Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Exora Climbing Up Genting

Seems hubby still loves to test the Exora.. last Friday around 12 pm we went for a Genting trip.. thought to stay up there, but all the hotels were fully book, so went down to KL for dinner and sleep then at 9 o'clock Saturday started back to Kerteh, hehe what a crazy trip :)

 Hurmm... the fuel indicator is there cz I forgot to refuel at Temerloh R&R when the fuel indicator is stating we have only up to 58 km of fuel.. hubby is happy to give me hard time on it cz I blabber to him as he forgot to fuel up during our Johor trip earlier heheh.. Anyway, when indicator neared the 50 km marks, had to use the Trip button indicator as apparently Exora fuel indicator won't show the mileage below 50 km.. Had quite a tense time as hubby teased me from when the Exora fuel indicator number vanished til we stop at PETRONAS Karak to fuel up, I believe around that time, estimated fuel left would be around 7 - 8 km only heheh :P

Anyway, so we fuelled up to the max, around RM100 and mileage shown when full was 613 km, pheww...

Sorry for the blurry pics, with Hannah harness in from on me like a baby Kangaroo, cant really be a good photographer. Well, think Exora CFE performed beautifully climbing Genting.. of course its not as powerful as hubby's Kia Sorento but its not so bad. It can climb and even overtake others. I even saw an Exora CPS climbing up at ease.. so not so bad. So, this put out the myth that some forumers says that Exora puttered out when climbing Genting.

Yeay! Exora pass the test again. Thinking of climbing the Cameron and off to Penang next :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exora Fuel Consumption

Fuelling up at Petronas Bandar Baru yesterday.. Half a tank at RM50 gives est 320 km. Full tank would be around 640.

That would mean:-
A trip from Kerteh - Bt Payung (my weekend home) 100 km
B.Payung - KT 5 days a week.. 20@2@5: 200 km..
Bt Payung Kerteh again 100km
That'll be 400 km..

Balance 240.. A trip to KT and another around 3 days to work.. So for me, a full tank RM100 would mean 1.5 weeks usage. Not bad I'll say. For me, using gas guzzling old Sportage and a bit economical 1.8cc old Peugout, its not so bad.

Ooo.. And I am only using RON95.. Its cheaper and also unleaded, just what Exora need unleaded fuel. Don't think I want to spend Ron97 for the Exora.

Think hubby enjoy the driving experiance of Exora too. Been hinting about going to KL before fasting months start. I am not so keen, being an avid traveller myself due to work.. But, why not eh?! :)

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Exora Service @ 1400 km

Well, actually it shoulda be at 1000 km but apparently Kerteh - JB - Legolang - Seremban - KL - Kerteh is more than that haha..

Hubby did most of the drivings. People said to preserve the engine, the first 1000 km should be driven at 100km/h only. Well, I drill that to hubby but he only managed to disicpline himself the first 100 km.. Then usual 110 - 120 and then reaching 140 at @ PLUS.

Well, overall I am satisfied with the Exora, big space, ample rooms and lotsa nooks and crannies to store small items and drinks, really an advantage when you have kiddies with their small toys, snacks and drinks.

I drove Exora a bit on the way to Seremban. I must say, good power. You wouldn't realise that you could get up to 120 soo quickly, and a bit heavier on the pedal would get you up at 140 with no effort. However, when you slowed down and then need to push the pedal suddenly, I must say I did feel the engine strains a bit.

So, the first service cost RM140, it might cost more but hubby being a bit frugal decline the engine oil treatment stating it is still new, so we saved around RM50 there. The complaint about Proton Service Centre is unfortunately true. Tho the frontman at the SC we went to is cool and nice, the first registration as it was our first time servicing the Exora took 30 mins. Then, another 2.5 hours until we got our Exora back.

They did asked us if we had problems with our Exora, and acted surprised at taken aback when we said all are well. Make me curious that perhaps there are some unfortunates that had problem with their Exora. Alhamdulillah, thank god ours is tiptop.

We did thought that the reverse camera look a bit unaligned but apparently, all exora are like that.

What else.. Well the buttons on the steering wheel is just ok. For searching stations, changing mode, volume and bluetooth for the phones, nothing fancy.

When we got back the Exora, is was raining a bit, so yeah its true, Exora is a bit noisy when it rains, the roof sounded like tin roof. Ooo, also as the engine is turbo, there are a bit of woowoo sound when we shut the engine.. The fan is cooling down the engine. I read in the forum that this makes the Exora too noisy, but I had experiance hubby's diesel powered Sorento, trust me Sorento is noisier.

What else, hurmmm I also like Exora fuel economy. Our trip to Johor would be around RM250 or 2.5 tanks. Yeah diesel is cheaper but its still better than my new Peugeout. For RM80, I would usually get 2 trips KT Kerteh and to anf fro my office for five days so that would be 115@2+15*10 so 250 + 150 aka 400 km. Ops, actually for RM80 Exora stated it could go around 480.. Ah well.. Its a big car.

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