Wednesday, September 21, 2011

London Day 1

Today as my second day at London.. Still using my Malaysia time as I had awaken since 3+ am.. (That would be around 10 am in Msia) and can't sleep at all after that..

London weather was nice yesterday.. Sunny and the temp was around 19 c.. So not so bad going around with the light business suit.. At night, it was different - cold (for a Msian newly at London I supposed)..

I'm here for work purpose actually - for Malaysia Kitchen Trafalgar London 2011 which would be on tomorrow, 23 Sept 2011.. So as part of the tour, we also do rounds visiting Malaysia restaurants.. As it was an official thing, we would be very privelidge as we would meet the owner themselves!

So, after flying in at Heathrow (LHR - haha Heathrow Airport abbreviation.. When I first saw it in the flight monitor, I mistakenly thought it as Lahore, Pakistan hahahaha)...

We arrived around 5.30 am after 12.30 hours flight (what a long flight).. And at the gate meet with our TC.. A very hardworking and friendly guy - really suitable for his current post..

A quick stop at Tistle Hyde Park where we will stay for the next 6 days.. At noon we went to our London office for a brief..

Then lunchtime at TukDin's.. Wow! Very nice Malaysia food - Gulai Daging Salai, Telur Sambal, Ikan Bakar and asam for dip (they put in Bunga Kantan or Laksa Flower there - and the taste is awesome).. Have to say that they had adapted the recipe a bit to suit the blander Londoner taste, but very tasty! I enjoy their food and I was told that the Sultan of Brunei and some Malaysia royalty also enjoy their food.. No wonder! I totally agree with them.

Then for dinner, we went to Melati downtown. Well, I must say I kept my eyes open as they are some light red ligjt district there.. Haha wonder if I can go in one during my time here. We met their young lawyer owners whom are really friendly and full of insights on way to make Malaysia Kitchen better.. We enjoyed their Assam Pedas Ikan, Shrimp sambal with Petai, Daging dendeng, Tom Yam soup and finished with Bubur Pulut Hitam. Thruthfully, their food is nice but nearing 9 pm or around 4 Malaysian time, we were falling asleep on our delicious food :P

I observed that their restaurant enjoy quite a good patronage perhap because of their strategic location. It was gratifying to see the faces of Londoners enjoying their Malaysian food.. I was feeling pride when told that Malaysian food is currently the rage as celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and some others have endorsed Malaysian food.. Even the best soap drama here Coronation Street mention in some of their dialog that they are off to enjoy some Malaysian dinner and wanting to go holiday in Malaysia! Wow!

Well, if you happen to be in London now, be it Malaysian or London.. Come visit us at Malaysia Kitchen Trafalgar tomorrow.. There would be special presentation from my state, Terengganu - Nasi Dagang (glutinious rice with fish curry and veggie acar salad), keropok lekor (fish sausage) that is a must snack for Malaysia and Terengganu traditional dance performace and wayang kulit (shadow puppet to boot!)..

I'll be around as well eating my way tru Malaysian delight.. Satay, Teh Tarik, mee mamak, assam laksa, well, the list is endless.. I will never go hungry for Malaysia food during my time here :)

More info, please visit Malaysia Kitchen London website.. They are also on Facebook! See you there!!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At KLIA.. Off to London at 2345 :)

Well, had arrived in KLIA since 515.. And been hanging around since then.. What to do la.. Have to wait for the HQ delegates to come as well as definitely loads of things to bring over to London.. They are expected to be here around 930 so till then I supposed I have to hang around till then...

Hurmm.. Well, I have deleted all extra pics and smses on my phones.. That took me around 1 hour.. Was searching for UK currency but they just ran out.. What to do lah... Have to wait around 8 for a new batch of currency to come in..

Anyway.. All things are tiptop.. I just haven't gotten thru making my office line to roam.. Hope they can do it even after I'm off overseas..

Also my friend from Italy asked me to come visit her.. I dunno.. Do I want to.. Well, I am keeping my option open at the moment.. But I think I am more keen to come back to KT than visiting Milan hahaha but you never know right :P

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Terengganu Airport..

Well, I am on my first leg of my journey to Trafalgar.. Where else? Terengganu Airport definitely. My flight is at 415 so I got at least 20 mins to kill time at the airport...

Brought myself a handluggage containing souveniors for the London staffs.. Mini Songket Teddy keychain.. Definitely a novelty item as I can't see them anywhere as yet..

Got also as my onboard item.. My big bag and a box of Kak Yah's keropok keping.. She is silent on the value.. Making me wonder if she's giving them free??

Hurmm.. So arriving in KL at 5.. And my next flight is around midnight.. 6 hours to kill.. Can't check in early as I need to help carry stuffs from HQ.. Ooohhh.. My two baggage is only 18.8 kg so got around 11kg to spare..

What else.. At KLIA I need to do a few thing..
1) Get a book or magazine to read
2) Get a charger for my BB.. Don't think I'll activate roaming..
3) Change my outgoing flight ticket to a later one..

