Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kuala Terengganu - Pasar Payang Shopping

Wow.. just came back from Pasar Payang just now.. yikes.. lotsa people maybe cz Xmas is just around the corner.. so people are applying leave for a long holiday up to the New Year..

Went there to buy batik for a friend.. thank god I got quite a good parking space.. but not much discount cz maybe its busy seasons... well.. enjoy.. maybe some of u might have some idea on what to shop next time in Kuala Terengganu.. :)

Hmm the traffic.. lots more traffic than the pic suggested..

Some of the souvenior.. a bit blurry.. wanted to buy the Upin Ipin pillow for the boys but forgotten hehehe.. well.. I'll go next time when there's no public holiday.. will have more discount then..

The baju requested.. ready made baju and kain.. got RM140 for the current duyung cut.. the pareo style (a bot older design).. can get up to RM120.. huhu.. maybe get better during slower time but as need it urgently.. ah well... bought two - pink and red coloured ones...

For myself.. the batik bed cover.. will try to auction it first via lelong.com.. if not I'll use it myself.. quite nice to sleep on actually.. the cloth is cool for balmy night and bring up childhood memories as well as my mum used them as well decades ago :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Culture - Cukur Jambul / Shearing Off Infant Plume

Hmm.. this entry is a bit late as this occur during the past Raya Haji.. Me and the family went back to our kampung (village) in Kuala Krai.. As my youngest son, Haikal has nearly approach two months old, we decided to also do his cukur jambul at the kampung with the special menu of my dad's young goat to be cooked as curry during the event...

Traditionally, this was done in order to shear off the impurities from the hair being in the mothers' womb as well as ensuring that the hair will grow better after the shearing. As time evolve, only the shearing of the baby's plum is done and afterwards weighted in gold or silver and distributed as alm to the poor (which we didn't practice) haha...

Before that, the child was also given a taste of the sweet (dates.. honey) , salty (salt) and of course the air zam zam.. afterwards .. there's the berzanji session to give thanks to the almighty as well as doa or prayers for the baby's future wellbeing...

Goodies prepared for the guests..

Before the shearing.. not enough hair as it is.. thank god that he slept throughtout the ceremony...

Beginning of the shearing and the tasting...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kuala Lumpur - Citrus Hotel

Had a fun time last weekend.. helped hubby to go shopping and spend his RM1K bonus for 10 years of services in his company hehehe.. as it was SALES season again.. bought loads of things.. new bag and shoes for me.. playthings for Kimi and the baby.., sushi for our dinner... yummy2 :)

Anyway.. had highlighted Citrus Hotel.. which is our preferred hotel if in KL.. as it is not so bad .. strategically located.. easily accessible as well as easy for me to phone in as I am a long time guest :) .. the old room is RM155 per night and the new refurbished room is around RM180 (no diacount for government servant this time as I went there during the public holiday aka the Maulidur Rasul) but as I booked two rooms, the management give a discount of RM 10 hehehe.. well.. better some than none at all.. enjoy :)

View from our rooms..

One of the room.. we had interconnecting rooms for ease.. this one is the pic before Kimi jumped on it apparently..

The toilet.. not perfect but ok lah...

Quite like the new design of the shampoo bottles..

Kimi and daddy indulged on a dip..

Our sushi dinner from Jusco One Utama hahaha.. but there's a nearby mamak restaurant just besides the hotel.. so more convinience for guests...

Breakfast before we're off to Nilai.. not many breakkie selection but still ok for staving off the hunger..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

EMBA - Seminar Raja Lelong

What I like most about EMBA this sem is that we have the opportunity to conduct a seminar. Well being a MATRADE officer, I have actually been tasked to dom lots of seminar before this.. so it's nothing new to me.. but organising it with friends makes it more enjoable... heaps more....

The preparation.

As it was part of our assesment for MIS ... 20% of final mark, our subject was on E-Commerce... just from the backyard i.e. Petronas... we had Mr. Eruwan Gerry Norsen.. the Lelong King of Malaysia... it was very impressive seing that somebody from engineering background is able to generate mountainous passive income via the internet... huhu I am jealous...

