Sunday, October 30, 2011

Johan Perusahaan Batu Permata - Precious Stone Dealer

Last week, just a day before Deepavali I was on the road again. This time to visit five more factory but I am only going to highlight two. Why? Well, I feel sorry for some of these entreprenuers as usually the older generation here, they know their business but not many are IT savvy. So, I would prefer to highlight them in my blog entry so they get the attention they deserved. I have visited these places, and believe me, I won't promote them if I do not believe they deserve it.

Anyway, Mr. Johon is my first highlight cz I believe he is among the few akek stone seller (penjual batu akek) that had graduated into his own akek jewellery store. Here, you can find him operating in one of the units of his local shoplot building in Kampun Bintang, about 10 km away from Setiu town (from Kuala Terengganu direction).

He is a knowledgable fellow, quite young looking considering his age. I thought the small child there with him is his son, but he surprised us stating that the boy is one of his grandchildren. Hehehehe.. supposed dealing with stone with supposedly "supernatural power" give him that young elixer hahaha..

His tool is pretty basic, just using some small machines and manual direction.. therefore you can say it is handmade haha.. Dunno why, during my dealings with overseas buyers, they value anything labelled "handmade" but not here in our own beloved Malaysia. Anyway, please enjoy some of the pics I snapped during my visit.

The man himself, Mr. Johan with the previous lady regent of Kelantan, Tg. Anis. He was always welcomed to display his precious stones and diamond during her reign.

Some of the old tools found at the caves where they usually search for the precious stones, these was found during excavation in the hills of Besut and Setiu. Sometimes, the Terengganu museum also asked to display his collections.

My loot of the day. It is cheappppp!! The purple one is said to have healing property.. amethyst as well as the delima aka red ruby. I had one of these when I was a child, hoping to give it to one of mine, one day.

Some of his collection of precious stone. Those he said with power is the black ones and the speckled ones. Not cute in my opinion but I believe my dad would love this.

Well, if you are interested to get your hand on these authentic chrystal, just call him. Details as follows:-

En. Johan bin Mustaffa
Jalan Pusara, Kampung Bintang
22030, Setiu, Terengganu
HP: 012 - 988 9539 / 013 - 975 9381.

Apart from local permata, he also sell precious stones from nearby countries such as Vietnam and Mynmar. Also availables are keris, antique blades and tools and well as crystal bonsai.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lazy Housewife Tips #3 and 4

I am happy this Deepavali cz it fell on a Wednesday. Take leave for Thursday and then, the weekends are here. Four days to undo the damages done haha..

We moved in a few months ago and I have to say that 50% still not done in term of things to be put in their places.

So, tip no. 3 is focused on segments of your house, perhaps room by room basis. Previously, I did Kimi's. Thought to do Haikal's. It had been a sort of store for unfolded and unsorted clothes at the moment. I hope to do it today and get it spick and span before I can focused on the living room.

Tip no. 4 related to kiddies especially for smaller demanding ones like my Haikal. He always demanded for me to be near him. Prayertime also an uncomfy affair as he would stand in front of me, won't budge and sometimes even try to pull my tudung or shawl off. Cute but exesperating is when he wriggle on his little butt sitting on my lap whenever I was on tahayyat akhir position heheh..

So, simple solution is just put a box of toys in each room. Just a small selection will do cz you flit from room to room, he will have new toys to play in each room. And hope, during this lull period you will get the work done :D

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lazy Housewife Tips #2 I'm Not a Superwoman

I have always love this song since I was a child. The tittle is apt though the lyrics not so.. But the melody and vocal is still wonderful.

Anyway, I am a weekend mum. Nowadays my workload is too tight forcing me to travel most of the weeks. I only able to meet my boys during weekends.

And being greeted with mayhem at home - you know how guys are.. Unwashed dishes, toys abound, bathrooms ransacked.. Sometimes my temper flared..

However, I think the guys do not really notice. Only I do, I supposed.

So, I decided I will not pressure myself, I will do things 1 thing only at a time. No need to rush and no need to become perfect. Need to remind myself that I am not a superwoman.. Enjoying my time with my family is heaps better than enjoying the spick and span home that is little joy. :)

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sudara Beach Resort Tok Bali

For work, I had to stay to Sudara Beach Resort in Tok Bali, about 45 minutes from Kota Bharu, the main town of Kelantan yesterday. It was a work visit, and I was a bit grumpy as I was only able to be there starting from 11pm. Haha... well, I have to put the blame on hubby's shoulder as he was the one who wanted to go to KL first for Homedec 2011 in KLCC, but we are not able to buy the hood we wanted, cz apparently the brand we wanted only take orders first but only able to deliver the good after a week.