Hurrmmm.. Well definitely feeling surreal.. Can't believe I'm going to UK as yet heheheheh :)

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cheap Winter Clothing from China :)

Well, tomorrow is my trip to UK and thank god, my two articles of winter clothing has arrived...

You know Malaysian and our hot weather - we are terrified of cold weather such as in UK though I heard that it is currently spring - so not so cold haha.. Well, think better be prepared right?! :)

So, I just do my shopping online for hard to find stuffs.. Here I got my long johns from - complete with post @ RM41.. Then googling I found one blog shop perfect winter and this nice winter jacket at RM185.. Ok la.. Cz I know if I go to flagship store, it would usually be RM500 above.. Hehe..

Anyway, while I was window shopping at Pasaraya Ku ( a chain of cheap clothing from China prevalent in Malaysia ) .. I chance upon another winter jacket - this time water repellant.. What's the price??? RM41.90... Wow! Too bad I have paid the online one, still bought it as it is cheap! Besides, still can give it to hubby when we're off on holiday to a cold climate country (hopefully soon)!

Haha.. What I can say, that all of these are China made. Well, as consumers, bet we all wanted cheap prices, besides for just a week trip, spending RM 268 is better option than thousands. Besides, I can use the excess budget for SHOPPING there! Maybe some good leather goods with branding! Oh, an an electric car for the boys - just saw a few at Kota Bharu.. RM350 only! Wow!
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Going to Trafalgar?

Hehe I might be going to London next week.. I said might cz I haven't received anything concrete yet except for an approval memo..

Well.. I must say that I am really excited on this haha.. Well, not everyday I've been given chances to go overseas.. I supposed I'm not furtunate in that regards..

If I'm able to go.. I suppose I only have Japan as my must have destination left.. For other country, I am not so excited.. I supposed having the cheap Air Asia fare is a factor..

Anyway.. Currently I am also shopping for my winter thing.. A jacket and long john. That's it. I supposed for the others, I can buy them in London if needed. Maybe I just need to stock up on socks..

Hmmm.. Well, before that I'll be very busy doing my job.. Thinking of having a holiday after that!
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sardines in Tomato Sauce - My Favourite Meal :)

I love sardines since I was a child. It is one dish I always cook when I'm here during weekdays at Bukit Payung. I prefer to eat it with bread as opposed to rice. I think they go together better.

Hmmm.. Cooking sardines is easy and quick. Need to prepare the ingredient first so that you can toss them together quickly. I am a bit of a lazy cook so for a big 425 gram can of sardines in tomato sauce.. I use 3 cloves of garlic (I love garlic).. 1 small onions for the initial aroma and 1 extra large big onions to add at the end (I love onions too).. Oh.. And around 2-3 asam keping to add sourness and some cili api (bird chilli) for the extra heat - haha I just pick them from my garden.

First just saute the garlic and small onion until it brown.. Put in the asam keping.. Stir them around a bit.. Put in the sardines.. Some extra water.. Wait a minute till it boiled.. Add on the chilli and lastly the big onion. I love my onions a bit crunchy so I just shut off the fire at this point.

Yumm yummm.. Have to say.. That the smell make me salivate.. And I am fasting today for the special fast of Syawal - hahaha just to extend my diet actually :P

Hmm.. Hubby don't like sardines, the same goes to Kimi, my eldest who only love egg, egg and more eggs.

But I think Haikal is following my footstep.. Had observed him dipping bread in my sardins with much concentration and delight :D

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hungry Ghost month ‘wrong time to meet departed loved ones’

Oooo.. additional news that I found when googling :)

Hungry Ghost month ‘wrong time to meet departed loved ones’


PARTICIPANTS of a netherworld tour were not able to meet their dead relatives there because it was then the Hungry Ghost month, when the spirits had wandered off to our world instead.

Tze Bei Guan Yin Centre leader Master Kek Eng Seng, who led a tour of 54 people to visit the netherworld in conjunction with the Phor Thor (Hungry Ghost Festival) at Padang Brown in Penang, said only one participant managed to catch a glimpse of a departed loved one.

“She later told me she saw her mother in front of her but couldn’t speak to her. Her mother then went to her side,” he said.

Experienced spiritual guide: Master Kek who recently led 54 people to tour the netherworld “After the event, I asked Dou Mu Niang Niang (the mother of the nine deities) who explained to me that it was the wrong time for meeting with departed relatives as it was their ‘holiday’.”

Master Kek said sceptics who harboured suspicions about the tour to the netherworld were not able to enter it, as they were doubtful of the possibility and could not relax their mind.

“Sometimes it is also because of the person’s karma, which determines the ‘places’ he or she will go.

“About 20 people out of the group managed to enter the netherworld and see something,” he said when met at his centre in Church Street here on Thursday.

Touted to be the first outdoor netherworld tour held in the nation, the event on Aug 27 attracted over 200 registrants but only 55 were selected to participate. However, a middle-aged woman left before the tour took place.

Master Kek said the woman had the “third eye”, which could see spirits even without going to the netherworld:

“Before we started, she saw spirits wandering around and was afraid.”

