Sunday, April 29, 2012

DeCluttering @ Home

Well.. I took annual leave for yesterday and today.. Tomorrow is a publuc holiday. And I spend the two day doing decluttering job at home.

Phew.. As weekend wife, I got lotsa things to do but not enough time. These two days are hectic. I must say I have the deepest respect for the housewife such as my mom. You might think that who bring the money home should have the higher respect, but I beg to differ.. Moms' works are 24 hours.

Fuhhh.. These two days are making m e real tired. I think I need hired help :P

P/s .. An amusing note.. Found a bagful of hubby clothes and things. See we sometimes do bought things.. Put it aside and forget about it.. Wastefull.. Am putting these on the open so I can remind him not to buy anymore.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Shy One...

Am at Klinik Kesihatan Bukit Payung at the moment.. Must say, the govt clinic is through.. Weekly checks.. And sometimes follow up calls when I'm not there.. And glares from the nurses if I am late for appointments.. Haha.. I don't blame them.. This means that they are really doing the jobs...

Just want to share.. People even me always confused when to start the pink book (appointment book for expecting mothers at government clinic).. Gor my first pregnancy.. Kimi in 2005, they are a lil bit more relaxed. I used the private clinic under my workplace and just start the pink book around when my pregnancy was about 6 months.

Fast forward to my third one, 2012.. I was a bit late but still early (in my opinion).. So when the clinic ask my 2nd for follow up (at 2.5 years old.. And I was under assumption that they only follow up till 2.. Its actually till they start standard 1 folks!!!)... Anyway.. It was early March.. I was around 3 months along.. And the nurses glared at me soo hard, I thought I had made a grave mistake.. Haha :P

So.. Ladies.. As soon as you suspect you're preggies, just go to the nearest clinic desa.. It is all FOC. But I do wonder, would it be the same if I am in KL with the millions of people there as compared to a small town called Bukit Payung in Marang, Terengganu.

Aahh well, thank you doctors and nurses for your hard work. Had a pic of my newest. A shy one at 4 months. My other two boys were exhibitionist when they were scanned hahaha. Hoping my shy one would be a girl. A health happy girl, physically and mentally healthy, and all the good things for both world and the hereafter. Aminnnnnn...

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Flower for my Mystery Frangipangi

Hmm.. At last my 2nd frangipangi that I bought with the promise that the flower would be a nice yellow had finally bloom.

Dissapointed that it's the plain white colour, the ones associated with the graveyard, although it supposed to smell the nicest. Oh well..

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Decluttering the Kiddies Areas Yet Again..

Well, you know kiddies and clutters.. They attract each other.

I am currently on my leave, been at the house for two days (on the weekend, we were in KL for my cousin's wedding). So, it is not all and rosy or relaxing.. Been up and about around the house righting things back up.

For kids, things can be fun, for example putting old cardboards on in this case, the slide is kind of adventures, but for me... It is definitely an eyesore, my eldest Kimi is such a hoarders, it look soo messy for me.

So, I spent this morning righting things again.. And discovering that we bought soo many toys, we really do not need anymore. Most important, I think the play area is much less clutter free and more easy to navigate, hopefully, the boys will spend their time more here and declutter the family area much less haha (think that's wishful thinking on my part there :P).