And then a very long drive over winding country roads from Kuala Lumpur via Bentong / Kuala Lipis / Gua Musang before we are able to reach Kota Bharu. We started off at around 12 pm.. and only able to reack KB around 8.. wow! Thurthfully I never use this road before but have to say now, I have the deepest respect to my Kelantanese friends working in KL and driving back to their village especially during Hari Raya to Kelantan, no wonder during Eid, when I saw their status, sometimes up to 16 hours will be spend on the road due to the numbers of vehicle, bad roads (during my unbusy trip, even us cannot overtake other vehicles as it was too dangerous)..

Anyway.. have to say, Sudara is a bit neglected in my opinion. Perhaps the 10 years of its first opened, and the nearby sea make it rusted more quickly. The room rate is reasonable in my opinion, around RM170 for seaview to RM125 for garden view.

Having said that, I would say it still have potential. It has this wonderful sea nearby its chalets with wonderful view of nearby Susu Dara Island.. I was informed that this is how Sudara derived its name from. The beach is nice and clean with remnents of long seashell abound, I think that because it is a private beach, that's why there's soo many of this shells around. There are also a pool area which my sons truly enjoyed.. and which I am soooo very jealous of them as I had to work early that morning! Grrrrrrr...

Anyway, we were given glimpses of what Sudara aim to improved in the next few years. For instant, they are aiming to build a mini water theme park there which is expected to complete sometime next year 2012. If it is done, Kelantan would be able to welcome its first theme park! It would also build new hotel rooms to cater for the growing demand.. apparently Sudara enjoys 100% occupancy rate during weekends! No wonder.

We were also given explainantion on mud balls. During the first night I arrived, I had to admit that the stench of swampy area besides the resort had put me off. Afterwards, I was informed that it was before a beautiful river but due to drainage projects was cut off by an irrigation canal making the water stagnant and smelly. During the ceremony, mudballs was thrown in signifying Sudara's commitment to turn around the swampy river into healthy beautiful stream.

I think if all these plans are done, Sudara would be among the top three best hotels in Kelantan after Renaissance Kota Bharu and Grand Riverview Kota Bharu, and definitely the first for Beach Resort in Kelantan. So.. if you want to go the Kelantan to enjoy both the shopping and the beach, why not try Sudara Beach for your next visit.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inside an Express Bus Again!

Today is a full day of travelling for me. In Kota Bharu (KB) earlier today for a meeting and a factory visit. Then back to my office base Kuala Terengganu, a longer time we took this afternoon, don't know why.. Too many cars and lorries as well as snail pace old cars along the way.

We reached KT around 620.. Most of the busses for that time is already full so I had to take up Nini Express, they said it's a special day as it would depart at 730 rather than the usual 830.. The ticket to KB to Kemaman would cost RM15 and about 2 - 2.5 hours. My hometown is Kerteh around 30 km less than the final destination.

I seldom ride a bus nowadays.. Well, when you have your own care.. You definitely will prefer your own ride where you can pace your own time and control your ride. The reason I'm on the bus right now is I will do a round trip starting tomorrow from Kerteh to KL for Homedec 2011 at KLCC.. Hubby wants to search for home appliances aka the hob for the stove and perhaps just go round window shopping knick knacks.

Anyway, so from KL we will drive down to KB again as I will have a Pecah Tanah or Breaking Ground ceremony at Sudara Beach Resort Tok Bali - googling their sites seems like theirs' is a very nice resort. Thought of enjoying the afternoon there first before doing the job hahahaha :)

Then back to KT.. When I will rest for a day before going for another full day of factory visits in Besut which is halfway between KT and KB hahaha..

As then it would be Depavalii.. Then the next morning after the factory visits (which I suspect will finished at around 9pm).. Back to Kerteh for a well deserved rest.. Yesssss!!!

After that I would face another busy week which I won't bother you with. Thank god I love my job but had to admit, I really missed my unbusy days sitting at my desk office. I hope December would be a more relaxing month. Aminnn...

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lazy Housewifes' Tips #1: Clothes Hanges System

Just saw a friend's FB status a few seconds ago.. Stating a dilemma when child's want disrupt her cloth folding chores.

