Saturday, January 12, 2013

DeCluttering & Recycling @ Terengganu

Hannah is a good girl today cz she went to sleep without demanding me to sleep too! Or is it perhaps, the weight of the rabbit stuff toy she accidently pull across her comforted her, lulling her into thinking that's my arm :)

Well, that gave me some time to organised my 2nd room @ my weekday rented abode at Bt Payung. Phew, we have been infested by rats! I supposed they have been making home there for quite some times judging from the poop they left behind. Hurmmm.. Need to get some rat trap after this too cz they seems too smart to eat the poison I left around.

Hurmm.. So that got me into major decluttering mode. The three bags there contains paper. Bet some of you would ask, why not recycle? Well, there's two reasons. 1) KT doesn't really have the friendly place where we can drop our recyclables.

2) This is actually a bit like recycling. I put things in clean plastics for scavengers to pick up.. And then send to the recycle centre they frequented. I saw a few here in Bt.Payung.. As well as the supposed to be richer area in Kerteh. Hope they will get a few ringgit for the papers there..

Kind of heartbreaking right to know that some people need to do this to get a few cents or ringgit, while others like you and me sometimes do not value RM1 as much.

Reminder to myself as well.

P/s .. Will do some more throwing out stuffs after this. Hope my spare room would be spick n span soon!

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