Sunday, April 25, 2010

My beloved N70... new batteries for you deary..

Today I took a little time off to buy my beloved N70 a new battery.. hehehe pity for her cz she's suffering from malnourishment due to the old battery had died.. always need CPR.. and I cant take pics anymore cz the battery would die on me...

So today my beloved N70 got a new heart so to speak and her camera has got a new lease of life.. here's a pic of her.. a bit blurry cz I use the front camera of very little mg pixel..

Hmm though I could've buy another one for browsing the net.. I think I will still keep my N70.. convinient (I'm able to text when driving)... taking pics' a snap.. and not so bad quality hehehehe...

Hmm cant wait to use her for my Indon trip next month.. will delete all those old messages (up to 2085 to date.. I did delete some few days earlier) during our bus trip to KLIA.. hope she's get a new lease of live with her dieted down memory then :)

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