Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Me n Family :)

Thought I'm gonna post a mushy entry today about me n ma family :)

I was a bit tomboyish and career oriented when I started in my current career. I met hubby during my tenure as contract staffs during my CUF days. He was a friend's friend and he wasn't my taste during that time. Quite a mushy mushy guy.

I don't know how it happened but it must be jodoh. I rejected him once when he asked to be steady since I was lightly involved with a married expat guy then (haha really stupid of me).. But he persevered. With some of his dirty tricks (haha.. I won't bother you with 'em).. We become a couple and finally tie the knot on 29.5.2004. Looking back it is kinda fast.. Around 2 years since I met him.. Around a year plus after we become a couple.. That's why people said if its your destiny, it would meant to be cz I do not actively seeking a spouse.. I was resigned to the fact I would become a single career lady.

Fast forward to 2011.. Time flies, we have been married 7 years.. Got two lovely boys - Kimi whom will be starting Std 1 next year and Haikal who is currently 2+. The unique fact is that in our 7 years of marriage, we never stay together as I work elsewhere. He is based in Kerteh while I worked in KL in the first 5 years and now 3 years plus in K.Trg.

Alhamdulillah I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who tolerated all my bad points hahaha :P .. And become a whole function to me.. Friend, hubby, lover, brother, criticiser, financial consultants etc etc.. As well as two lovely boys whom I haven't been able to be there 24-7 but whom always missed me and treasure the time when we are together.

Thank you God for the blessing.. I am unworthy but I pray for us to be continuously blessed here and the afterworld.. Aminn..

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