Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Terengganu - Atiqah Songket

Hmm .. I haven't posted much.. mostly because my cable connecting my HP to the computer is damaged. Am going to get a bluetooth dongle.. maybe better so that I can transfer data more convenietly and less prone to damage.

Had to put a little note on what hubby gave me a few weeks ago. A batik clothing by Atiqah Songket which is one of the notable songket weaving and batik house known in the east coast. Hubby padi RM 250 ++ for it mainly to celebrate his two months bonuses.. he he.. thanks hubby! When can I get gold next?

Kurma or Dates given by TM Terengganu - had to post it here cz it came with very2 nice box. The box was at mum-in-law house now, well.. it is nice bit to small for me to put any storage in. But very nice gesture, thanks TM.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Terengganu - Felda Residence

I had the chance to go round the Felda Residence Hotel in Kuala Terangganu a week before Eid. Newly opened, I am impressed with the newness of it all. Just attaching a few photos as well as the contact details should anyone would like to try it out.

Jalan Hiliran
21400, Kuala Terengganu
T: 09 – 632 1111
F: 09 – 632 1122
W: www.plantationresorts.com.my

The hotel lobby. A bit deserted though with only the concierge stationed at the lift base.

View from the receptionist area at level two.

Reception lobby.

Seminar room at Level 19 - Andaman, can be converted into private dining hall. Two opposite views - The Terengganu River on one side and the City / Beach on the other side.

Side view. Can see the Crystal Mosque from afar.

Duluxe Room.

Living room for suites.

Bathroom features.

Breakkie room.