I have to say I don't like folding cloths.. First because it's time consuming.. Something when you fold, it might end up not looking nice, clothes also got lost and mixed up during folding.. As well as sometimes when somebody took something from the fold, things would fall down.

So, I had over the years devise this simple system - hangers! It is quite simple really.. From the washing machine, just put clothes on hanger.. For kids or small size adults, buy hangers with waist so that you can hang both the shirts as well as pants/skirts on the waist. Then just dry the clothes out and after that just hang them. Easy peasy.

Have to say you need to buy lots of hangers but for me it a one time investment. You can also take stocks of your clothes quicky as well as to avod shopping for unnecessary addition of clothes when you see that your clothes filled all the rack space. For me, it is also good cz you could take note of cloths rotation and selection.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halal Handmade Quality Leather Products from Malaysia

Another company that I also had the fortune to visit is Terengganu's own Cosmopal or better known as Trg Leather Sdn. Bhd.

Made from locally reared Jamnapuri or Boer goats .. These goats are wholly used, nothing will be waste. The poop is recycled as organic fertilizer.. The meat is also sold. The excess milk from Mommy Goat got very high demand and now, the leather had been used as leather goods.

I quite like their leather jackets. Really it is very nice. It offers full range of handmade leather products such as bags (ladies.. Guys.. Briefcase.. Handbags..), belts, caps etc. Based on their sojourn to overseas trade fairs, their products enjoy quick demand from overseas people saying it is competitively price.

Another quirk that I observed, Malaysian people values uniformity.. Preferring machine made with their straight lines of stitching but apparently overseas buyers prefer items to be handmade and it is worth multiple time than machine made.

They also fulfilling their CSR obligation by providing employment of poor people, single mothers or people with disability challenges.

So.. If you like to learn more, please visit them at their local website: or UK sales website: For orders, perhaps can contact them at or Their are also around Malaysia with MAHA as their best platform for local market.

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Riverview KB againnnn...

Well, as usual every month would be incomplete without going to KB for assignment.. This time we will be doing a seminar on 12 Steps to Exporting..

As usual my hotel of choice is Riverview KB, I would say that it is the 2nd best hotel in Kelantan. It is an older hotel and reign as the best before Renaissance comes to town. Well, the rates not so bad, for government servant single would be around RM176 and double RM196.

There are sections of the room being newly furbished while some had the older design. Though a bit "mature", it doesn't smell musty which is a plus point. Located besides the Kelantan river, it used to be the fashionable part of Kelantan town but with the building of new attractions such as KB Mall, Tesco and Wakaf Che Yeh, it had been quieter. As most part of KB old town, some of the empty spaces had been converted towards being swiftlets bird house which had silently given their owners silent money (hahaha meaning silent from being tax-free :))..

Nearby Riverview, there are two places for a nice eating experiance. The first one is the Wau Restaurant... A nicely decorated place (better than secret recipe decor) serving Thai Food, a bit of Kelantanese and Western. To the right side of the hotel is the super famous soup and grilled meat (daging bakar) whom even a Terengganu entreprenuer would come and sample their dishes every month! For a simpler meal, directly opposite the hotel is a KFC outlet! :)

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Malaysia's Java Tea @ Misai Kucing

In my course of work, I have the privilege of meeting with nice entreprenuers.. Most of them are micro entreprenuers with limited resources.. Their products are good but they are having a little bit of difficulty in promoting their products..

They are also generous.. For example, during my last work duty at Karnival Halal Jeli.. I was pressured by one of the district health official (that's the problem of being chummy with people hahaha.. U got the perks as well as not so good thingy hehehehe).. I was a bit apprehensive you know.. Deep down I know I am obese now.. Too many good food I'll say..

Anyway.. My test results showed that yeah.. I am obese.. Yadda yadda.. Buttt.. I am surprised that I have sympton of onset diabetes.. Yikessss!!!

Anyway.. After that when going round the booth, I met up with En. Kamaruddin, the KBY Agrotech owner. Wailing my frustration to him (we are quite chummy you see).. He scolded me saying that I should try his product.. The Herbal Java tea or better known as Misai Kucing or Cat's Whisker..

So, I got this box or 30 sachet free.. Usually it would cost RM20.. Googling online even highlight by FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) stated that it has been traditionally used to treat diabetes and gall stone.