Full house!!!! Yeay :)

We had lots of question from the participants as making money from the internet will a;ways be an interesting subject. Hehe.. seems that I need to dig out books I've purchased (but yet to read) on the subject hehe... seeing even my Adsense account only generate mr $6.55 after a year and a hal of blogging hehe... :P

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terengganu - Hutan Lipur Cemerung

One of the best waterfall in Terengganu is the Cemerung Waterfall.. others would include the Sekayu waterfall.. or even in my backyard... Air Terjun Menderu...

In road.

Cemerung Waterfall is about 30 km of Bandar Dungun.. it is easily accessible using the Jerangau-Jabor road before driving a few km inroads.It is also quite near to Bumbung Raja, another tourist attraction.. no waterfalls there though but shallow river.. nice for swimming and also languishing around (a bit like my kampung or village near Kuala Berang but that's another post :)..

No need to worry about bringing in food, there's plenty of hawkers selling finger food such as nuggets.. fishballs.. crabstick and the compulsory keropok lekor for the holidaymakers. I believe most of the tourists are locals but as it is quite easily accessible, maybe outside visitors might like to take a dip there. It is quite nice as the local authority recently did upgrading of the facilities so the toilets... changing rooms.. madrasah are all quite new and most importantly CLEAN..

Hubby and Kimi on the way in.

A closer look at Chemerung attractions.

Going in.. only at the bottom of the attractions as my stomach as BIG then... hehe... still.. need to be moderately active should visitors would like to reach the top level..

The view from out spot among the refreshing river and cool stones... and a few fishes pecking our feet for leftover food...

Monday, November 16, 2009

EMBA - MIS 750 Management Information System

Hmm... This is the subject I only spend 2 weeks outta 4 weeks due to my maternity.. thank god that it's more towards a reading material as apart from the two mostly calculation subject before this. I quite like the IT subject actually... I might have gotten a IT/Finance degree during my study if it weren't hard to get MARA to change its loan during my study at UniTas...

Our lecturer this time is PM Dr. Mazidah Puteh.. a very nice lady that makes going to class a breeze hehehe.. and very supportive of me not going for the two weeks of the class hehehe.. thanks Dr.

Hmm.. my group and I are even thinking of getting her as advisor for our ABR next sem.. our final sem.. yahoooo... it seems like she's very interested in my presentation of individual term paper about SMEs and ICT Adoptation.. so.. we'll see..

OK.. the new things I've learn in this course is about Wireless Technology, Wikis, Google Free Sites.. doing database... actually MIS is a very interesting subject and fastly changing.. it seems like if we are quick to grab the opportunities it offered, we might be able to get $$$$ ... hehe.. a subject that I am very interested in :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Baby - Wan Haikal Wan Ahmid 6 Oct 2009

Baby Haikal as of today :)

I was quite surprised to see that my last entry was in August.. hehe.. sorry folk.. I was too busy being very pregnant just then... Now I have my new bundle of joy.. Wan Haikal who is today around 42 days old. Have heap of things to be posted but just haven't got the time as yet including:

- Hotel UiTM Dungun
- EMBA Sem 3: MIS 750 Management Information System
- Keropok Lekor 008
- Keropok Lekor Biru...

Can't wait :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Selangor - Equitorial Hotel Bangi

Actually, I went to Bangi Equitorial Hotel for my PTK3.. resit I might add cz I only got III for the exam module. I need to get the level IV for my anjakan gaji or wages shift so back I go for the retaking of the exam... and for meeting up friends and colleagues.. as well as free hotel food hahahaha.. well, we're the government servant is notorius for the 6 meals per day requirement :)

Hubby went along as I cant drive the long journey myself anymore.. to tired now that I'm 8 month preggies.. we drove from Kerteh around noon.. then stop over to Kuantan for hubby to do his banking stuff at HSBC.. then to KL for dinner... arriving at around 7pm for a bit of Japanese food at Yoshinoyo at KLCC's Foodcourt.. yumm...

