Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rats Repellent Odor

Since I wasn't always at my Bukit Payung home, few rats had been making it their homes.. Can observed that via their droppings and such. They had even built nest in my house. My mom managed to catch and kill one.

Anyway, since then I had spring cleaned my house, putting foods up high and such. It seems to be working but the rats got clever and managed to climb up and eat my maggie mees. Hahaha so I resorted to store all things in my fridge.

I don't like killing things so I am very happy to discover this rat odor deterrent during my visit to KL last few month in a Japanese store Daiso at Pavillion KL where everything is priced at RM5.

The thing is actually round.. Sorta like a chalk cookie shape thing. The smell is sharply pungeant and if we inhaled it a bit.. Your nose will sting.. For a whole block it woud cover a 1 meter area but for me, I just use half cz I observed that the rat would use my landphone/streamyx wire to come in. Really hope it work!

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