Anyway.. Googling again.. Most would advise to just plant the Misai Kucing plant and use the leafs as ulam or salad.. Another suggestion is to boil the misai kucing plant (from about a hand height from ground area to top) until it releases yellowish colour such as tea.. Ensure that the water is boil fully.. It can be drank hot or cool.

Anyway.. For those who are press for time, perhaps would only prefer to buy the prepackaged Java tea such as myself. For more info, perhaps can email Pok Din at (Bahasa Malaysia only please).

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Time Flies..

Am currently watching Doreamon at the moment.. Watching the face of my youngest enjoying his favourite show..

Wondering what kind of person he's gonna be when he grows up..
At 25, I'll be around 59.. Just retired..
My mum's 61 now.. Then she'll be 86..

Will she be still here? Will I be alive?

That why they say that yesterday's the past.. Tomorrow's the future.. Now is the present.. A gift for us to savour..

How good or how bad a time is.. I wish it would last forever..

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Roti Canai - Malaysia's Best Breakfast

I usually take simple breakfast on workdays.. A 3 in one beverage sachet such as Milo and Nescafe.. And two piece of Jacob's biscuit.. That's all I need to power tru lunch.

Just on weekdays I am able to enjoy the truly Malaysian breakfast.. A roti canai or better know as paratha worldwide and a glass of teh tarik..

What's special about Roti Canai? Well, it is probably the best 1Malaysia meal meaning it is enjoyed by every race in Malaysia.. Malays.. Chinese.. Indians.. Indeginious.. It is best to consumed slowly while catching on gossips with friends or watching the latest Liverpool vs Man U football match or even the local Terengganu vs Kelantan match hahaha..

The round shape roti or bread is made up of flour.. Keep aside to raise for a while before shaped into a ball.. When an order came, the ball will be kneaded into a rounded shape, twirled a few time (the most advance will be twirled on air and caught again).. The proses will be done a few times.. Before the roti is fold to form a rectangular shape for a plain roti canai.. If you desire the roti canai telur (egg), pisang (banana), sardin (sardines).. The said additional item will be put in the centre of the roti before being fold..

After that, the roti will be fried on a flat iron skillet to fry with little bit of oil for a bout 5 mins.. Before it is ready to serve piping hot with a small plate of curry or dhall for me and you to enjoy.. Yummyyyyy!!!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boat Ride @ Kuala Terengganu

One of the thing I like about my job is the perks.. I deal with companies, and usually free samples are abundant. However, chances of riding something somebody did is rare indeed.

So, today I have the prevlidge of riding a boat built by MSET Shipbuilding of Terengganu. Wahhh.. I like!

We are able to ride a boat used by the Malaysian maritime test-using new Yamaha machine. Wow! At first the boat started slow, and then it speed up to 48 knots which was pretty fast. My colleague had to hang fast to her tudung or head covering, afraid that it would fly away. I myself only managed to snap a few pics, as instinctively I know that the gust of wind by the speed would tore my BB away from my grip. I had a funny moment thinking that the wind whipping our faces makes our faces all funny with the excess flesh whipping around with the wind.. Haha..

The boat is durable as well as very stable, I was anticipating that the ride would be rough especially after going upriver, we also had a round into the open sea. It was still a choppy ride but not much. As it is a speed boat, the ride finished fast, I think I might go for a slow boat ride someday.. Heard somebody told me that it is around RM10 only return trip from Kuala Terengganu town near Pasar Payang market to Taman Temadun Islam. Hmm..

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time for a Break :)

Hiya there! It is Sunday and while everybody's having a rest on weekend, we're on the East Coast is on our first day of the week.. Not that I am complaining you all, kinda like it cz Sunday is a relaxing work day for us.. Hahahaha :P

So, enjoying my cuppa of instant Nescafe there at my desk.. Mind you I'm not a Unisza staff, got that very nice mug earlier this year when I gave a small briefing to a group of students there...

Also shown there is one of the last shortbread cookies I've cilok or taken from my Tistle Hyde Park London.. Nice cookie for an afternoon cuppa..

Tea anyone :)
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Porcupine @ My Mum's House

Think this year I'm a bit fortunate, first I saw the elusive tapirs then during the weekend at mom's, I saw a landak or porcupine.

Must admit, this is the second time I saw live porcupine. Last time I saw them was at my friend's house when I was around 12. Her dad's kept a group of them at their backyard as lifestock.