An hour later we arrived at the hotel.. a bit late cz we left KL during peak hours and therefore stuck in jam.. hmm.. Kimi and his fav. thing to do i.e. jump on hotel beds..

Another fav. thing.. languishing in the bathtub :)

Father and son having nescafe and oreo over balmy night with the nice view of Bangi town.. very nice...

Breakkie for the guys.. had only 1 breakfast coupon so have to pay extra.. hubby at RM42.. and Kimi's at RM21.. hmm.. anyway, that far outweight the cost of the room which would be at least RM180 for the government servant..

Going round the courtyard...

Hmm.. the guys had to head back to Kerteh and I'm stuck with the course.. hahaha.. a backbencher now cz I just need to retake the exam part.. huhu.. really hope I got the level IV needed especially I was told that JPA only allows PTK 3 to try for PTK 4level only once.. cost cutting?? You betcha!

EMBA - QMT 760 Quantitative Analysis for Management

Hmmm I was trying to do bits of housekeeping of my official Lotus Notes but the thing just keep hanging.. so thinking of destressing the stress of deleting XXXXL sizes email hahaha.. had to cz my quota is nearly 99% full...

Hmm... want to jot a bit about my second class this sem.. i.e. Forecasting or the official name of Quantitative Analysis for Management.. hmm.. I dont't think I studied this during my degree year cz maybe I was doing majors in Accounting & Finance and this subject got slashed. But.. not withstanding the calculation, I quite like the subject.. granted I need to do study which would be mostly calculation exercise but I think I can overcome that... at least it wont be as bad as Economic Analysis.. that one is hazardous...

The gist of the subject is on how manager make business decision by weighting of payoff or outcomes.. usages of payoff table.. decision trees and calc such as Minimax, Maximin and EMV is done. The text book also comes with a CD for QM Excel which I think is really useful for managers making their decision...

Hmm.. the text book pages and exercise given in class.. the text book looks like ordinary calculation books :P

Our lecturer.. Prof Madya Dr. Khalipah.. very nice lecturer :).. very good with explaining concepts and making us understand the exercises given (loadsss of it)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pahang - Bukit Gambang Waterpark

About two weeks ago, I had an unexpected reprieve from EMBA due to UiTM having to shut down as it was declared positive cases of H1N1.. so, hubby, Kimi & me had a blast going to Kuantan town to try out the Bukit Gambang Waterpark..

We embarked on our journey a bit late cz hubby worked halfday on Friday.. then stop a bit for Friday prayer at Cherating, lunch at MIDO restaurant.. and we only arrived at BG around 4 pm... and the park closed at 5.45 pm... huhu.. so we better not waste more time...

First stop at MIDO.. was soo hungry I forgot to snap our lunch pic hehhehe.. had Ginger Chicken, Sizzling Beancurd and the usual veggies.. Kimi's of course Telur Mata (Fried Egg)...

Kimi posed infront of the Gambang development.. apart from the waterpark.. there's resort area (we tried to book one-room apartment as investment but was rejected.. huhu).. as well as residential areas, shops etc...

Dad and son going in.. the fees for us adults were RM20 and Kimi's RM12.. we also have to pay upfront RM50 for things that we might need to buy inside such as the baloon... safe box .. meals etc (but the balance is refundable)..

The attractions inside...

Maps for easy reference..

Kiddies will love this.. there's also swimming pool, float pool.. and of course the slides... I think there's one bigger (and taller) slides atill unoperation that's why they given the promotion rate at the moment..

Coco Beach & wave pool..

Safety box for the valuables.. nearby is the tube rental as well as changing room...

Happy faces after the refreshing dips...

Posing in front of the souvenior shop while waiting for hubby to get our refund...

Bye-bye.. we will come again.. Insyaallah..

