Saturday, June 28, 2008

Terengganu - Taman Puteri Payung, Bukit Payung

Yippe!! AT long last, I have a house to live. I wasn't too optimistic when I was told by hubby, but when we arrived, we had a pleasent surprise. Thruthfully, this is the best among those we've seen. New, not to big, privacy, and not too far from the office (around 15 km).. Of course my house was occupied before, there's scribbling of small children on the walls, but.. my Kimi's also prone to scribbling on the wall.. ha ha.. so maybe the owner can't penalise me there.

It is cheap - RM300 per month - and after the highway finishes (around 2009).. the area is 2 traffic light away from the Bukit Payung exit. Soo... we are soo satisfied, we paid the 2 months deposit and 1 month rental on the dot... he he he... then maybe on Sunday - house cleaning, hubby can only deliver the furniture on Friday afternoon - Saturday - full house arrangement! Can't wait!

The housing area. Not bad eh? Build in 2003 but with problem having CF (Certificate of Fitness), the housing area was only occupied in 2005, that's why the paint job still look new.

Front view, can see the extenstion of East Coast Highway there. Maybe next my trip from Kuala Terengganu to Kerteh would take less than an hour as opposed to about 1 hr 45 mins now.

Main room - spacious. There's already rails for curtains - so... easy for me. ELectricity and water are already on - no fuss there.

First bedroom - nothing of note except the owner put the Qiblat direction a la hotels usually do.

Master Bedroom Wash closet - not bad.

Kitchen area - smallish - I am a dummy cook - can and never cook serious thing at all - maybe can build up that Kylie Kwong aura a bit - Nigella Lawson's too sultry - can't be her.. ha ha..

3rd bedroom - think I'll made this my second bedroom. The middle bedroom is actually smallest (no pic here) poor lighting.. and small - think I'll make it my walk-in-wardrobe of sort - ironing and prayer room?

2nd toilet - maybe put the washing machine here?

Overgrown lawn.. thank god its not a big lawn, I bet I can do the grass pruning manually - maybe with lawn scissors - maybe I need to ask my mum to supply chilli plants - she got loads at my dad's goat farm - would be handy should I want to cook some chicken flavoured Maggie Noodle.

Still.. the town flat is still on.. just have to wait for the others before we can submit the forms together...

Langkawi Trip 11 - 14 July 2008

In a fortnight, I'll be taking a holiday in Langkawi (again!!!) ha ha ha.. this time with mum in law and family members on hubby's side. Hubby worked in the morning so that's why we can't leave early..

The itinerary would be Friday around 4pm - driving from Kuala Berang (mum in law's house).. arrive in Gua Musang around 6.. then to Ipoh using the Cameron Highland interchange (another 2 hour).. then night rest maybe at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort (have to find an apartment there)...

Saturday - drive from Taiping to Langkawi.. arrive maybe in the afternoon - shopping at nightime
Sunday - full day round Langkawi Island
Monday - drive home - altogether maybe 8 hours trip

.... yikes! Will make full report when I'm back.. maybe highlighting Mahsuri Tomb, Gunung Machinchang Cable Car, The Beach Resort, Dataran Langkawi and Shopping HIghlights!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Terengganu - Batu Bersurat (Inscribed Stone)

The Batu Bersurat or Inscribed Stone is the earliest evidence of Jawi (Malay writting based on Arabic Alphabet) in the Malay Muslim world. Aged around 700 years, it served as evidence that Islam arrived in Terengganu before 1326 - 1386. The stone was discovered half submerged after the flood at the bank of Sungai Tersat in Kuala Berang, Hulu Terengganu in 1899. Based on the study by Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Naguib Al-Attas, the date inscribed for the stone was Friday, 4th Rejab 702 Hijrah (22 February 1303).

