Monday, September 2, 2013

2nd Exora Service @ 10, 000 km

Am in the office car currently on the way to KB.... bored and lotsa time to update my blog :)

Last Sunday my Exora reaches 10k... timely esp a new Proton Service Centre just open at my kampung Kerteh Terengganu... beats going to Kemaman and waiting there...

Overall okla... alhamdulillah... my Exora still perform beautifully... paid around RM 135 this time for minyak hitam n gasket? Add on RM 20 for full car cleaning and vacuum.

Bet also today is a dark day as Ron95 also hike 20 cents... well... have to say its inevitable but quite dissatisfied with the stupid comments MP made.. I think Malaysia got lots of stupid politicians.. with the aim of becoming a develop nation... we need to have leaders with world class mentality.

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