Thursday, March 28, 2013

Testing Out My Old New Slow Cooker

A brief history about my slow cooker.. Got it when my 2nd is just a baby, around 4 years ago. Thought of cooking moi or rice porridge for him using it, but never did haha.. He already love the nestum cereal. Thank god that I got it by redeeming my Maybank Treatspoint so, don't feel the loss at all :P

Well, my youngest Hannah is an eater as well. She loves porridge so I gotta brush up the cooker so today is the day. As its the first time, just boil plain rice with water, just to try out. Its a simple machine, just plain on and off button, so need to experiment a bit. Read that some had high or low button on it that would cook as fast as two hours or eight hours on it.

Think mine is the superslow one. Perhaps my moi would take 8 hours. Gotta buy some potato and carrots too, just to give extra taste to the baby. Need to find out about some mini blender to.. Found out some like Phillips cost around RM 250+.. Need to find cheaper alternative lah.

Also found put some other use for the cooker such as heater for kuah or soups for the laksa during event such as Hari Raya etc as well as scrumptious beef stew. Have to experiment soon :)

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Still Crazy on the Tab

Well, still exploring my tab... am loving it. Already redeem a bluetooh headset via my Maybank treatspoint this morning.... a samsung one for treatspoint 27,000... okla, better get it free hehe...

Samsung also got loads of aps, am driving myself crazy downloading games for the boy, till got a lot more space haha...

Anyway, need thinking wheather to use my BB at least for the next few days.. got a function la, kinda odd without the bluetooth headsetla....

Friday, March 8, 2013

Testing My New Samsung Tab

Am testing my tab capability for me to blog. Well, think my Haikal is treating it as his. That's his face the morning he discovered my new tab hehe....

So, my likes and dislikes on the samsung tab:-

1. Definitely a just nife size for me to read during my frequent road journey
2. Lots of aps... definitely games for the kids, quran and journals for ke once I start  my phd..
3. Think putting in pics for the blog would be easier..
4. Can disguised itself as a notebook.. not too bulky or look like a phone from the first glance....

1. Also the size ... a bit embarrased answering phonecall with it.. like talking to a book haha.. definitely need to invest in a bluetooth headst ;p
2. Lots of typo...
3. 3g reception worst that my BB in my Kerteh home.

Overall, I am well satisfied. Though the day I bought my tab, the new Samsung Brand is just out, but I think the 7 inch tab would suit me better. Just the perfect novel size for me, not too big or small...

Hope to pen more hotel review after this, with better and more pics definitely.

So, now its the 3rd phone for this blog... my beloved N70, the trusty Blackberry Bold.... and finally Samsung Tab :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Samsung Galaxy Tab & My Grouch with Superbuy

I believe I updated my online purchase of the Tab 2 7.0 a few weeks ago via Superbuy. Was patiently waiting, in addition I was very busy too when I realised its already two weeks as opposed to 5 - 7 days period before it should be in my greedy hands.

Well, nope. So I called, happily and positively thinking that its on the way, BUT!!!! I was told my colour selection is not available and they are still waiting and they cant give the date. If I want to change colour, I will have to wait another week to get it. WTF??!!

Yeah, they offer near RM100 discount via Maybank link.. but 3 weeks waiting period??!! WTF.. I asked for a refund straightaway.. Wahhh.. very bad lah..

I concur that mine might be an isolated case, but why no courtesy in informing me of the no colour availability. I wouldn't be so pissed off then.. Grrrrrr...

Anyway, after lunchtime, I just dropped at a phone shop besides my offices, yeah, I paid the RM 1099.. add on another RM50 for the clear screen and cover, but yess! I got it in less than 1 hour.

Buck up Superbuy, be more pro active please.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Express Trip to Batam

Since we were already in JB, its kinda a shame if we didn't jump on a quick sojourn to Batam. Hubby is hankering for a full body massage after hard day work and me joining in the ride too! Was quite bz these past few weeks, and loads more coming sooo...

We left the kiddies and mom at the Bayu Marina Resort and went to the jetty terminal at Stualang Laut - 15 mins away.

Thank god, we managed to captured the next trip at 9.30. We don't want to bother so just bought a return ticker for the last trip back at 7.45 Batam time. Think both cost around RM120. However, we need to valided the ticket at Batam ferry for additional Rp 110k each if I am not mistaken. Haha.. I estimated the value cz hubby is paying, so I don't know the exact value :P ..

About 2 hrs later (is it? Trip back we got in about 8.15), we arrived at Bandung. Bought a taxi ticket to Nagoya shopping at Rp40k.. Bought some clothes, then.. Spa time!

We went to Secret Spa just in front of Nagoya entrance. We go for the full Balinese package and both went poorer for Rp 560k each (around RM350 for the both of us).. Wow! Love it! 2.5 hours we came out fully rejuvenated.

Finished at around 4, we went back to Matahari for shopping. I rue the decision. Not many things are there, didn't buy a lot except a zipped wallet ordered by my brother (Rp 100k.. Think they murdered us there). Shouldve stick to Nagoya!

Well, anyway.. It is a very fruitfull and well worth trip. Would love to go there again, but hubby was aiming Bangkok next. Wow! I loikeee :)

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Bayu Marina JB

Well, I was hoping my JB journey would be from a Samsung Tab I bought online a week ago, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Dunno, my tab hasn't arrived. That online store is gonna get a bad review from me!

Well, due to the kiddies, hubby who is really has a soft heart bought us to JB for Legoland. It was a long journey as from Kerteh to JB took us about 9 hours. Very sore backside, I gotta tell you.

Bought my mom and younger bro too, so we are staying at an apartment hotel, very newly open, Bayu Marina, built alongside a river.

We booked via Gotta tell you we really got a fantastic rate, even lower than what I got as a government servant. We got a two room duplex. As you can see from the pic, hubby resting in the living room, just after the curtain would be 2 single beds and a balcony.. Behind me would be the small kitchenette, bath and dining. On the right, is the stairs to another bedroom with a big bed, a bath and a medium size foyer with two chairs. Hurmm.. Just only one tv tho with limited channel, I would suggest they should provide a cartoon channel for the tv.

They put us on the 10 floor with the view of the river7, and the big main swimming pool and kiddies pool, as well as child's playground on the 9th floor. Hasn't explored all these yet but based on the review, all look positive.

Its dawn now. Kiddies are still sleeping. Just a few short hours from Legoland, yippeeee :)

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