. Wild boars and a while back, a strayed tiger even roam our backyard ;P

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Here or There? PhD?

I have soo many blogs that thruthfully I lost count of them. Even in this one, I had soo many drafts entry but yet to be unpublished. Been too busy maa... and now, my tab is at the hp clinic, no doubt I spend too many time playing game on it....  So there goes my aim to update more with a tab. Hahaha.. but I digress.

Anyway, my older aim is creating blogs according to my interest, but I am thinking I can't maintained it all, so I am thinking to just converge all my musings into my oldest and my most entered blog which is this one.

So... as of my earlier aim.. 2013 would be the year that I should have start my phD study. On June 1st, I will be 38 :( .. ooo getting old already, so if I start this year.. aim in July to send out my proposal.. 39... 38 (a year).. 39/2014 (a year) and 40/2015 (another year).. I should have fulfilled my desire to get a doctorate by 40 (or loosely before I am 41 haha)...

OK, that one is resolved, so where to study? So, getting the list from here:


1.Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) (Rank dunia: 428)
2.Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) (Rank dunia: 437)
3.Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) (Rank dunia: 464)
4.Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) (Rank dunia: 523)
5.Universiti Malaya (UM) (Rank dunia: 596)
6.Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) (Rank dunia: 626)
7.Multimedia University (MMU) (Rank dunia: 891)
8.Universiti Malaysia Sabah (Rank dunia: 1222)
9.Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP) (Rank dunia: 1341)
10.International Islamic University of Malaysia (UIA) (Rank dunia: 1411)
11.Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)
12.Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
13.Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
14.Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
15.Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
16.Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
17.Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP)
18.Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
19.Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
20.Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
21.Open University Malaysia
22.Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
23.International Medical University
24.Taylor's University College
25.Tunku Abdul Rahman College
26.Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia
27.University of Nottingam Malaysia
28.UCSI University
29.Monash University Malaysia
30.Malaysia Theological Seminary
31.Universiti Kuala Lumpur
32.Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus
33.Universiti Industri Selangor
34.Selangor International Islamic University College
35.Al Madinah International University
36.Wawasan Open University
37.University Tun Abdul Razak
38.KDU College
39.Universiti Malaysia Kelantan
40.Asia Pasific Institute of Information Technology
41.Help University College
42.Sunway University College
43.INSANIAH University College
44.Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin
45.Segi College
45.University of Malaya Medical Center & Faculty of Medicine 47.Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia
48.Malaysian Institute of Management
49.Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
50.Disted-Stamford College

(Sumber: Webometric)

I was thinking UM, USM and UKM due to their top rankings, then, I was thinking the foreign JV ones Monash and Nottingham.. then... I rethink again..

- what the heck, those with these good quality cost $$$$ .. I am not that deep pocketed mind you..
- my workload is adhoc .. sometimes busy, sometimes not
- I am not so keen to travel so far to meet with supervisors
- the end is the PhD, nobody cares where you get it from (is this true)..

Anyway, met a colleague who had studied in UMK  (Uni Msia Kelantan) but suddenly my friend who is a lecturer there suggested why not UMT (Uni Msia Terengganu). Heck, why hadn't I think of that? Nearer .. and also new.. with better resources.. not bad semester fee (+/- 1,600) - near to where I stay.. OOOoooOooo revelation.

So, wish me luck. Am trying to immerse myself in studying again. Scrubbing my brains again. Surfing boring phd stuffs now.. good ones would be (very casual and light.. not the bored to death sort of stuff phD holders usually sprouts on) as well as the FB: Doctorate Support Group. I am deeply impressed by DSG FB.. it embodies the 1 Malaysia spirits.. all races helping each other towards the completion of the study. Lots of sharing and caring - full of ideas and critical well meaning comments.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

iQuran Lite

Well, I am supposed to do seriius stuffs with my tab, but with soo many free and amusing aps out there, it is getting harder and harder... esp when you downloaded games forbthe kiddies and ended getting addicted yoyrself haha...

Anyway, tonite I am gonna write a review on a bit more serious stuff on my tab... the iQuran lite...

I like it because:-
1. It is conveniet, we bring our smartphone everywhere and it is such a hassle free things rather bring along your hard copy Quran..
2. No need for wuduk or ablution to touch it as its an ap, not a full blown Quran.. thought being in ablution is still the best.. earn extra brownies points..
3. You can check your reading... well, with almost no regular practise, think mot would find their Quran reading skills a bit rusty, with iQuran you can practise your reading. For eah ayat or word, you can preset how many times you want it repeated so that you cab double check n repractise.
4. It is free
5. Once you downloaded the audio, its there.
6. There is translation, so that you know what the heck are you reading,

Other aps I found beneficial for Muslim would be the qiblat direction (easy for those like me whom is always on the go and need to check our qiblah to perform prayers).. ooh and also prayer time.. azan reminder so that you know each time the 5 prayer time per day started.

Wel, that's it for me at the moment. Now, when can I finished my whole book of Quran :)

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Test Seating the Exora

Why test seating you might ask... Well, the showroom we went do not have a test drive unit, so I just use the whole family to test seat the Exora haha..

