Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3rd Semester of EMBA...

Last weekend was my first weekend of 3rd EMBA sem, wow.. have to say I have been really busy .. so busy that I havent got time to even update the blog, however I am pleased to see that there are still some visitors coming in, welcome! I really hope you enjoyed my babbling as well as getting info on what Malaysia can offer..

Actually I have been to places, can updates lots on things on the blog for example review of Seri Pacific Hotel of KL (during the Trade Commisioner Conference, 12 - 27 June 2009).. Renaisancce KB (went there a few times during my KB events... meetings, entreprenuer clinic etc...) ..

Back to EMBA, this sem is busy... why?
- Hmm, seems June / July / August are busy months for us, bussiness seems to be picking up abnormally.. seminars, meetings, clinics, conference and B&C session
- There'll be fasting month in Sept
- I'll be having my PTK mid August... I'll update on the venue soon, hope places I havent been so that I can update on the blog hehe
- July - Nov: my EMBA sems, I aim to get at least A, A and A- again aka 3.89 again, insyaallah
- 10th Oct - my baby's arriving & maternity til 10th Dec??

WOW! As I say, this will be a busy sem.. :)

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