Thursday, May 30, 2013

.. And We're Off...

In the Exora now, aiming for our first destination Segamat. Overall, am satisfied with Exora with hubby as driver, Kimi as co captain, my mom and I and baby Hannah on the 2nd row and Haikal conquering the last seat.

Exora is spacious, ample leg room for the 2nd row. Haven't tried the 3rd myself but for Kimi and Haikal its ample space. The dvd is just ok. We got the Exora Bold so there's leather seat, a good thing for us with young kids, esp with the splashes of milk, snack foods and sometime barfs.

The reverse parking camera is also a plus. However, still need to use our parking skill first as it didn't account for side obstacles.

Radio and sound is just fair. Seats are fairly comfy (will update you later after I finished the 8 hours drive).

The dashboard is definitely boring. Jz functional, and nothing special. Quite like the led lighted display actually, so the meter is easily read. Also there's a meter stating how many km left with fuel. With full fuel, it states 450 km. We shall see if its a fuel saver machine.

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