Sunday, August 24, 2008

Terengganu - Kuala Kerteh's Awie Tiram Bakar

Well, last weekend as soon as I reached home in Kerteh after nearly two hours of driving from KT, hubby said "Why not Sambal Ketam (Chilli Crab) for dinner? Well, why not indeed.. yummy yummy...

You can enjoy Kerteh seafood at its abundance (and cheap as well) at Kuala Kerteh. To go there is easiest to just turn right, right before you reach Kerteh's bridge if you are from Kuantan to KT. Just drive in about 2 km in (can see the Kerteh river view alongside the road) and you will see signboar for Pantai Peranginan Kerteh (Kerteh Beach).. our fav stall is on the right handside, the left handside's restaurant is not too bad as well.

Our fav. seafood stall - Awie's Tiram bakar (Awie's Baked Oyster)... We usually came here once per month, to satisfy our penchants for CRABSSSSS.....

Hubby and his catch from the ice-box.

Before pics, we choosed the biggest crabs he he...

Yummy crabby... seems like they're beckoning us... come!! eat us!!! est us!!!!

Our meal of two plain rice, sambal ketam, iced teas costs us RM37.50. Money well spend I'd say.

For me, just the sambal and plain rice is sufficient. Ordering other items such as veggies and such will not do the crab justice, you should savour the crabs on its own.. mmmm... mmmmm.....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Terengganu - Kemaman's Keropok Lekor

Well, as I said, I love Kemaman's keropok lekor from the Losong ones so here is my favourite keropok lekor stall, it is on the left side, the first stall, not the ones selling otak2 (their's not so bad but I prefer the first stall better).. The stall is located about 3km after the last traffic light from Kemaman side i.e. entrance to INTAN Kemaman, before the gateway (pintu gerbang) of the Pahang state.

The front view of the stall. Apart from the keropok lekor, there are also dried produce from the seafood - mostly keropok keping (sliced fish crackers), dried squid etc...

Keropok lekor being cooked. You can eat it straightaway or fried it first, I like to eat it straightway - better fish taste.

Ladies kneading (getel) the keropok lekor dough.

After the kneading, plops.. the keropok lekor goes staright to the boling water.. mmm...

Kimi - Drawing Stick Man

Ha ha ha.. have to put a special note on what Kimi drew last weekend. He loves scribbling with my mom's wall being the most intended victim.

Here he is with a satisfied grin on his face.

The cute stick-girl? Maybe an alien? Actually the antena is my initial drawing of a face and the neck. However, Kimi started to finished off by drawing on the other i.e. top side, putting two small circles as eyes, with the dress, two arms and two feet.. cute! Hmmm.. a tribute for him in the cyberspace - bit modernised than sticking the drawing on the fridge door he he he...

Restaurant - Mat Binjai

Hmm.. I think I'll create a new session on the restaurant that I enjoy eating in. Well, starting off is Restaurant Mat Binjai - this restaurant serves Terengganu food in its entirety. There are several Mat Binjai Restaurant in Kuala Terengganu with the main one at Jalan Sultan Sulaiman.

More on Mat Binjai, click here!

Actually, I went there to entertain collegues from HQ that is auditing companies for a special grant. So that they can enjoy Terengganu from its food, Mat Binjai is an ideal location. We had turtle eggs, ayam kampung (village chicken? he he he fre-ranged chicken actualy).. fish eggs (roe).. ulam-ulam or Malay salad. Mat Binjai is actually a bit expensive, for 5 persons, we spend about RM65.00.

Turtle egg up close. This is the salted version and cooked. Turtle egg will still be runny eventhough it is cooked, and the usual mode of cooking is by boiling it.

Terengganu - Pantai Telekom Kerteh BBQ

I bet most of Terengganu people would scratch their heads when asked about Pantai Telekom in Kerteh, well.. not to worry folks, that's not the actual name, just to easily pin poin the location of the beach to those not knowing. Situated just after the Petronas Housing Complex (if you are from Kuala Terengganu heading to Kuantan) take a turn to the right after you see the tall Telekom tower. That's the surprised location hubby took me for his co BBQ dinner.

The flocking of Dialog's staff. Loads of food - sandwiches, fried behoon and of course - seafood BBQ... yummy!

Food demolished by the kiddies and womenfolks.. he he he.. top that with seasonale food - duku langsat yummy!

Hmm.. the amber looking develishly pink.. got squid, fishes, prawns, meat, chicken and sausages.. hmmm...

View of the staffs and family from the beach side, can't see much but we are thankful that there is no rain .. hmm.. a miracle cz Kerteh, which is just a few km away is drenched with heavy rain!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kedah - Langkawi's Haji Ismail Group (HIG)

Well, Langkawi is good for shopping esp for those Malay ladies lloking for kitchen utinsels etc esp. with the Hari Raya coming up fast so I am highlighteing Haji Ismail Group shop where we have a good time for last minute shopping (while waiting for our boat ride he he he)..

