Sunday, February 1, 2009

EMBA - Economic Analysis ECO 740

Haven't been posting much.. too much work.. so little time and I had sooo many pics to upload! Been busy with my office launching, then have to go to KL for meetings (3 in a day? haven't got time to meet and catch up with friends! oh well..

Anyway, just want to update on my EMBA course, here is Economic Analysis - torture! HAd the first class last weekend and my brain hasn't recovered since, Thrith be told that I hadn't done any Additional Maths calculation since I was 18 and that is more than 15 years ago.. hahaha...

Our unfazed lecturer - Puan Kemala who forged on despite the blank looks in our faces :P

My fellow classmates.. some who were repeating the subject. Was surprised when entering there were 4 new faces apart from us 10. Hmm.. suject for real concern!

My notes.. looks like intelligent scrawl but alas.. just the opposite!

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