Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Terengganu - Monsoon Cup 2008

I have taken this picture during my attendance to the Commodore Luncheon on the final day of the Monsoon Cup, 7 Dec 2008 at the Ri Yaz Heritage Resort & Spa, Pulau Duyung.

What can I say .. lovely food (though very small portion).. lovely weather ( I kinda love the gloomy and windy whether eversince my student year at Tasmania... lovely shopping (very good discount since it was on the last day so bought hubby and myself Monsoon Cup T-Shirts and last but not least the last leg of the race between Datuk Peter Gilmore (who won by the way) and.. ??? .. hehehe.. sorry I am not a sport kinda person...

So, some pics for you to enjoy!

Lobby of Ri Yaz.. am going there again to confirm hotel booking for colleagues and hope to snap some pics.. heard the hotel is nice to a bit isolated & too expansive.

I was thinking not soo many visitors for the last part of the race?

More crowd in this pic.

Inside the main building where I got some free souveniors for Kimi and discounted shopping for the Cup memorabilia.

The diverse range of spectators.

The battle begins. I first thought that the race would invoved shipping racing up and down the length of the Terengganu river but apparently it is not so. Ship would do like an 8 figure on specific spot designated for them. Apparently this spot posed challenges in term of currents etc...

The murky2 water. As I took the pics, I heard the commenter stated that the week has been very interesting. In a week, the sailor has experiance sunny days, moonsoon torrential rain, gloomy days as well.. so they are exposed to all ranges of wheather in those 7 days. I agree that this year monsoon season has finally shown its force. The past few years, the wheather were differnt as mostly were sunny day.

Bye! See you again next year!

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