Monday, July 29, 2013

Ops, Bought a Grand!

Thought I would KIV it next month, but what can I say.. When the hankering is there, I need to scratch the itch.

So, I had decided against Asha 501. Why? Cz although its two sims, its micro sims. I don't want to cut up my sims. yeah, stupid reasons right but WTH. Anyway, one of my staff got hers, and I had a chance to play with it. Advantage.. Small and light. Disadvantage? The display not so nice and when I try to play Zombie vs Plant, it feels sluggish. Well, its not for me but definitely good for teenagers and younger gens (ops, does that mean I am "matured??"..

Anyway, I had no qualm about my Samsung Tab.. But its a tad too big. Like me on the go and had to be discreet sometimes when taking pictures, tab is definitely a no no. But it is great for games and reading my Lite Quran, just nice as a novel. I would also prefer my kids playing games on it as it won't strain their eyes so much like hubby's note.

So, why Grand. Well.. I need two sims (my office and personal sims). Tired of lugging around my blackberry and nokia asha (first gen) and tab. Don't want a too big screen so that I look like talking to a book.. But not a small one so I can read the snowballs of emails while on the move. That why Grand is a must have list for me.

Am buying it from Superbuy. Had a bad experiance with them when I bought my tab, but.. Their offer is too good to resist.. A hundreb buck below published price and a c pen as freebies. Ooo.. I am aiming to just jot notes at meeting on my grand. Been losing most of my hardcopies not actually, haha I am not a tidy person.

Hope I will get it in the next few days. Before weekend hopefully. I will transfer my Pao to the new phone (don't want my Pao to starve in my tab).. Will upload iQuran lite to.. As well as aps for Pocket Budget and MyNetDiary (calories counter).. Ooo and Candy Crush. For the baby Pocoyo and Talking Pocoyo as well as Read Me Stories. Definitely the standard ap FB etc etc.

Hurmm got too much gadgets nowadays. Will definitely keeping the tab for the kiddies. BB will stay at office cabinet. While Asha will give to my mom.

Hehe.. Huhu.. Gotta keep track of my spending lah :P

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New Kitchen Cabinet?

Well, since occupying our house.. After 2 years only we been eyeing to build a kitchen cabinet. A simple one but really look nice on the drawing.

Also our washing machine went kaput. It was hubby's company one (ops!) since 2003. Nearly ten years of service. Thank god now washing machine are cheaper, we bought a 10 kg Samsung one at around RM1.2k. I still remember I bought one for mom at around 2K about 10 years ago, and thank god it is still going strong.

What else, our rought DIY hanging for the clothes had collapsed, so add on a wardrobe too!

Wonder how much all these would cost.. Huhuhuhu..

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Maggie Ketam Again

No baby Hannah, no my sis. I had work outstation this week so left them at my mom's. Alone and no mood for Bazaar Ramadhan fares, so its maggie ketam again for me.

A quick stop at Giant KT for the ingredient, Mee Sedap Kari (nice and full of condiments), 2 crabs (RM8.. And they don't look all that fresh).. A pack of sawi (RM2) .. Altogether around RM16.. Yeahh.. Ah well, bests buying them in a way cz a meal for two costs me RM50 in Pantai Cahaya Bulan Kelantan.

Well, should be more than enuff for me. More towards eating the crab. As they aren't that fresh, might need to cook the crabs a bit longer I supposed.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hankering for a Nokia Asha 501

Well, I have always been searching for a dual sim phone. One that caught my eye is the Samsung Galaxy Grand around RM1100 but it came out just a few days after I purchase my Samsung Tab so I been keeping mum.

Apart from the tab, I had the obselete blackberry of my office since around 3 years ago (wow, shelf life of handphones now are really brief) and the first gen of Asha bought around 21 Jun 2012.

Just a bit over a year, I saw the newest Asha offering yesterday. Cute and compact, it just retail at RM299. Wow! Yeah I gotta admit it won't be really great as the note but it will suffice cz I just need its two sims (tired of lugging both the blackberry n nokia asha 1 around), a bit of FB just to vent frustration and record whatever on my mind and browse the internet.. Oo and definitely getting emails notifications). It had a disadvantages tho.. No whatsapp which me and my work circle use quite often nowadays. Anyway it got Bejeweled instead which I quite like rather than Candy Crush that often got me frustrated and now retired at level 147 hehehe..

