Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunrise @ Sudara Beach Tok Bali

Hurmm.. Being pregnant this time is a bit of different experiance for me.. Tiredness, keen for fruits, not so passionate about food around nightime.. Even my preference on my screensavers for my BB and desktop changes.

I usually put the pics of my boys on but nowadays I prefer natural views.. For my desktop wallpaper, I use the pic above.

Nice, ain't it? It was taken about a week ago when I had to visit Tok Bali, a beach part of Kelantan near Bachok which is around 45km from Kota Bharu. The sun is a bit lazy rising up nowadays, so when I stepped out from my chalet at Sudara Beach Resort, it was still quite dark.

Then the rosy ray of the awaken sunrise begin to colour the sky. Had a nice time inhaling the fresh seabreeze and feeling of sands on my feet. Peeking about for seashells as well as the cheeky run of baby crabs. Ooo.. Had to say, got a few toddler crabs here as well numerous seashells compared to the other places I've been :)

Around 730 am, when I was walking along the beach, my back against the sun.. I suddenly feel heat. Turning around, this is what I saw. The sun is finally smilling. Snap! Lovely, ain't it :)

Soccer Field in the Making :)

Been gushing a bit too much about my small patch of frangipangi garden, thought I need to share a bit more on the major portion of our garden :P

It is a bit barren currently I have to admit, haha.. Been levelling the ground (hubby did, I just watched.. Being preggies made me lazier nowadays)..

Anyway, we did saw some small shoots of grass peekinng through.. We still need to ensure the surface to be 100% smooth before the field is overgrown with grass to ensure even footing.

There won't be any more trees to plant after this. We purposely left majority of the garden to be flat grass.. Bit like a soccer field haha.. Well, a perfect complement for the concrete driveway that is a perfect place for badminton games :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My 3rd Frangipangi

Short n sweet.. Been busy these past week so can't update much. Since the cementing of our driveway, got a small patch of land that is soo easy to decorate.

Had a coconut tree there already. And my two ferns that had been sickly, are thriving under the shady tree there.

All leaves and no flower, so I streamrolled hubby idea of planting a betelnut tree there and instead planted my frangipangi that I had been eye-ing a few times when I passed that Ketteh nursery.

As usual, got discount from RM65 to RM50. Have to say, lovely :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well, ever since I found out that I'm pregnant again, I don't limit myself to food. But today I had to fast, well.. As ladies, we have our monthly menses, so we can't fast the Ramadhan during the period, so I had to reimburse them back.

I paid back 6 days.. So got another 2 days to go and I decided to have it today esp there is the pasar malam (night market) nearby my home tonight.

Well, even though I had sahur (pre dawn meal before fasting), I must say I am flat out. Too tired and sleepy. Double whammy I supposed.. Preggies and fasting.

Anyway, just come back from pasar malam. Spend RM14 all for myself. Not bad eh, RM5 for a Nasi Briyani, RM5 for half kilo of the Temerluh Red Jambu, RM2 for lok ching (fish satay), RM1 for a soybean drink and last but not least RM3 of kropok lekor for myself and the stray kitties..

Wait! That RM16! Well.. Money well spend I say :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Broom Finishing - Halfway There

So.. Now it's lunchtime and the driveway works continue, hubby underestimated and thought 4 parts of the cement lorry would be sufficient, but it covers only around a 3rd of our driveway. That had already costs us (or rather him) RM700.. Thank god, we did the work early and managed to order around 7 additional parts..

The cost of est 2K for the driveway balloned to around 4K.. Ahh well..

Anyway, can see here part of it done, broom finishing style.. Why broom finish? Well, it is the easiest style, just rake a broom across the concrete, certainly recommended when you have kids to wouldn't stop running even though the surface looks slippery. Hurmmm...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cementing the Driveway

Guess hubby got bored with the amount of sand on the driveway so with the coming Maulidur Rasul long weekend, we will be cementing our natural driveway.

First, we need to scrape off the existing driveway a few inches so that the new driveway won't be higher from our porch/garage. We hired a crane for that. Got some excess land that we pun besides our house for our garden. Bit of a blessing cz we won't need to buy new land as it prone to small flooding after hard rain.

Then some general workers from hubby's workplace to level up the ground as well as lay some foundation. Tomorrow the cement truck will come and the labor would be leveling it all with the finale of broom finishing the driveway.

I bet after it finishes, our driveway would be very spacious, ideal for the kids to cycle around, play ball or badminton. Wow :)