Saturday, January 3, 2009

On my way to work...

As some of you may know, I spend my time during weekend at Kerteh and the weekdays at Kuala Terengganu, so early mornings Sunday and Thursday afternoons would be my 2 hours weekly drive to and fro.

Today's drive was horrendous. I saw 4 accidents on my way. Granted, it's been raining but 4 accidents in the two hour drive were a bit too much. The first one was at Bukit Bauk Dungun, 2nd & 23rd near Pantai Kelulut and I think were interelated and lastly about 15 kms from the other accidents.. again due to the slippery road of monsoon season.

The most horrendous was the Kancil and lorry. As I drove past, I saw the firefighter lifting the driver out, male.. and face covered, body full of blood. Don't know if he's alive or dead though possibility veered towards the later. The lorry also in a bad way, the driver's portion was smashed badly due to small rise of earth in front.. Innalillah & Al Fatihah..

To the others.. drive safely.. speed kills..

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