Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grand Seasons Hotel KL

Hello.. haven't been able to post much .. though I have finished my EMBA... seems that the activities in my area of coverage i.e. Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang had increase folds.. but anyway, I am happy as I have finished my study.. so, my mind's cleared with academic matters and I am able to do my job much more peacefully at 100% plus level hahahhahah...

Oooo.. before sharing my Grand Seasons story... have to share my latest EMBA result this last sem... GPA 4.0 flat and CGPA 3.87.. Alhamdulillahhhhhh.. got my wish of at least scoring one 4 flat in my study and am happy as although I wasn;t able to spend much time studying as well as doing homeworks, I am able to score all As :) .. think the subject is much related to my work aka MATRADE aka national agency for the Malaysian export so subjects such as Globalization.. International Biz and Strategic Management is right up my alley....

Anyway.. have been travelling a lot actually.. early June I went to Jakarta for UITM Dungun - Universitas Trisakti and then Bandung for shopping.. then went to KB for our EBay on Ramp Programme and Kelantan Fiesta (stayed at New Pacific Hotel .. I'll put an entry after this) and then been summoned to MIHAS (thus Grand Seasons).. all in all 3 weeks outside my office.. made me missed my blog.. my computer.. my office in general.. anyway... back to Grand Season...

Goung round MIHAS.. meeting my clients of Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang entreprenuers..

There are two things that I don't like about Grand Season which are i) The
parking entrace are too tight.. I can see lots of injured walls on the way up.. no doubt by countless of cars not carefully driven by the owners.. as well as a bit spooky parking lots... maybe cz I drove there around 9+ after my work were done as wel as happy hours with HQ friends hehehhe..
2) Very unfriendly receptionist.. sure during my registration, there were others checking out but at least ensure more staffs during peak seasons.. before me a guy was so pissed off he refused to talk during his turn. As of myself.. my keys were left by my colleagues.. the reception was unfriendly and only want to check her collection of keys after my friend from secretariat return her call... lo and behold.. the keys was there.. SO! BAD SERVICE GRAND SEASONS!!!!

Parking lots. I parked at 4th floor.

Other than that.. I'm ok with the room.. the hot water was nice and gushing so my hot bath was ready in no time.. and I had a surprised visit by a butterfly outside my window.. and I was at 19th floor!!!! Wow.. a butterfly in KL was surprising enough. Well... enjoy the pics :)

Sorry for the gloominess of the pics... hotels light are always that.. and I'm out of there early in the morning as well as coming back at night so none taken in bright daylight.

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