Monday, July 29, 2013

Ops, Bought a Grand!

Thought I would KIV it next month, but what can I say.. When the hankering is there, I need to scratch the itch.

So, I had decided against Asha 501. Why? Cz although its two sims, its micro sims. I don't want to cut up my sims. yeah, stupid reasons right but WTH. Anyway, one of my staff got hers, and I had a chance to play with it. Advantage.. Small and light. Disadvantage? The display not so nice and when I try to play Zombie vs Plant, it feels sluggish. Well, its not for me but definitely good for teenagers and younger gens (ops, does that mean I am "matured??"..

Anyway, I had no qualm about my Samsung Tab.. But its a tad too big. Like me on the go and had to be discreet sometimes when taking pictures, tab is definitely a no no. But it is great for games and reading my Lite Quran, just nice as a novel. I would also prefer my kids playing games on it as it won't strain their eyes so much like hubby's note.

So, why Grand. Well.. I need two sims (my office and personal sims). Tired of lugging around my blackberry and nokia asha (first gen) and tab. Don't want a too big screen so that I look like talking to a book.. But not a small one so I can read the snowballs of emails while on the move. That why Grand is a must have list for me.

Am buying it from Superbuy. Had a bad experiance with them when I bought my tab, but.. Their offer is too good to resist.. A hundreb buck below published price and a c pen as freebies. Ooo.. I am aiming to just jot notes at meeting on my grand. Been losing most of my hardcopies not actually, haha I am not a tidy person.

Hope I will get it in the next few days. Before weekend hopefully. I will transfer my Pao to the new phone (don't want my Pao to starve in my tab).. Will upload iQuran lite to.. As well as aps for Pocket Budget and MyNetDiary (calories counter).. Ooo and Candy Crush. For the baby Pocoyo and Talking Pocoyo as well as Read Me Stories. Definitely the standard ap FB etc etc.

Hurmm got too much gadgets nowadays. Will definitely keeping the tab for the kiddies. BB will stay at office cabinet. While Asha will give to my mom.

Hehe.. Huhu.. Gotta keep track of my spending lah :P

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