After the tour, some claimed they saw lights, monks, spirits, and even a street of shopping malls and a waterfall.

A participant known only as Sun, 27, claimed she saw a monk gesturing to her to follow him. Master Kek explained that the monk was actually Guan Yin or the Goddess of Mercy.

“She must has a good heart for the monk to show her the way. If she had followed him, she would have been taken to a temple where she would see many monks chanting there,” he said.

As for 65-year-old Wong Mun Cheong’s sighting of a ghost, Master Kek said it was the Tai Su Yah (King of Hades).

Entering another realm: Master Kek hitting the gong and cymbal during the 'tour' to lead the way “He said the ‘ghost’ later ‘exploded’ into thousands of people. Those were Tai Su Yah’s guards. They all then converged and took the form of Buddha, which is actually Guan Yin as depicted on the head of Tai Su Yah,” he said.

He added that in the netherworld, one loses sense of time.

“One year down there equals to about 10 human years.

“An experienced guide is needed to lead the tour because if it is not conducted properly, the soul would not come back.

“That will cause the person to become loon, or some other spirits might take control of the person,” he explained.

He also said that the bright lights reported by photographer Chiang Kee Chuan, 30, were a sign from Guan Yin.

“Guan Yin gave him a notion to become a vegetarian but it is up to him,” he said.

Master Kek said that during the tour, Datuk Gong came to help guide the participants to the netherworld.

“Many participants heard the coughing of an old man though no one was coughing nearby. It was in fact Datuk Gong,” he said.

He said that a man who took off the blindfold halfway through the journey later told him that he felt like he was suffocating and being pulled downwards.

As for Janice Phuah, 36, who saw shopping malls, a sports car and a waterfall, Master Kek said the place was ‘Liu Jiao Jie’ or Six Corner Street.

Master Kek, who studied Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, fortune-telling and feng shui and has 28 years of experience in dealing with spiritual matters, said he had visited many places in the netherworld.

“I have seen a bloody lake where aborted babies float and have gone through a hanging bridge where people who have done bad deeds fall off into a snare of a tiger and a snake,” he said.

“Those who are doubtful of the netherworld or the tour will know one day when they leave the world,” he said.

Participants of the tour were led through a series of ceremonies, which included walking through hell’s gates and burning of hell bank notes.

The ‘tourists’ were then blindfolded with black and yellow cloth folded with amulets, said to be the ‘tickets’ to the netherworld. They also had ‘passports’, written with their names, strapped around their necks.

The actual tour lasted for about an hour. When it ended past midnight, the participants went through another cleansing ceremony by Master Kek before they went home.

Updates on the Penang Hell Tour:- 54 people go on ‘hell’ tour

Hmm.. I hope more of the participants share their experiance to the afterworld.


GEORGE TOWN: In a scene akin to an occult movie, 54 people sat in darkness except for light from candles and burning prayer papers.

All dressed in white, they sat still and did not make any move.

Their eyes were covered with a piece of black or yellow cloth, with an amulet inserted, as they sat under a large tent.

All the while, a crowd of more than 100 people stood watching in silence, curious as incense smoke filled the air.

All set: Master Kek (standing) giving his final instructions before leading the participants on their journey to ‘hell’.

The silence was only broken by a Buddhist master's constant chanting of sutras as well as sounds from drums and cymbals.

The group of people sitting, which included journalists, were participants of the first-ever outdoor netherworld or hell “tour” in Malaysia held at Padang Brown in conjunction with the ongoing Phor Thor (Hungry Ghost Festival) last night.

The “tour leader” was Tze Bei Guan Yin Centre leader Master Kek Eng Seng, who has 28 years of experience in dealing with spiritual matters and has studied Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, fortune-telling and feng shui.

Previously, he only conducted such “trips” within the confines of a temple.

The “tour” is for believers of the spiritual world to interact with their loved ones and friends who have passed on.

“It is also aimed at learning and understanding one's purpose in life based on what has been encountered down there,” said the 52-year-old Master Kek.

The “tour” began at 8.30pm when the particpants were briefed on the dos and don'ts as well as the night's proceeding. The ceremony then started with them passing through “hell's gate” before proceeding to burn a huge pile of hell bank notes.

They then went on a brief procession along the road, which ended at another side of the field where the tent was set up.

Sales manager Janice Phuah, 36, from Kuala Lumpur said she “saw” a sports car and a neat street with shopping malls.

“I also saw a large waterfall with a beautiful scenery but the strange thing was that there was no one around,” she said after the tour.

The tour was jointly organised by the Penang Teong Guan Association and the state government.

A ceremony to send off Tai Su Yeah (King of Hades) will also be held from 7pm at the same place today.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kids & Clutters..

My second boy Haikal is a clutter magnet.. Everytime I put his toys away neatly, he would almost all the time declutter them straight away.. And me putting them besides our tv is making the clutter an eyesore..

So simple solution suggested by the practical mr. Hubby, put the toys and kids thingy behind us, nearby the dining area.. Yep, that solve the problem neatly, let the kids declutter things at their own space and I will not be bothered so much as it is not is our line of vision aka the television and such.

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