Monday, October 6, 2008

Terengganu - Felda Residence

I had the chance to go round the Felda Residence Hotel in Kuala Terangganu a week before Eid. Newly opened, I am impressed with the newness of it all. Just attaching a few photos as well as the contact details should anyone would like to try it out.

Jalan Hiliran
21400, Kuala Terengganu
T: 09 – 632 1111
F: 09 – 632 1122

The hotel lobby. A bit deserted though with only the concierge stationed at the lift base.

View from the receptionist area at level two.

Reception lobby.

Seminar room at Level 19 - Andaman, can be converted into private dining hall. Two opposite views - The Terengganu River on one side and the City / Beach on the other side.

Side view. Can see the Crystal Mosque from afar.

Duluxe Room.

Living room for suites.

Bathroom features.

Breakkie room.


Marhainis said...

eh, not bad looks quite posh too, mcm standard hotel2 4 star jugak laa

ojah said...

bilik not bad cz baru.. bau kedai :) .. yg tak syok sikit layout corridor dia la.. cz maybe cz dia tower style.. the food also not bad sebab oleh d'Saji kan.. felda punya marketing arm...