Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Terengganu - Monsoon Cup 2008

I have taken this picture during my attendance to the Commodore Luncheon on the final day of the Monsoon Cup, 7 Dec 2008 at the Ri Yaz Heritage Resort & Spa, Pulau Duyung.

What can I say .. lovely food (though very small portion).. lovely weather ( I kinda love the gloomy and windy whether eversince my student year at Tasmania... lovely shopping (very good discount since it was on the last day so bought hubby and myself Monsoon Cup T-Shirts and last but not least the last leg of the race between Datuk Peter Gilmore (who won by the way) and.. ??? .. hehehe.. sorry I am not a sport kinda person...

So, some pics for you to enjoy!

Lobby of Ri Yaz.. am going there again to confirm hotel booking for colleagues and hope to snap some pics.. heard the hotel is nice to a bit isolated & too expansive.

I was thinking not soo many visitors for the last part of the race?

More crowd in this pic.

Inside the main building where I got some free souveniors for Kimi and discounted shopping for the Cup memorabilia.

The diverse range of spectators.

The battle begins. I first thought that the race would invoved shipping racing up and down the length of the Terengganu river but apparently it is not so. Ship would do like an 8 figure on specific spot designated for them. Apparently this spot posed challenges in term of currents etc...

The murky2 water. As I took the pics, I heard the commenter stated that the week has been very interesting. In a week, the sailor has experiance sunny days, moonsoon torrential rain, gloomy days as well.. so they are exposed to all ranges of wheather in those 7 days. I agree that this year monsoon season has finally shown its force. The past few years, the wheather were differnt as mostly were sunny day.

Bye! See you again next year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Terengganu - Taman Temadun Islam @ Islamic Civilisation Park

Well, I had an entry a few months ago on Masjid Kristal or the Crystal Mosque. Anyway, for the first time I have been fortunate enough to go round to visiting Taman Temadun Islam yesterday for the Awal Muharram holiday. The fee is RM10 for adults (discount to those above 60s) and RM5 for children (6 years to 2 if I am not mistaken). Our small group consist of my mum, Kimi and myself. We started at around Asar 4.30 and even after 2 hours we still skipped a few places as well as go express among some others. As a whole, I enjoy the visit, it is informative. Really appreciate the Kaabah and also the Mosque of Rock. They have videorama so that you'll have a place to relaxed with the nice air conditioning, as well as gain knowledge from the video shown about some of the selected place.

More information:

Post some pics for your enjoyment. Think I don't have to blabber much cz the beauty of the miniature as well as its history speaks for themselves. Have to pardon Kimi as he is at the stage where he greatly admire Ultraman.

After all the walking, Kimi was blissful after being allowed to play at the playground. Hmmm... cz not many people around, he really enjoyed himself having the playground for himself.

Ooo.. have to note, after you pay the entrance fee, you are given some sort of passport book containing information on the miniature mosques available. For second and third visit, just bring the passpost and you will be entittled to further discount in the cafe as well as the souvenior shop. Oh.. with the entrance fee there are also RM3 coupon for the cafe.. quite useful for a glass of iced Milo after all the calories burnt walking around!

Wassalam TTI. Hope to visit you again!

One World Hotel & One Utama Shopping Complex

I went to KL for the New Year.. hehehe.. abit of drama cz my son Kimi at first didn't want to go and throw a huge tantrum. So we can only start our journey around 11 and arrived there at nearly four. A bit late but ok cz One World's check in time is about 3 pm. Had a good time shopping cz hubby got RM2K free voucher for Jusco so... hahahaha Megasales! Here we come!!!

Anyway, the usual rate for One World is about RM380... but being government rate with only one breakfast at RM245.. but add on hubby breakfast at RM38, my charges were about RM330...

Kimi and his favourite hobby of jumping on beds.

Welcoming fruit basket.

Goodies on sales. Only the mineral water and coffee/tea set are complimentary.

Nice bathroom. Kimi really enjoyed the bathtub.

Nice lcd TV with interactive menu, can purchase movies, games etc along with the free TVs of RTM and such, HBO and Vision Four.

Hungry for fooddddddd...... This is at One Utama's Food Court. Had the Nyonya Set for Two at about RM19.00. Yummy asam pedas.. yumm...

Kimi and his steamroll.. Hahahaha.. bought him a Tonka one as well. No pics of us shopping cz to busy shopping to snap pics ;D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sales! Noor Arfa Batek

Hahahah.. a bit to make you guys out there jealous a bit!

I actually went to Noor Arfa for a bit of touring for a colleagues from KL. Imagine our delights when we saw that Noor Arfa in on SALE! MEGA SALES! to be exact.. Discount from 10%, 30% or more than 50%.

So, a bit to display what I bought. The orange colour is actually ladies batik shirt, normally retailed at RM279, got it for RM99.. the purple is for baju, worth RM 299 .. got it for RM 209 and the pink is caftan for my mum's birthday pressies, worth RM49 got it for RM30++.. My collegue bought a baju (chiffon and silk) normally retailed at RM599, at RM180.. wow.. $$ well spend I said. As the sales is on till 4 Jan, will be there again with my mum during the Awal Muharram Holiday!

For more information on Noor Arfa and it sales, link:

Monday, December 22, 2008

A boost for Sungai Pahang

Friday December 19, 2008
A boost for Sungai Pahang

KUANTAN: Efforts have been made to promote Sungai Pahang and its 329km route as a tourist product due to its historical and cultural values.

Scenic sight: A file picture of rafters on Sungai Pahang.

State Tourism, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Datuk Shafiq Fauzan Sharif said two major events were organised this year that highlighted the charm of the longest river in the peninsula.

”The events were the International Rafting Expedition that was held in April and May and Tasik Bera-Tasik Chini 4x4 vehicle and kayak expeditions in August.

”Through these programmes, Sungai Pahang was introduced as a location with recreational, historical, heritage and eco-tourism appeals,” he said here recently.

He added that such efforts should be continued and merged with other tourist destinations so that these places remained sustainable for a long time.

On the international rafting expedition, Shafiq Fauzan said the event was started in 2001 and various researches on cultural, heritage, historical figures, traditional food and tourism products had been conducted.

”The information collected has been documented and published.

”The younger generation can benefit from these records as some of these contain facts and figures about local warriors such as the famous fighter Mat Kilau and his struggles against colonialism in Lubuk Terua, Pasir Tambang and Pulau Tawar,” he added.

In organising the rafting expedition, the state government was promoting various homestay programmes that were available along the river route as well as diversified water sports activities, he said.

Another charm of Sungai Pahang is its natural wonders.

Specific programmes had been outlined to promote the many fascinating features such as the National Park, Rimba Kenong State Park and Gunung Senyum, he added.

Shafiq Fauzan said the Drainage and Irrigation Department also took measures to ensure that the river remained in pristine condition.

One of these was the setting up of a river management committee chaired by the Mentri Besar while its members comprised representatives from related government departments and agencies, he added.