Sunday, January 31, 2010

Terengganu - Herbal Chicken Rice Al Hijrah Oasis, Bukit Bayas

Hmmm.. would like mention about my new foodie delight.. Nasi Ayam Herba or Herball Chicken Rice at Bukit Bayas, Kuala Terengganu... it's quite near Kuala Ibai but need to go tru the trunk road to be there... it is on the left side of the road before the Bukit Bayas shop lots.. near their 7-11..

Front view of the restaurant - Al Hijrah Oasis..

Their menus.. ops.. can't read from this far :P

Front view.. we arrived about 15 mins before lunchtime.. if not, it would be PACKED!

The chicken rice...

The special Herbal Soup - chockaful of mushroom and meat.. a bowl for around RM5.50... I love it but my male colleagues says it's too heaty for them.. maybe the herbs... BUT I LOVE ITTTT!!!! Yummmmmmm....... :) .. I'm salivating just thinking about it :P

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