Our compulsory stop.. Duyung Restaurant @ Cherating.. yummmm

Hmm yummy lime fish... asparagus sambal... butter crabs.. have to forgone my fav sizzling beancurds cz we had them at Mido's for lunch.. around RM70+ for the whole thingy.. yummm...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

OPM 770 - Operation Management Part II

Last week was my third week of OPM... a bit of concern cz UiTM DUngun was confirmed as a certified site of H1N1 virus.. and I have two strikes against me - a pregnant woman as well as obesity, I was really concerned cz one of the fatalities of H1N1 a few days before that was a 23 year old woman, just a week after given birth... Hmm now its already a day after my foray to the drop zone.. I have taken 2 panadol just for precautinary measure.. I hope I wont get either the usual flu or H1N1.. maybe I'm having phobia attack esp some of my classmate sneezed and coughed, 1 had just recovered from a usual flu... hehe.. well better be safe than sorry...

Anyway... a bit about the class.. our lecturer is Prof. Dr. Wan Mansor Wan Mahmood.. he's ok.. just a little narrative as per lecture notes but mostly he guided us via discussions on OPM... last weekend we did group presentation.. our was Dell Corporation so included in our presentation was how Dell's get to become one of the world leaders after HP... I'm not really satisfied with our group presentation seeing some others did bettter.. well .. hmm have to get good marks for the Article then as well as the exam... I'm postponing the exam a week later cz got PTK Exam at Equitorial Bangi..

Hahaha... will take loads of pics but I wonder when will I have the time to upload them all??? Hmm.. maybe during my maternity hehehe (this Oct/Nov).. too busylah nowadays.. sorry folks :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joke.. I will not lie..

Hehe.. I never posted a joke on my blog before but this is soo funny :)

I will not lie…..

A young woman on a flight from Ireland asked the priest beside her, 'Father, may I ask a favour?'

Of course my child. What may I do for you?'

Well, I bought an expensive woman's electronic hair dryer for my mother's birthday that is unopened and well over the Customs Limits, and I'm afraid they'll confiscate it. Is there any way you could carry it through Customs for me? Under your robes, perhaps?'

The priest answered: 'I would love to help you, dear, but I must warn you: I will not lie.'

With your honest face, Father, no one will question you'

When they got to Customs, she let the priest go ahead of her.

The official asked, 'Father, do you have anything to declare?'

'From the top of my head down to my waist, I have nothing to declare.'

The official thought this answer strange, so asked, 'And what do you have to declare from your waist to the floor?'

'I have a marvellous instrument designed to be used on women, but which is, todate, unused.'

Roaring with laughter, the official said, 'Go ahead, Father. Next!'

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EMBA 3rd Sem - OPM 770: Operation Management

This is our first topic for the 3rd sem of EMBA, I quite like the subject cz its more towards how different unit in an organisation used their resources to control, plan towards the production of good and services thus finally ensuring the survival of the organisation.

Seems like during master it is more towards theoretical while in degree level its more towards calc. I dont believe I studied this subject during my degree years as I was doing Accounting/Finance.. but I must say.. I like.. I like... maybe cz now I'm with MATRADE and we deal with international firms.. and thus the subject seems so familiar...

This is the textbook by Reid, looks cute aint it.. like a hardcover novel.. Fishes Lake hehehe...

Currently doing my indivisual assignment.. Sony Struggling as Walkman Hits 30th Anniversary... subject seems closed to me cz I am a Walkman Gen vs the current iPod Gen.. sighhh...

More S'poreans visit M'sia

July 14, 2009
More S'poreans visit M'sia
Open skies accord makes more places accessible cheaply
By Elizabeth Looi, Malaysia Correspondent

Singaporean Matthew Goh, 35, who travels to Malaysia at least two to three times a year for short weekend getaways, is among those looking forward to a greater choice of destinations. -- PHOTO: TOURISM MALAYSIA

KUALA LUMPUR - TOURIST arrivals from Singapore have risen sharply since the open skies agreement went into force on Jan 1, with new direct flights to various parts of Malaysia.