Anyway, will think for a few days more and will update if I decided at last to get one :)

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Never judge a car before driving it

Cilok this from Star yesterday.. yeah, my thought exactly!

One Man's Meat

Many people have this fixation against Proton to the point that even when it comes up with something good they are not willing to give it a try.

WILL you ever get back to that ex-girlfriend who cheated on you with a butch? I did. Kind of.

Actually, what I did was worse. I broke my promise never ever to buy a Proton. I wanted to upgrade my Perodua Alza to a bigger MPV as I have an army of family and friends from Sabah who expect me to drive them around when they visit Greater Kuala Lumpur.

I asked my colleague Andrew Fernandez, who is a motoring writer, which MPV should I get. He recommended Proton Exora Bold.  Immediately, I shot down his suggestion, saying I will never ever buy a Proton. “But …,” he said. “No, I will never buy a Proton. I hate it,” I said.

Here’s a brief history of my love-hate relationship with Proton.

When I exchanged my bumpy, underpowered and claustrophobic two-door Suzuki Jimny with a Proton Wira Aeroback, my new car was a joy to drive. I was in love with it as it was faster, less bumpy and had more room than the Jimny. 

If you asked me why I had fallen out of love with the Proton, I can’t really pinpoint the reason. Perhaps it was because every few months the power window will become “powerless”. Or was it because my Wira had two accidents. Not Proton’s fault. I blame it on karma. A drunk neighbour rammed it at the back when it was parked outside my house. A few months later, my sober sister had an accident near my house. 

I began to hate driving the car. I swore never ever to buy a Proton.

I asked a motoring enthusiast why I hated the Proton.

“There are not many issues with the Proton Wira. Probably it was a combination that you were ‘forced’ to buy a Proton (because of its unfair price advantage) and it was not perfect,” he said.
“Proton has that famous power window problem. I remember covering a press conference by Proton (Group managing director Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir) and he told a story about him travelling back home in a Proton taxicab from the airport,” he said.
“The driver opened his door instead of winding down his window at a toll booth for fear that the power window mechanism would stop working due to overuse. It took Proton years to fix that power window problem.”

According to The Star’s report in October 2011, Proton Holdings Bhd finally moved to erase any doubt over defective power windows by offering a lifetime warranty for all new Proton models registered from Sept 1, 2011. Syed Zainal said Proton wanted to erase the prevailing stigma that the national car company was synonymous with failing power windows.

“It’s been going on for years and it’s still a negative perception for those who have never even driven or owned a Proton vehicle! “The power window problem was actually fixed quite a while back, around 2006 or 2007. All of our models since then have not had any (power window) problems,” said Syed Zainal.

Now back to the upgrading exercise.

The most obvious and affordable choice was a Nissan Grand Livinia. Early this year, I test-drove it. But it felt as if I was trading a medium-sized girlfriend with a medium-sized girl. I decided against trading in my Alza for a Grand Livinia. I was also not keen on a Toyota Avanza as that MPV has been around.

Last month I asked Andrew, the motoring writer, what MPV should I get since I was not interested in the Grand Livinia and Avanza.

“Proton Exora Bold. Raj owns one,” he said, and he pointed at our colleague Dorairaj Nadason, who has a column in The Star called “Why Not?”. “Many people have this fixation against Proton to the point that even when it comes up with something good they are not willing to give it a try. They should at least try the Exora and see what the car can do.”

Andrew said for the RM80,000 price you were paying, the quality of the Exora Bold ride was worth RM150,000.

“The handling is right on par with the best European MPVs. The turbo, which was introduced a year ago, completes a fun-to-drive package. In a nutshell, for a RM80,000 car, it is punching way above its class,” he said. Dorairaj raved about his new Proton Exora Bold. And I was sold. I decided to take a bold decision and test-drive the MPV.

I felt that the RM80,000 Exora was bigger and faster than my RM65,000 Alza. On that day, I called my favourite car salesman and told him to arrange to trade in my Alza for an Exora Bold.

I’ve been driving the Exora Bold for a week. My weekend drive from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore was a cruise. The 1.6 turbo-charged MPV drove like a 2.0.

My two complaints are that the gear selector lever is loose and it can’t fly. My MPV is about to reach 1,000km and I hope when I send it for servicing, Proton will fix the loose gear selector lever.

If not …