Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Stock is in Da House..

Well.. I haven't got my time of the month yet, so decided to get the Kit.

The line is faint, but it is there. Insyaallah there'll be another baby in November :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Tips for Bathroom

I got a very mouldy bathroom.. Haven't got time to scrub 'em squicky clean..

So.. Last weekend, bought myself a bottle of Clorox and then just spray them evenly in the bathroom..

So, here we are after a weekend away.. Squicky clean bathroom.. Can you believe that the middle part is the cleanest before this. That's why I didn't splash Clorox on them.. And the lefthand side floor is the dirtiest.. Seems the cleanest loock dirtiest after the clorox treatment haha :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rats Repellent Odor

Since I wasn't always at my Bukit Payung home, few rats had been making it their homes.. Can observed that via their droppings and such. They had even built nest in my house. My mom managed to catch and kill one.

Anyway, since then I had spring cleaned my house, putting foods up high and such. It seems to be working but the rats got clever and managed to climb up and eat my maggie mees. Hahaha so I resorted to store all things in my fridge.

I don't like killing things so I am very happy to discover this rat odor deterrent during my visit to KL last few month in a Japanese store Daiso at Pavillion KL where everything is priced at RM5.

The thing is actually round.. Sorta like a chalk cookie shape thing. The smell is sharply pungeant and if we inhaled it a bit.. Your nose will sting.. For a whole block it woud cover a 1 meter area but for me, I just use half cz I observed that the rat would use my landphone/streamyx wire to come in. Really hope it work!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kimi's First Day in Primary School @ 3 Jan 2012

Yeah, I know that its the 9th today and so my entry's a bit late but I was aiming for a day to reminsce more so I can write more on Kimi's special day.

Anyway, Kimi's have been in preschool since he was five. First, we sent him to Tadika Perpaduan just to built on his social skill and when he's 6 to a better school so he can learn more be it Maths, English, Tae Kwon Do and such.

For the standard one, hubby and I briefed him on every single thing we can think off. Kimi thrives on details and knowing how things work so I think we guide him through. You can see from the pic that he was apprehensive but resigned to the fact that he has to adapt. Yeah, that's my boy :)

I think he felt pleasure when we gave him money to spend on recess. Just RM2 per day cz usually we (hubby usually) would cook him a simple breakfast. Fried egg sandwich is optimal. He loves eggs since very little and won't mind eating 'em everyday :)

So for recess, he indulged in getting the RM1 nugget package and a cold drink (50 cent). I walked him tru the purchase the first day and he aced it afterwards. Bit worrying as he only bought nuggets til now. Hahaha.. He won't eat veggies but I am not so worried as usually my dad will pick him up and the lunch is served at my mom's (more eggs I believe).. Anyway, the balance of 50 cent would be the handmade tube ice lolly at the gate after school ended. I tried one and it was delish.

So, now it is the second week of school. I can instinctively feel he is growing up already.. Hmmm.. Don't know, I felt both :) and :(

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mission Accomplished: Gym cum Play Area

It was actually quite a jiffy .. Less than 2 hours that I am able to clear the clutter for the first living room.. Am not able to clear all, but most is accomplished.

Put the boys' toys here as well, they had been cluttering the living room. At first the boys are apprehensive but thet surely warmed up to idea.. As seen it this pic :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mission: Exercise Room

Again, short n sweet. I aim to use my main living room as an exercise room.

Got a new sofa for the family but I don't want to buy a new sofa for a living room that for most of the time won't have anyone using them.

We got a spacious verandah that haven't been utilised at all. Had a plant pot besides that which would be converted into a small koi pond. Thinking of sourcing for a natural cengal branches sofa. Sorta like a living sclupture as well. That would be our different style of formal living room once it realised.