'I WILL definitely be going to the more 'out of the way' places since there are now flights to places like Terengganu and Kelantan.'
Mr Matthew Goh, who travels to Malaysia at least two to three times a year

There were about 4.9 million arrivals from the start of the year until the end of May, 1.3 million or 36 per cent more than the arrivals in the same period last year, Malaysia's Tourism Ministry said. Visitors arriving from Singapore account for almost half of total tourist arrivals.

'Singapore has always been our major market, and that is due to the easy accessibility of Malaysia,' Tourism Malaysia chairman Victor Wee told The Straits Times. 'But the recent competitive airfares, which are very hard to resist, are definitely one of the factors encouraging Singaporeans to visit Malaysia.'

Flights between Singapore and Malaysia were previously monopolised by Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines.

There are currently seven airlines with direct flights to seven cities, including Kuching and Kota Kinabalu in east Malaysia. Other cities served by flights from Singapore are Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, Langkawi and Kuala Terengganu.

Firefly, which added an Ipoh-Singapore route to its existing KL flight on Sunday, will also start servicing Alor Star in Kedah and Kota Baru in Kelantan from Oct 25. Budget airline AirAsia also said on Monday it would start two new routes, servicing Tawau in Sabah and Miri in Sarawak, starting on Sept 6.

Singaporean Matthew Goh, 35, who travels to Malaysia at least two to three times a year for short weekend getaways, is among those looking forward to a greater choice of destinations. 'I will definitely be going to the more 'out of the way' places since there are now flights to places like Terengganu and Kelantan,' he said.

But analyst Lee Heng Guie of CIMB, Malaysia's second largest financial services provider, believes there is a more complex range of factors behind the increase in visitor arrivals from Singapore than simply cheaper fares and greater choice.

'It could be the global downturn, so people tend to travel within the region instead of long haul,' he said. 'It could also have been triggered by Thailand's political instability when Bangkok closed its airport last year. Now, with the A(H1N1) flu, people likely prefer to travel to less-affected countries.'

State governments are also supporting the services, as more visitors means bigger revenues.

Read the full story in Tuesday's edition of The Straits Times.

Additional reporting by Lim Wei Chean

- NST Online

Perak: Sungkai Hot Spring Park

I think I'll put two entries for this hot spring - one the promo one and another of me, Kimi, my mum & sis going there for a detoxifying weekend plus spree for villange durians.. yummm... sad to say I can just dip my feet in as it seems that hot spring water in a no - no for pregnant ladies, diabetes patient or those having heart problem...

Ah well.. I quite enjoy my trip there and thinking of going again, with hubby and after maternity of course ;)

Operating hours: 8am - 10pm daily
Entrance Fee: RM9/adult and RM6/child


Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park
36000 Sungkai

For reservation of private pool or more information, call

Tel: +6 05 4414 493 or +6 03 2698 3833

Entrance Cafe

Main Hot Pool

Boiling egg. We did it. Seems like the boiled egg can be kept up to a week? Hmm Kimi and me demolished ours by that lunchtime haha...

One of the private jakuzzi for rent.


Hot Springs Swimming Pool
Therapeutic Pool
natural Hot Springs & Board Walk
Egg Boiling Activity
Water Reflexology Course
Food Court
Souvenir Shop
Traditional Massage
Family Bath
Contact Info:

Marketing Office:

36000 Sungkai, Perak, Malaysia
Tel: +605 441 4493
Fax: +605 438 8760

Plantation Resorts Sdn Bhd (514497-X)
2nd Floor, Balai Felda, Jalan Gurney 1,
54000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (6)03-2697 9772
Fax: (6)03-2693 5104
Front Office: 014 6368439
Email: resorts.prsb@felda.net.my

Rate valid till 31st Dec 2008
Standard Room with Breakfast: RM 138.00 nett
Family Room with Breakfast: RM 175.00 nett
VIP Room with Breakfast: RM 195.00 nett

All rates are nett quoted in RM and INCLUDED 5% government tax & 10% service charge.
Extra bed is chargeable at RM 49.00 nett per unit per night with Breakfast