Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Review on My Samsung Galaxy Grand

Well... Its been nearly two weeks since I had the Grand, I think I need to do a review here, a quick jot on what I like and dislike on the Grand. I only compare it to my Samsung Tab.. both almost similarly price at around RM1000. Cheap when compared to the more sophisticated Samsung offerings such as Notes etc, but my devise is more important to me towards making calls, check my mails, blog a bit, surf website when I was driven towards long journey meeting as well as small games.

- the size is just right.. at first glance people always mistaken it as a note haha (not that I care tho)... as well as I could be discreet when snapping pics during meetings, factory visits, minister visits :P
- 2 sims.. that's the major point for me, no more lugging 2 phones.. the official and my personal ones.. both of whom I don't pay.. the office, of course office would pay (with unlimited internet to boot) and the personal hubby would pay (RM5 monthly.. usually we only use it to call and sms each other)..
- 2 normal sim slots.. I don't like to cut up my sims ... if yours is micro sims, perhaps you could consider the Grand Quattro
- Got flashlights (haha.. none there for my Nokia Asha, old gen Blackberry and Tab)...
- Excellent video quality with good audio
- Better battery life than the tab.. but again perhaps cz I didn't play as much game on the Grand

Don't Like
- the device memory is small 4MB.. so it feels a bit sluggish when compared to my Tab... even when playing simple games such as Baby Babsy (for my Hannah there) ..
- even when I add on the extra 16MB memory.. it still stores application on the miniscule device memory.. need to google a bit, perhaps I could change placement of the application to sd memory
- the quality pics also is not sharp as the tab...
- you need to focus longer time when taking pics.. else it would be blurry (1st pic of the boys when I took time to focus and the 2nd one is blurry cz I just snapped)

Well, overall I am happy. Had already given my Nokia Asha to my mom and the office BB after I transfer the pics there perhaps to the office cabinet.. Tab I would keep for the boys to play during long haul journey as well as for me to read the iQuran with but at least now, I could leave it at home and just bring my Grand everywhere during my work day.

Had also transfer Pao to her/his new home at my Grand.. easy peasy, just save and then log out of your old device, then install the application at the new device and then log in using your email.

Had also transfer the Pocket Budget.. usefull for me to track my spending.. then my Net Diary, need to repurchase cz I need to diet (its a calories counter device, great for me to track what I am eating).. need to also install the Qiblat and Azan as well as iQuran Lite. No more Candy Crush... am stuck and no longer addicted. Bejeweled Blitz I need to pay so am just installing the Jewel Saga. For the kiddies, the phone would be for Baby Hannah so Talking Baby Babsy.. I Read Stories (good storybook application).. perhaps I try to install Angela the Cat this time and some girly games :)

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Eid Mubarak 2013

Well.... its the 3rd day of raya and tomorrow I need to start working. That the peril of getting a new fussy boss. As usual, there won't be any visitors to thr office and I will surf the internet as usual.

So.. whats new? Ooooo I bet using my samsung grand for a week snf am very satisfied. Bigger but not too big screen ensures I br discreet ehen taking pics and big enuff for me to read emails n surf the net when I am on the move ;)

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Spanking Brand New Galaxy Grand is HERE!!!!!

Well, couldn't wipe the smug smile on my face at the moment. Am deliriously happy as my Grand is here. It arrived last Thursday after two days of buying it from Superbuy but I wasn't here at my office, had a meeting in Kuantan so had asked my staffs to keep em for me.

When I arrived at work today, I was a bit apprehensive as I had a bad experience with Superbuy before with my Tab. Had waited almost 3 weeks and need to ask before they deign to reply saying the colour I wanted (white) wasn't in stock. Was really pissed then but Superbuy does give great bargain, so when I finally had the itch for a Grand, I bought it from them too.. but now I am more proactive, asking them first as well as wouldn't hesitate to screw them if they didn't perform again.

Anyway, its here and I am deliriously happy. Got the Grand with the free c-pen, also bought a 16GB micro SDHD for the extra memory as well as a pillow for Hannah :) .. from, bought the cover with freebies Grand protective Screen Protector too!

Well, after a bit of a struggle to open the back (had to ask my staffs for help).. so, I decided to just slot in my 2 normal sims, the add memories as well as battery for the 8 hours first time charge. Am observing that the back is plasticky, no wonder people are complaining about this aspect of Samsung.

Well, that's it for the first review. Will update later when I had the chance to explore my Grand a bit :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013


That's our half story supposedly study and TV room. After two years, still cluttered. Hope I can get tru it these Raya weekends :P

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