Saturday, June 30, 2012

What to Buy in Taiwan :)

Thought I'll jot down a few pointers before my recent Taiwanese training trip fled outta my mind. Been busy but this morning got a few mins to space waiting for the boss from HQ to come down from his Renaissance KB stay...

As I'm jotting this from my BB can't post much but I think a pic can tell a thousand words :)

Ok straight to the point.. Taiwan is of course famous for its night market.. As my schedule was tight, I only managed to visit Shilin, Wufenpu and Raohe. Wufenpu and Raohe is quite near to each other and their MRT services is superb. You can go to all the available night markets as well as attractions such as the Taiwan zoo, Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yat Sen memorial hall. Just buy an initial card worth if I am not mistaken around RM300 or NTD3000 and you are set to go. Even within the MRT stops, there are usually shops for example the main central, you can even buy sim cards and hp cover. My friend bought a local sim and got a hp cover as as gift! How about that for something different :)

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Khalifa Inn Wakaf Che Yeh

Well, if you're in Kelantan, Wakaf Che Yeh is the happening place for night market. Located just 10 mins away from the main capital Kota Bharu, its a nice place to get cheap clothing, imitation watches, shirts and jerseys, tudungs, handphone accessories even batiks at very reasonable prices.

Usually I stayed nearer to downtown KB where breakfast are provided but as my mom and 2nd son Haikal are around, I decided to bring them along when I had to attend a meeting tomorrow morning.

So, with 2 adults and 1 kid, Khalifa Inn is the ultimate choice as it had 2 big beds and quite a spacious area for the kiddies to run, or even to lay some toto blankets to accomodate more kiddies or adult. Its located quite near to the blazing sign post entry of Wakaf Che Yeh just besides the Petronas Petrol Station. At RM130 per night currently from the published RM250, you know you got a good bargain.

However, you need to take a short walk (less than 5 mins very very leisurely walk) to reach the night market, but you are ensured on quietness and calmness away from the actual scene of the night market itself.

No breakfast is provided, but there is some cafes along the vaccinates with all the Kelantan delights.. Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Berlauk etc etc :)

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Taipei Day 1

So, at 955 sharp we left KLIA for Taipei.. Took about 4 hours plus, we arrived around 230 pm... Got economy class only, not upgradable as it was only less than 5 hours flight.. Uneventful, read Mingguan Malaysia (my weekend fix) as well as Jelita, a Malay language magazine that I always bought to read on flights abroad and then left it to our hosts whom usually would missed reading something in Bahasa Malaysia (good tip there hehehe)...

Bought keropok keping (fish crackers) and serunding daging (meat floss) directly for souvenir as I personally know our lady host. Panicked a bit when we approach the runway then the pilot annouced that animal products are banned from entering Taiwan and must be declared or be prosecuted.. Ops! Don't see any warning like this in any blog.. I was getting worried but thankfully when we passed tru the customs, there were no sniffer dogs in sight so the serunding was able to be delivered safely to the intended recipient.

Our host is very generous, we were able to stop briefly at the Chang Kai Shek memorial park, Sun Yatt Seng, sight of Taipei 101.. A brief stop at our home for the next 7 nights, Capital Hotel.. Nice hotel with English garden design (lotsa of flowers and statues)... Nice! With an electronic bidet to boot... Hahaha no such thing in Malaysia so we're a bit impressed.. It can't rival what's in Japan so I am told, but it is still impressive.

Then off to our host for a dinner of Malay food.. Rice.. Really an unexpected surprised as I thought I won't see Malay food for at least 5 days.. Then trying out Taiwan MRT just to have a look at the famous Shihlin Night Market.. We were too tired with all the travelling so just took a taxi to our hotel (around TWD155 or roughly RM15.50)...

Hmmm.. Quick small facts:-
1) Now NTW100 is around RM11
2) The weather in June is similar to Malaysia.. Light jacket for night (like a windbreaker) is ok but perhaps not really necessary)..
3) Wifi hotspot is plenty especially in the hotel.. Internet is free in the hotel.. Wow!
4) Taiwanese loves scooters.. Not RXZ like us Malaysians..
5) They are discipline .. Queing for busses as well as toilets..
6) Porks are everywhere.. Food would be fabulous for my non muslim friends..
7) It looks gloomy (esp if there's drizzle).. But it is still not cool.. But I do wonder why Taiwanese still wears jackets like its really cold..

Ok.. That's it for today's report.. I'll report more tonight hopefully..

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Concorde Inn KLIA

Well, as I need to fly out early in the morning, decided to stay in one of the KLIA hotels. As Pan Pacific has restriction of stay in time.. First 6 hours a fixed rate and then hourly, I decided to stay at Concorde Inn KLIA as it boost its location as 3 mins away by shuttle.

My fault is that I didn't booked early which would entitled me to a cheaper rate around RM190 (around RM6 more than my govt rate allocation).. Booked around 4 days before gives me a rate of RM245.

Concorde Inn KLIA is a kinda motel like.. Just 1 storey to facilitate travellers wheeling their baggage. However, it was very well kept, groom and clean. My room is ok in size, had lots of different tv channel to surf as well as well satisfying showers for me to wash my tiredness away. Their toiletries is a bit masculine in design.. Black and white simple design with different numbering for each type.

I have to say I am very well satisfied with their buffet spread.. Western till Eastern, its all there. Even the nasi lemak is authentic with the sambal spiciness makes me hiccup ... haha.. I can alway measure that there is more than enough chillies in a dish when I start hiccupping :P

Reading other reviews, I saw that some mention excellent gym and pool facilities.. Haven't used them so I can say anything but I would definitely stay in Concorde the next time I have an early flight like this again :)

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From Kuantan to KLIA

Haven't been posting much tho I have been all round KB - KL - Seremban and back home to Kerteh again.

Only tonight I got a bit of a breather.. Going again to KL for a trip to Taiwan starting tomorrow morning... So now I am in Kuantan Airport waiting for my flight at 7.10 pm. As I think I will be doing nothing most of the journey, I hope I will be a lil bit more active posting for the next fornight.

Ok.. We will talk first about Malaysian Airlines service.. I got no complaints against them:-
1) My bag got jammed at check-in.. The staff is friendly enuff to file a complaint form tho I am not bothered esp I am going to Taiwan early tomorrow morning.. No time man!
2) My protruding stomach is catching the staffs eyes nowadays.. 2 days ago, Firefly on the way to KT.. And now today :P.. As I am still early around 5 months, I am allowed to travel tho I should've get the doctor's clearence form to fly (Hehe.. Too busy for that).. However, they both had asked me to sign imdemnity for which I have no prob to sign..
3) Well, lastly, think the toilets at the airport need revamping.. Even in the departure hall is is filthy.. From 3 only 1 is usable.. Malaysian should be more civic minded in the usage of public amenities such as the public toilet.

Hmm.. Ok that's it before I am on board, hopefully I won't be too tired to write a review on Concorde KLIA tonight.

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