The are several HIG's outlets especially in Kuah town but for me, there is not much differents between stores so it is good for last minute shopping - there's kitchen thingy, chrystals, batik etc...

Nice chrystal floers, haven't got my own house just yet.. maybe next langkawi trip..

50 percent of our shopping stash, the other 50% is still with mum-in-law... still going ga ga on what to buy!

Having brekkie at the mamak shop just across the HIG.. not bad roti chanai, ha ha ha.. shopping overrides our desire for food!

Kedah - Langkawi's Dataran Lang (Eagle Square)

Aptly named Dataran Lang (Eagle Square), it showcased the namesake of the island i.e. Lang short for Helang or Eagle. Situated just next to the jetty, you can see the Eagle Statue as you came into Langkawi. Kawi on the other hand meand "reddish brown" so Langkawi means reddish brown eagle.. hmmm.. yes.. same like the statue!

View from the other side of the jetty, where we parked our rented ride.

Plague on the history of the statue.

The Dataran Lang was officiated by Tun Mahathir, the then Malaysia Prime Minister on 23 Oct 1996. I believe that Tun Mahathir is the one with the vision to highlight Langkawi's attraction to the world.

Eagle statues souveniors, hmmm.. nice...

Kedah - Langkawi's Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells)

After enjoying our ride at Gunung Machinchang's cable car, we went to Telaga Tujuh (Seven Well) waterfalls which is located just next to the cable car, in fact you can see the waterfall during the cable car ride.

The short road (very steep) which besides it the series of steps to the Telega Tujuh. Met an Arab tourist gesturing at mom in law and saying "She can't go up there" and doing gestures of steep hills with his arms he he he... The Telaga (Well) Tujuh (Seven) is a geological wonder whereas seven wells or rock pools were formed by the cascading freshwaters. The hie would take about half an hour (for faily athletic person). The legend is that seven fairies used to bathe and frolics with their individual private rock pools and therefore caused the water from the wells having healing properties.

Well.. taking the advise from our Arab friend (he he he.. and also excusing ourselves - we are not fit!!) we detour to the more accessible pool by the side - still huffing and puffing.

Going down. Can see mum-in-law at the front, she was keen!

Not bad for an alternative to the Telaga Tujuh.

Bro in law filling up a mineral bottle with the water as per mum-in-law request. Hmmm.. don't know why, must be for something? Healing properties??

Well, I am not really dissapointed when we didn't go up the real Telaga Tujuh because I went there in 2003 (during my fit days) with my mum and younger bro & sis. I was so impressed by my mum who insisted in climbing the long and narrow steps.. huffing and puffing all the way. I am not so impressed as the Telaga is shallow and doesn't really look spectacular. However, that is my view cz some says that even though the well did dry up during the hot seasons... it is nice in some other period... Well, maybe something have changed since then..

Kedah - Langkawi's Gunung Machinchang

Race to the bridge. We were so hungry after the cable ride (no breakfast at the apartment) so.. gone round the Machinchang ground for some breakkie.

Kimi's running away from the camera.

The pool with some fishes lazily swimming around.

Kongkang - don't know what is its English name - had a few some years back but my dad released them I think during my wedding day to get some room from their cage site. A slow mover, it is cute. However, it is a protected species and those keeping them unlawfully, maybe fined heavily for keeping them.

The Langkawi's namesake - Helang aka the Eagle. This birdie is quite tame, you can stroke him. The English lady took the opp. to pick him up (a special glove is needed).. from her gmimace, I bet the bird is quite heavy - she's slim anyway.. he he he..

Kimi and his kung fu Panda pose.

Kedah - Langkawi's Gunung Machinchang Cable Ride

Hubby and Kimi posed infront of Gunung Machinchang - can see the cables from here extending to the top of the mountain.

The ticketing boot. For Malaysian resident (have to show the Identity Card for that purpose).. the fee is about RM25 for adults and RM15 for kids 3 - 12 years old.

Open sasame.. he he he.. Kimi was jumping up and down - soo veru excited to enter the cable car cubicle. Mom in law passed the opp - she just stayed at the ground station as she feel phobia in climbing up such a tall mountain in such a tiny cubicle.

The joints between the cable, here the cubicle will shake a bit with some noisy sound - he he he... a traumatic experiance for some...

Kimi and hubby with the green.. green.. forest.

Final destination - there are two stops actually, we skipped the first stop - a few meters before the top one, there you can take a walk and see the beautiful green forest.

Kimi and hubby with clouds rolling by.. brrrr....

Hmm.. how far up we are...

Kimi and me. Guess Kimi's too tired of me snapping up his pis he he he...

Lovely view from the top.

Waiting for the ride down.. huby, kimi, little sis in law and youngest bro in law.

Going down....

Ground at last. The deer and rabbit enclosure to the left.

Souvenior shops right after the point of disembarkement. Can get t-shirts, caps, mugs, keychains and fridge magnet. For me, it is too expensive here. For shirts, can get them elsewhere cheaper.