Thursday, November 19, 2009

EMBA - Seminar Raja Lelong

What I like most about EMBA this sem is that we have the opportunity to conduct a seminar. Well being a MATRADE officer, I have actually been tasked to dom lots of seminar before this.. so it's nothing new to me.. but organising it with friends makes it more enjoable... heaps more....

The preparation.

As it was part of our assesment for MIS ... 20% of final mark, our subject was on E-Commerce... just from the backyard i.e. Petronas... we had Mr. Eruwan Gerry Norsen.. the Lelong King of Malaysia... it was very impressive seing that somebody from engineering background is able to generate mountainous passive income via the internet... huhu I am jealous...

Full house!!!! Yeay :)

We had lots of question from the participants as making money from the internet will a;ways be an interesting subject. Hehe.. seems that I need to dig out books I've purchased (but yet to read) on the subject hehe... seeing even my Adsense account only generate mr $6.55 after a year and a hal of blogging hehe... :P

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terengganu - Hutan Lipur Cemerung

One of the best waterfall in Terengganu is the Cemerung Waterfall.. others would include the Sekayu waterfall.. or even in my backyard... Air Terjun Menderu...

In road.

Cemerung Waterfall is about 30 km of Bandar Dungun.. it is easily accessible using the Jerangau-Jabor road before driving a few km inroads.It is also quite near to Bumbung Raja, another tourist attraction.. no waterfalls there though but shallow river.. nice for swimming and also languishing around (a bit like my kampung or village near Kuala Berang but that's another post :)..

No need to worry about bringing in food, there's plenty of hawkers selling finger food such as nuggets.. fishballs.. crabstick and the compulsory keropok lekor for the holidaymakers. I believe most of the tourists are locals but as it is quite easily accessible, maybe outside visitors might like to take a dip there. It is quite nice as the local authority recently did upgrading of the facilities so the toilets... changing rooms.. madrasah are all quite new and most importantly CLEAN..

Hubby and Kimi on the way in.

A closer look at Chemerung attractions.

Going in.. only at the bottom of the attractions as my stomach as BIG then... hehe... still.. need to be moderately active should visitors would like to reach the top level..

The view from out spot among the refreshing river and cool stones... and a few fishes pecking our feet for leftover food...

Monday, November 16, 2009

EMBA - MIS 750 Management Information System

Hmm... This is the subject I only spend 2 weeks outta 4 weeks due to my maternity.. thank god that it's more towards a reading material as apart from the two mostly calculation subject before this. I quite like the IT subject actually... I might have gotten a IT/Finance degree during my study if it weren't hard to get MARA to change its loan during my study at UniTas...

Our lecturer this time is PM Dr. Mazidah Puteh.. a very nice lady that makes going to class a breeze hehehe.. and very supportive of me not going for the two weeks of the class hehehe.. thanks Dr.

Hmm.. my group and I are even thinking of getting her as advisor for our ABR next sem.. our final sem.. yahoooo... it seems like she's very interested in my presentation of individual term paper about SMEs and ICT Adoptation.. so.. we'll see..

OK.. the new things I've learn in this course is about Wireless Technology, Wikis, Google Free Sites.. doing database... actually MIS is a very interesting subject and fastly changing.. it seems like if we are quick to grab the opportunities it offered, we might be able to get $$$$ ... hehe.. a subject that I am very interested in :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Baby - Wan Haikal Wan Ahmid 6 Oct 2009

Baby Haikal as of today :)

I was quite surprised to see that my last entry was in August.. hehe.. sorry folk.. I was too busy being very pregnant just then... Now I have my new bundle of joy.. Wan Haikal who is today around 42 days old. Have heap of things to be posted but just haven't got the time as yet including:

- Hotel UiTM Dungun
- EMBA Sem 3: MIS 750 Management Information System
- Keropok Lekor 008
- Keropok Lekor Biru...

Can't wait :)