Monday, February 1, 2010

EMBA - ABR or Applied Bussiness Research (Thesis & VIVA)

Quite busy actually this week, but had to jot done a bit on our ABR short course held last weekend. Hmm... quite packed as it was held on Thursday nite from 8 pm to 10.. as well as full day Friday. So, imagine my commute from office with the baby (who wasn't being cooperative along the drive .. from 4 pm Kuala Terengganu to nearly 7pm in Kerteh as had to pacify the baby along the way.. ) as well as balik kampung (going to the inlaws) after class... hectic hectic!!

Our esteemed lecturer Proff Wan from UITM Shah Alam. Very experianced. We were afraid of him in the beginning....but actually he is very impressive once you get to know him.

Respect! Even with the cane, he is still dynamic!

Actually, learned a lot from the packed 10 hours course. Lots of docs as well .. too many that we only covered the salient points. However, I will retain them as ref for my PHD (maybe a year rest after Master.. think of persuing it in Monash Malaysia)..

The group consultation session was torture. Instead of giving it straight on, Prof expected us to think and came out with new or revised idea before he gave us his blessing :) .. I quite like that cz we emerged knowing things better as well as more aware of syok sendiri or unstable subject.. From our long tittles of thesis, we had summarized it .. in to ensure relevancy. It was amusing to see additional tittling can make the grade bad as it does not jive with the study itself. We were given glimpes of BAD... Unrelevent.. Complicated as well as good ABR submissions.. I've learned A LOT esp. I haven't got the experiance of doing thesis during my undergraduates years.

Hehehe.. and the best point is... he seems interested and gave me the go ahead for my tentative PHD thesis tittle.. Yippee!!!!

THANKS A MILLION Prof Wan!!!!! :)


MattDemon said...

wow...the subject sound heavy...all the bestt!!

ojah said...

tu la matt.. packed mmg packed but I like 10 hrs course packed to the max that few days but merapu meraban...

if sapa2 buat kat uitm s.alam.. i hihly recommend him as advisor.. mmg seksa la but the result would be SUPERB! :)