Monday, April 12, 2010

INB 780 - International Bisness

Hmm... I have to salute our last lecturer Dr. Nik for International Biz.. fun.. full of anecdotes.. I know some of our classmate who are keen FBs fans dont even log on their FB and just enjoying his ramblings hehehe..

His red beard signifies the rocking soul within :)

Well.. as my trade is in international biz, I am happy that this is my last subject for EMBA esp as the homework given is manageable as well as open book texts ahaks...

Well.. as usual in International Biz, of course we will be dealing with globalization, culture and religion difference, ethics considerations etc. It is quite inteersting as lots of new cases was discussed such as Google foray into China, Walmart.. Islamic Banking.. really relevant in my work area.. and the best things is that the kau timness of proff will enable us to find time on updating our ABR :)

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