A replica of the Stone is stationed at the main junction of Kuala Terengganu - pointing ways among others to the Terengganu Business District (where you can find Terengganu in a jam) and Pasar Payang.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kuala Lumpur - Pantai Dalam's Auction Apartment

This is the apartment at Pantai Dalam that I'm in JV with one of my colleague. We bid it at RM60k.. At my friend will be leaving for Nairobi for the next 3 years, we'll share the cost as well as profit by renting it first and maybe sell it in 3 years time. Currently the market rate is RM90k .. but should've gone up in 3 years.

Now, I am very interested in getting my share in the lelong (aution market) in Malaysia. My sifu is Mr Shafie of, Link me!

Pie is an employee of Telekom and earning around rm2k month, but by shrewd investment, logical thinking and JVs, he got around 17+ apartment with total investment value of RM700k... and ASB aim to be RM600k by the end of the year. Tabik Sifu!

Front view of the apartment, at least there's only 2 doors for each floor. But at fourth floor, not soo nice to climb.

The main bedroom, the whole apartment measures 685.4 sqm.

Kitchen area. Still spacious, before renovation it was a bit of a horror as there were holes left by the previous owner.

Freshly painted walls. We're thinking of adding sofa set, single bedroom set, tv, washing machine etc. Think for rm650 monthly, that should be ok. Monthly loan payment is about RM350.00. So there still profit.

View from the top, not soo nice as it is a low cost flat area, but still.. near to LRT, lots of RapidKL busses.. near to Telekom Tower and some of the factory area.. still an ideal location for investment. Thinking of renting it to ladies. Ideally they are the less worrisome tenants.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kelantan - Rantau Panjang Shopper's Heaven

The custom and immigration complex. Straight up is to Golok, shopping paradise of Thailand, to the left... Rantau Panjang's town, here we come...

The narrow street of Rantau Panjang.

Welcoming sign. We went during the third week weekend, still many people but not as jammed pack should we went there during payroll time or school holiday period.

Clothings, also heaven for tudung, cookware, kitchenware, souveniors...

Some of the popular imports, gifts for wedding, small towels, candles, pot pourri - all at reasonble price. No wonder wedding wannabes would throng Rantau Panjang for this.

Traditional food galore - can have bepam, dodol, lempuk... yummy yummy!!

Cartoon character stuffed toys. I must admit that it is one of the reason that attracted me here. Bought one stuff doll to my 9 months old niece, Mira - cost me RM8/=. Cheap!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

News - Malaysia's Healthcare Tourism

I am very interested in this view published in Utusan Malaysia (a Malaysian newspaper) today. I was responsible in handling the services section such as education, healthcare, construction... when I was in K.L. so this news is quite interesting for me.

On a segment aired by Today Tonight, Melbourne TV on Medical Tourism in Malaysia, the following reviews were given by some of the Australian patients:

Lynda Clifford, 48 yo
- face surgey by Dr. Nasir Zahari at one of the private hospital in Kuala Lumpur.
- she was also given counselling to give her confidence before and after the surgery
- apart from having the surgery, she was also able to visit attractive locations within Malaysia

Rosie Bates, 34 yo
- Stomach surgery and liposuction
- said that she got five star treatments during her visit in Malaysia
- after the successful surgery, she and her husband are able to tour Malaysia at very reasonable cost

From the website, there are some popular medical treatments that are offered by Malaysian medical centre and hospital including cardiology, ortophedics, dental, cosmetic surgery up to minor surgeries.

According to Dr. Norman, one of Australia edical practitioner, the total cost of health tourism package is about 1/3 of the same cost in Australia. For example, in Lydia's case, she spend only about AUD11,600 (RM35,000) for the surgery as well as holiday expenses. She would've paid AUD20,000 (RM60,000) only for having surgery in Australia.

Based on the statistic of Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia (APHM), there are positive increase on the inflow of foreign patients seeking treatments in Malaysia. For example, in 2006, there are 296,687 foreign patients coming to Malaysia as opposed to 75,210 in 2001. The positive development helps to bring RM203.66 million of health tourism revenue to Malaysia.

However, as stressed by Today Tonight, 59 per cent of Australian having surgery in certain countries need to get medical treatment again in Australia due to failure of surgery done overseas.

