Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bicara Tentang Tanah

Malam ni khusus borak2 pasal tanah.. Keluar abih geran lama koyak rabak tahun 1963.. Kagum gak tgk geran bersejarah cam tu...

Ingat nak buat sesuatu.. Takde le besar sgt pun but harap ia menjadi kenyataan someday soon.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decluttering the Living Room

Have to say that tonight is a very productive night. Am able to sweep, store, moped the living room in preparation to my two boys staying over my weekday home next week.

Have to say that I have soo many things that I should be able to get rid off but can't. Really would appreciate the existence of a recycling center, a book collection centre, some sort of salvation army as well as car boot sales in Malaysia. Well, I guess I had to utilise web to get rid some of my novels and books, mags I no longer requires.

Can say that we are the garbage generations. Soo many things that we able to buy but of low quality and thus not longlasting. We throw them out and buy a new one again. And the cycle continues. Gotta change quick!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Me n Family :)

Thought I'm gonna post a mushy entry today about me n ma family :)

I was a bit tomboyish and career oriented when I started in my current career. I met hubby during my tenure as contract staffs during my CUF days. He was a friend's friend and he wasn't my taste during that time. Quite a mushy mushy guy.

I don't know how it happened but it must be jodoh. I rejected him once when he asked to be steady since I was lightly involved with a married expat guy then (haha really stupid of me).. But he persevered. With some of his dirty tricks (haha.. I won't bother you with 'em).. We become a couple and finally tie the knot on 29.5.2004. Looking back it is kinda fast.. Around 2 years since I met him.. Around a year plus after we become a couple.. That's why people said if its your destiny, it would meant to be cz I do not actively seeking a spouse.. I was resigned to the fact I would become a single career lady.

Fast forward to 2011.. Time flies, we have been married 7 years.. Got two lovely boys - Kimi whom will be starting Std 1 next year and Haikal who is currently 2+. The unique fact is that in our 7 years of marriage, we never stay together as I work elsewhere. He is based in Kerteh while I worked in KL in the first 5 years and now 3 years plus in K.Trg.

Alhamdulillah I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who tolerated all my bad points hahaha :P .. And become a whole function to me.. Friend, hubby, lover, brother, criticiser, financial consultants etc etc.. As well as two lovely boys whom I haven't been able to be there 24-7 but whom always missed me and treasure the time when we are together.

Thank you God for the blessing.. I am unworthy but I pray for us to be continuously blessed here and the afterworld.. Aminn..