Yeah, I been having problem with my new old Peugeout 306, it is an old car, bought secondhand when my beloved also second hand Kia Sportage went sputtering on me. I love that Sportage.. old but very convenient, nice height, but fuel is killing me. Another car which is hubby's, is a Sorento. Also bought second hand. Hurmmm.. I love first hand cars, but hubby loves second hands' ones.

My first and the only car in my name is my Iswara, bought in 1999 and been seating at my dad's porch for about 5 years as a secondary car.. Its been nearing its life anyway, and since my brother bought a new Persona, perhaps all and all, these factors pushes me towards a new car.

Why an Exora you might ask... well, got 3 kiddies now, and seeing me a big girl... my boys and new girl would be big boys n girls too.. so that make 5 of us including mr. hubby. Sometimes my mom or mon-in-law would follow us on trips.. that would make 6... 3 adults n 3 kids.. Exora comfortably seats 7... so that's an extra seats should any of my brother and sister own or in-laws to join in as well. What I like about Exora is its size, very comfortable. I tried the 2nd row passenger seats... quite roomy legroom... quite comparable to hubby's Sorento. 3rd seats was occupied by my sons, Kimi and Haikal, very roomy for the too, as well as average size adults. Also there's a convenient nook on each side where the boys could put in their individual food and drinks.. no more shouting of who's stealing whos's snacks after this :)

The first row seat is standard.. nothing much to shout about.. yeah, the complaint about too much cheap plastic look is true, nothing inspiring there, basic design consul.. even Alza's is nicer looking (we went to a Perodua showroom straight after the Proton one just to compare haha).. but Alza is a bit tight and compact for us. Kimi and Haikal do not even show interest to jump in the back seats of Alza to try it out. Ooo.. another thing I like about Alza is the bench style seating in the first row, bet Hannah could join me and hubby there, kinda bringing me back in the early 80s, in my dad's old Nissan, when I was being the youngest, would be the one privileged to be one of the front row passanger.. no aircond during that time, just a small fan, which ate my hair during one of our balik kamping trip from Kedah to Kelantan hehe.. nostalgic :)

Alza's seat.. exactly like the one we oogled.
Yeah, that fan there evoke the memory tho the interior should be nicer in the 80s.
Other things I love about Exora...
- aircon vents on every row... heaven, no more conquering of aircons..
- lotsa nook and crannies for the drinks, handphone, milk bottles :)
- very very spacious
- 2nd and third row could be reclined rather than just the usual stiff upright position..
- space .. oh?! did I mentioned it again :P
- $$$$$$
- we need a comfy ride cz there's a lotta plan to go Cuti-cuti Malaysia soon hehe :P

Since around 9/1/2013, Proton had rolled out a very nice alternative for those slightly tight on budget.. RM69K for a basic Exora (aka no premium accessories such as DVD, leather seats), but still retaining its safety features with CFE engine. Well, I do not know much about what CFE means, but in a layman term, it gives more turbo or boost power to Exora's 1.6 litre engine to help carry Exora body mass.. well, it is a big car so rationally, it would definitely weight a bit.

Perhaps the info I cilok from would help explain a bit:-

Proton has added a new variant to its Exora MPV range. With the new Proton Exora Bold 1.6 CFE Standard, one can now have a turbocharged CFE engine in the more affordable Standard spec. Previously, turbo power was exclusive to the Exora Bold 1.6 CFE Premium, which remains as the range topper, six-seater Exora Prime aside.

The Exora Bold 1.6 CFE Standard is priced at RM69,000 on-the-road with insurance and metallic paint, which is slightly over RM10k cheaper than the RM80,012 Premium that was launched in December 2011. Further down the range, there’s a basic Campro CPS, manual transmission variant.


The Exora Bold Standard uses the same powertrain pairing as the Exora Premium and top-spec PrevĂ© – a turbocharged 1.6 CFE engine with 138 hp and 205 Nm of torque, paired to a CVT gearbox. 0-100 km/h acceleration is done in 11.3 seconds, while top speed is 185 km/h.

The listed performance figures are identical to the Premium, but since the Standard is 86 kg lighter (1,400 vs 1,486 kg) we won’t be surprised if it’s slightly faster.

Drool .. the Exora Standard CFE - this is my quote :P

Like the Premium, it comes with ABS, EBD, dual airbags and all round disc brakes. Also missing are leather seats, reverse sensors, Bluetooth and DVD functions for the ICE system, steering wheel buttons, cruise control and auto folding wing mirrors.

I hope to trade in my old Iswara (was told that I could only get max 3K for it).. and then transfer my NCD (No claim discount) to the Exora.. Hurmm, just gotta wait a few more months to get some small stupid loan settled first before I could comfortably pay the Exora.

Hubby loves a Cross Touran, but well, it is very expansive, near RM170K.. I don't believe in spending that kind of money especially when he's on a new job and not a permanent staff yet.. perhaps not yet. We compromised in a way, I would buy an Exora, and he would buy a second hand Cross Touran.. haha 2nd hand again :P

Anyway, wish me luck! Hope to post my new Exora pics soon or at least by year end, god willing :)