In this regard, Malaysian hospitals and medical centre need to be careful in handling this issues in order to ensure Malaysia's reputation as quality health providers are uphold.

Link to
Link to APHM website.

Extracted from the views by
Khairunneezam Mohd Noor
La Trobe University, Melbourne AUSTRALIA

Utusan Malaysia, 19 June 2008

Kuala Terengganu - My New Medium Cost Flat?

Entrance to the flat. There's a guard post before entering. The flat really need a fresh coat of paint.

View from the top of the apartment.

The corridor to the rooms. The apartment has 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms.

Toilet area. Wonder how many inches of dusts is there on top of the toilet.

Kitchen area.

My flat would be at the top - second from left. I think it is a good location cz I won't be burned by the afternoon sun.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kedah - Langkawi Trip 2007

Hmm.. when I was going tru my pics files, I saw some of the pic I snapped during our trip to Langkawi last year. Posting here as an appetizer cz I am going to Langkawi again in 2 weeks time!!!! Oh, haven't asked for annual leave yet. Have to do that ASAP. Not many pics yet but when I return from the hol next time, I'll put up motherloads of 'em.

The boat trip down. Took about an hour.

At one of the restaurant cum fish pond where we watched the fish freshly caught before being served as dinner... yummy..

In the background is Dataran Langkawi where you can see a huge stature of the helang (eagle).. Langkawi's name is derived by the word Lang... shorterned from Helang or Eagle.

Pic at the top of MAchinchang after the cable car ride. At this moment, clouds were rolling by.. brrrr....

There aren't many things to do at the top except taking pics. However, we did commission a cartoon drawing of Kimi. Cost around RM25.00.

The boat trip back.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Terengganu - Kuala Terengganu Medium Cost Flat

Hmmm.. Gotta say I am getting a bit desperate in searching for a place to stay here in Kuala Terengganu. Currently, I am still staying at my bro's house at Kampung Atas Toll.. but, of course staying at other people's place doesn't feel so good.

Anyway, my dad's friend told him that a medium cost flat is available for sale. Well... if it is cheap, I supposed I could put it down as long term investment - be a landlady of sort. The location is quite nice, just at the back of Kuala Terengganu's Giant Hypermarket. And about 3 - 4 km to my office. Hmmmm....

Terengganu - Kerteh: Hubby's Rubber Holding

About two years ago, we were presented with an opportunity to buy a small rubber plantation.. We grabbed it and therefore we have 6 acres of 'em.

Rubber tree up closed. To get rubber, the tree bark is sliced thinly and the rubber milk will run down the cut to a rubber milk collecting cup. Nowadays with the petroleum price rising steeply, the commodities prices such as rubber are also effected. About two years ago, rubber milk costs about RM2.60 per kg. Last week it was RM5.20 and expected to rise again. Rubber is of course one of Malaysia's traditional export whether in the primary form or processed forms such as latex rubber gloves, condoms etc.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Terengganu - Kampung Labohan Terengganu Tea Time Snack

For authentic Terengganu snack, you should stop at this stall right after Kampung Labohan (and about 2km before the Petronas Petroleum Complex). Situated at the roadside, this stall serves Air Tebu (Sugarcane juice), Satar, Pulut Lepa and can also order Keropok Lekor.. yummy...

Satar ingredient before wrapping in banana leaf.

Grilling satar. Yummy smell.

Kimi with air tebu and some pulut lepa (glutanious rice with fish sambal)

Satar up closed - ingreadients are fish, coconot milk, chillies and some flour. The price is also reasonable. For 2 plates of satar and pulut lepa, a plate of keropok lekor and a plate of otak2 and 3 sugarcane juice cost us RM12.60.

Terengganu - Kerteh's Oil and Gas Processing Facility

As I am now living in Kuala Terengganu and my son & hubby in Kerteh, I usually commute home once every week. The journey took about 1 hr and 45 mins (for 80 - 90 km/hr driver like me) esp. as the Terengganu road is currently in the midst of major reconstruction. Along the way is the Petronas's Oil and Gas Processing Facility Complex. Nice view ain't it. It is also one of the highlight or Terengganu signature as Malaysia's Oil Producing State.