The same thing happen when I posted the porcupine pics on my FB.. Lotsa my friends commented on the deliciousness of porcupines be it rendang style or plain fried.

Thruth be told, my family is the type that would eat animal that we reared. For example chickens. Think around 2-3 times my dad slaughter our chicken but us children do not partake a single bite. So, when the livestock become a lot, we usually sold it to the third party.

So, with the porcupine, we just let it be. Think it must be someones pet as it is tame. It pursued me the first day and as you can see from the picture, became still when I raise my foot. I got an instinct that it wanted me to pet him, but seeing his spiky body, I don't think I'll be that friendly with him.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why So Many Visitors Today??!??

Am quite surprised actually to see soo many people visiting my blog today.. Around 300.. Wow!

Well.. This blog is actually for me to jot down something I found interesting in a jiffy.. Or when I am bored.. Or get some extra time before a meeting started. And having a free BB with full internet access help greatly haha.. Just I can only post a pic in one entry though I snapped many is the only disadvantage.. Ahh well.. Perhaps when I get a Galaxy Tab, I'll post more pics folks (but not so in the near future) hahaha :P

Anyway.. Back to the Qs on hand.. Apparently when I check tru my Feedjit, I saw the traffic is from Facebook.. I really wonder why.. I don't think I had linked anything to my FB on this.. Hurmm.. Point to ponder!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Malaysia Night at Trafalgar Square London 2011

Sorry for updating late! Is composing this entry at my hotel lobby Tistle Hyde Park but my UK's BTOne 5 days wifi access had just expired.. So will only be able to update my blog as soon as I step on Malaysia when my Maxis line is restored.

Had just finished the Malaysia Kitchen Trafalgar 2011.. Wow! I must admit reading the news and the report is something.. But being there, absorbing the sight, sound, smell, touch, taste is definitely bring the whole world of difference.

I was there during the day a bit early. So had time to have a bit to eat at Pret a Manger (was wondering what's the place all about.. But had very nice salmon sandwich and lemonade there :)).. Then a whole bit of culture and beautiful potraits at the national museum.. Wow! We Malaysian never had painting that survive hundreds of years like the European.. Wow!

Then the event started at three where the 20+ stalls are able to sell food. Was observing the whole senario when Trafalgar started to be filled up with Londoners.. Some had start staking places at Trafalgar steps to wait for the traditional performance. When the smell of food.. Satays cooking and delicious rendang and nasi lemak came wafting by.. People started going off in search of the Malaysian food..

I was enjoying myself seeing the Londoners and also European tourists start digging in their Malaysian food. Satay seemed to be the favourite choice of food followed by Rendang and rice.. Roti Canai.. Some of the noodles.. Malaysia curries.. Apam Balik even.. Well, there is something for everyone... :)

When the show started around 430.. After the Malaysian High Commission, Deputy Mayor of London.. And the State Secretary of Terengganu Government (Yay!!! That's my home state by the way).. The atmostphere started to become festive! I was happy to see the performance of the Terengganu dancers.. Have to admit, I haven't even seen some of the dances or heard the song they sang that evening - it was definitely pure traditional Terengganu performance :)

I really enjoyed seeing Londoners enjoying themselves especially those that had enjoyed themselves as well as doing the jigging to the song melodies. The crowd grow steadily until it swell at around five after the Londoners finished their working hours. Lines to buy food become longer and space to navigate become more and more difficult. Really had a fun time seing these Londoners enjoying themselves as well.

The event stopped at around 10 - a requirement by the London Authority. Most of the stalls had sold off their products. From my visits and observations to the Malaysian restaurants, Londoners had become more aware of the Malaysian cuisines and patronage had increased steadily. Not bad for a two year event :)

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shopping @ Oxford Street

Well, now I know why people enjoy shopping in London. Apart from the high street item, there are shops offering quality products at competitive pricing. Malaysians and Londoners for example, enjoy shopping at Primark Oxford Street.. Quality products at cheap price. I am now extra big bones so I enjoyed buying pants and lingerie here.. No awkawd staring.. Easy to find my size.. And cheap price.. Wow!

Am thinking of buying a nice jacket but as autumn is here.. Most of the clothing are geared towards being extra warm .. However, I did bought a five pound winter coat at a car boot sales (a steal there definitely).. A leather satchel at Mark and Spencer.. Hurmm.. Have to say, really enjoy the shopping spree :)

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