I worked in two major O&G projects before joining the public service. The first one was right after graduation in McConnell Dowell Kelana Malaysia as Assistant Accountant in GPP5&6 Gas Processing Pipeline in 1997 - 1998. Secondly was with Foster Wheeler (M) Sdn Bhd as one of the Cost people from 1999 - 2002 for CUF (Centralised tility Facilities) and Ammonia Syngas Project). Had very good times working with these two firms - great bosses (Hiya Bob! and Bernie!).. casual clothings.. great collagues.. nice working experiances.

Visitor - Australia

Hmmm.. saw from my visitor location counter that some of my visitors are from Australia. Good Day mate!

Have to say that I have a deep affection with Australia.. I went for my B.Commerce (Accountancy and Finance) in University of Tasmania, Hobart from 1995 - 1997. Had a very nice time there... really love to walk around cz Tasmania's weather is very nice. Went to tour a bit on the Tassie countryside. Love the fish and chip shop at Hobart.. yummy yummy.. During my time was also the massacre at Port Louis (need to check again.. such a long time ago - 10 years).. And I still having fondness to Australia's Woman's Day Magazine esp. during the Princess Diana era.

After graduation, I actually worked at McConnell Dowell Kelana Malaysia - a subsidiary of McConnell Dowell Australia around 1998 - 1999 at the GPP 5 & 6, a gas piping project linking Kerteh Petronas Refinery to their Santong part. Also had very good experiance there.. going to the side - rounghing it out with the guys.. Aussie guys are sooo nice. Hiya there to my ex-boss Rick Boreham, Richard Gorkowski and others.. hope you are all well and happy!

The last time I went to Australia was to Brisbane, in August last year for a Malaysian Business Mission. Nice city.. love the coffee and the seafood. Went to Gold Coast as well, just a short trip due to having so much things to do workwise...

Terengganu - Santong Road

The Santong road is the access road linking the jungle road Jerangau - Jabor to the main coast road of Kemaman - Kuala Terengganu. Here it links Santong and Paka.
Spooky ain't it. Foggy at 8am. Thruthfully I found this road too spooky to travel at night as it cut across acres of palm oil plantation without many residence in the middle of the road. Hubby is a regular user of this road as he would use it to travel to his kampung (village) in Kuala Berang.

One of his funny experiance is that if he was caught to be using the road at night, he would wait for other motorist to enter in before following them. Once, he waited and waited but no car was around for nearly an hour, so he decided to just go in by himself. It was raining and foggy, but he persevered till one of the junction, he saw a white figure alongside the road. So, being a scarity cat like me, he jam the car and sped home - at unbelievable speed. He confessed later that figure might have been a stone or boulder he he he....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Terengganu - Kerteh's KAPRIMA Goat Project

Right before arrival, construction busily under way for the second phase of the East Coast highway from Kuantan staright to Terengganu. Can see our goat farm from the highway once it is completed.

Going up the goat enclosure. You can see some other goat enclosure on the right. This is an integrated project by the Terengganu government to support the Malaysia national plan in reviving its agriculture industry. Malaysia aims to become a net exporter of meat esp. Halal meat. Currently we are importing meat from countries such as India and Australia.

The grass for the goat. Took about a year for them to be lush and green as now.

Goats up close. My dad's are mostly prime goats some from Jamnapuri but mostly are Boer bred. Now, we got around 90 goats from the 45 goats that we got last year (my dad only started last year).. When the pic was taken, my dad actually sold about 10 young goats to one of our relatives who are keen to start goat farming as well. He sold it around RM450 per goat (cheap as we're selling to relative, the current market price would be RM550 - 600.

My dad feeding the goats with grass (think Napier grass).. shredded and if possible kept in the barrel overnight to make it a bit softer, the goat like it more that way) but usually my dad gave to them fresh. Think he's a bit more wiry and healthy than when he was a policeman (retired last year).

Kimi surrounded by goats. He likes to chase them around.